IN LOVE WITH THIS DAMN PRODUCT! Completely changes how you apply make up – worth every penny. You will be blown away by the quality and the innovation that is the BLENDSMART

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So this has to be one of the coolest products that I’ve received from other PR companies – Mistake-proof Makeup Application – the blendSMART rotating makeup application system will forever change your makeup routine forever, The patented interchangeable(sold separately)brush heads spin at 190 RPMs and imitate the motion of professional makeup artists to deliver consistently, flawless blending – every time. The soft, premium synthetic brush heads work with all makeup formulations. So, whether you use liquid foundation, powder or cremes, blendSMART’s easy-to-use makeup tool provides air-brush like results. That’s the thing I like the most is you really do get airbrushed without spending five hours with an actual airbrush machine!


I really thought this would be a little bit of a gimmick – but after testing this out I found it gave amazing results, and was so easy to clean and best of all it uses half of the product that a normal brush or Beauty Blender™ could ever achieve.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ I am not going to lie and say I love a product just because I being paid for this review, I am always honest and I make sure I try this on myself, a friend and on set before I even give my personal opinion. 

The original blendSMART launched in early 2015 at has already experienced a makeover with blendSMART2. This ingenious new design offers improvements while maintaining the same price for added value. The blendSMART2 features a soft-touch on and off switch and a quieter, performance-enhanced motor. All blendSMART2 brush heads feature a new, magnetic drop-in connection, for a smoother, effortless experience. As before, all interchangeable brush heads are made with premium synthetic fibers and are antimicrobial and cruelty-free and best of all are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

MY FAVOURITE ATTACHMENT BRUSH HEAD ➡️ it would for sure be the full cover  and finisher – it blends so perfectly onto the skin, I even find that applying you base makeup routine with this brush head somehow prevents it from oxidizing and changing colours.

You can but don’t have to do your entire face from foundation, concealed, bronzer, highlight, powder etc. with all of the interchangeable brush heads available! I’m going to do a half face done with BLENDSMART2 and half with regular brushes and post the picture so look for the update note in the title!

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PRICE : $70.00US


  • The mission is to significantly improve conventional beauty tools and methods through innovation, technology and design. Our flagship product line is blendSMART, a first-of-a-kind automated rotating applicator system that delivers a natural, flawless makeup application every time. Today, with so much layering and buildable makeup coverage, consumers need honed techniques to achieve great results. Meet blendSMART, a time-saving and multifunctional tool that blends for you and puts the skills of a makeup artist in your own hand.


Come on. We are all human and we have, well, needsup front about it or not. Don’t you just hate it when someone tried to have an ‘AH HA‘ moment with you and you’re like uh I just talked about that a year ago, you could have just asked me and I would have told you – and there just acting SO crazy and you’re like how is this happening you were just a damn hook up and now I’m getting and let me also just say there was ZERO contact from this night,

So let’s move on, I won’t lie when I first met this guy I was kinda going through my own stuff – as that faded and I became myself again he would text me and say something like “well haven’t heard from you in a while” so I replied “oh hey sorry, I was going through some stuff but I’m feeling more like me now, what’s going on” to that I got nothing, no answer so I was like alright then, this guy, was very attractive, seemed to have his life together and was very smart that’s why when he messaged me coming up I thought it was a joke the way that he was acting and talking I really thought he was drunk or on drugs or something – ok so I’m just chilling an hour before kickboxing and I get a notification someone messaged me on grindr and it was him and I was being really nice to him, I didn’t have the time to talk to him (can’t reference this because he would block me on grindr so I’m doing this from memory until we get to texting) but I was being really nice to him saying, I’m sure you’ll find someone not really putting two and two together that he was trying to tell me something and it seemed like I was just dismissing his feelings when that wasn’t the case at all! So he said something like ‘I wish you the best of luck I’m sorry that I’m not not what you want or something‘ then he blocked me, so I texted him and said you really didn’t have to block me and went on and did what I had to do so he then told me that he blocked me so he wouldn’t have to see my picture so I was like hmm alright I apologize I didn’t mean to make it seem like anything, then we are talking and everything is going good, then I get out of no where ‘you know I always wanted you, like hello we look so good together‘ and I should say this is all now referenced via out text message conversation and that ‘we should be naked and kissing‘ right then, and then I said quite a few dudes say sweet things like this to me and it doesn’t always work out “well I’m not most dudes, don’t compare me to those losers” and let me go back to I didn’t think this guy acted or talked like this – so I asked him have you been drinking.. and he said he had so I thought ok, this is happening because he’s drunk and odds are this is just because he’s had a bit to much to drink – I was also out at this moment in time so I wasn’t fully giving my phone all my attention then out of no where I get a message saying ‘I still like dancing the night away on G‘ – unsure what that even was I said what ecstasy? “Yes A through Z” at this point i have no idea what’s going on then he said hey do you remember this AND it was a damn screen shot from my escorting ad which hasn’t been around for almost a year which made me think did this guy know who I was when we originally met eachother and what was even worse was looking at it I didn’t even think that was a real one of mine, if anyone is a recurring follower they would know when this was just I made an account on grindr, Craigslist and scruff to talk to the the men and see how all the different avenues differed from eachother and the stories these men had to tell and it was actually very sad – but anyways I said what’s your point that isn’t news man or anything that I’ve tried to hide, in fact the completel opposite. He says, ‘you don’t realize it but I responded to this ad and I knew it was you‘ also told me ‘I was so fucked up after you all I did was talk to my friends about you‘ this was talking for half a night then spending a night together, that’s it. It was a hook up that kinda ended badly I guess – but i did plan to later message him and reconnect but he decided to message me I guess, he was now saying I was ‘belittling his feelings, telling me to fuck off and leave him alone‘ it was one of those times where I could see he was trying to get a response out of me and trying to have that AH HA moment but I’m honest with what I’ve done and what I haven’t done, “I had to stop myself from falling in love with you” so I left it at that because something was going on or I don’t know.


I will also say I don’t do drugs, I mean I’ve messed around growing up but who hasn’t – also I don’t get crazy with drinking anymore. I nicely messaged him before I went for a run in the morning and said if you’d like to speak to me like a man and no be all over the place and assume all this crazy stuff then let’s talk and when he responded to me he made it seem like I completely broke his heart and he was breaking up with me kinda and some of what he said did not even make sense, thank god Apple created that special little block button because I was done and over it. I guess what I’m trying to say is, make sure you really talk to someone because you think about a harmless hook up because clearly this guy from what I could see and the way it was planned out or something knew who I was when he met me, knew what he wanted from me and worked out a plan to get it but it didn’t play out that way.

Just be smart. 

Have fun. 

Be careful.

LIFE 101 – I.C.U 

“My hearts still beating and it beats for you. I see you.” 

This is without a doubt a lesson learned that I didn’t have too learn, it’s about choosing what is best for you and making the hardest choices in life to allow your future to be as bright as it can be, this happen exactly one year ago, and the events that took place would be the push that I needed from the most unlikely of men.. let’s go back to this day exactly one year ago, I was sitting waiting for someone I was meeting for the first time but we talked for a couple weeks leading up to this so I sat and waiting for him to come pick me up, finally after waiting, he was here and as soon as I met him I just felt so comfortable and like I could be myself.

Day one – March 25/16

We got some beers and we went to a local place to go hiking so we could walk and talk – just get to know one another. He was in construction, loved outdoors, lived in the country, drove a truck – so he came prepared – brought us boots and of course mine would have holes in them, I can’t help but smile when I think back to how beautiful he was it was like we connected on a level that I’ve never connected with anyone, it truly was love at first sight for us both.

Being cute in the water

Naturally with me being me, maybe it was because we were drinking beers and just having a good time but we ended up not on the trail anymore but we could see a trail just down a hill so we go down the hill and of course I fell,  I ate it hard. I was completely covered in mud and soaked from top to bottom so we made our way back to the truck and went back to my place so that I could change, and then we went back to his place so he could change as well – also I ended up meeting his parents and at the time they both seemed really cool – I could tell that they really loved their son which was really cool to see. After that we decided to go for dinner, so we went to Niagara Falls and went to Boston Pizza or something like that

March 25/16 – Dinner


Everything felt like a fairytale and it wasn’t just me feeling this way, him and I were very good with communicating our feelings and what was on our mind which was really cool. We both knew, we were stronger and better together and didn’t want to spend a second away from each other. So we go drunk and had a good night, it was a lot of fun – we both just felt so comfortable around each other and could feel the love we had for each other – I believe we even stayed in a hotel that night or at his parents house. We would stay in hotels a lot coming up just for the space and to be able to do whatever we wanted to do, his parents could tell that he was happy and begging to change, I don’t know if anyone knows what it’s like to care so much about someone that it’s not just about you anymore it’s about ‘us’ and truthfully I don’t think his mom liked that, I think she was jealous of me which made me feel uncomfortable. We would do every single thing together from the first day we met each other, sure his mother could make me uncomfortable but it was more uncomfortable to be away from the man that I loved – and I thought I was in love in the past but as soon as I met him, I realized I didn’t know what love was or what it was to give up so much for another human being. So as I mentioned he was in construction and we met when it was like off-season so when the ground freezes or it snows most construction workers do not work then – I was free to do what I wanted at that point also. There was so much passion and spark between us, I began to know to know everything about him and it became that if I went anywhere or if he did it was expected that we would be there together. There was one time we stayed in a hotel and had to be up at like 4am so that he could drop me off and then go to work for what would be the last time in our relationship also it would be the first and last time we ever were apart for that long. 

Driving home at 6:00am

Everyone said we were absolutely perfect together, when I moved he moved, when I smiled it was because of him. We also kinda to drink a lot more frequent we were young, had money, and in love. Nothing could or would stop us. Even though it was winter, it felt like the craziest summer love ever. It became something – something new, something completely new. I’ve always loved the poem my immortal beloved (Google It) there is a quote ‘every thine. Ever mine. Ever ours‘ and we wanted to show our love – it wasn’t winter anymore, it was spring and nice weather so we went and got it tattooed on our wrists not my first but it was his, tattoos that is.

Matching my immortal beloved tattoos

And I know what you’re thinking but this had separate meaning for me also if(when)it didn’t work out. It’s not like I got “his name” across my forehead – night after night, hotel after hotel, drink after drink. We fell deeper and deeper, we knew what was happenin’ but we were to in love to care. Hotels became our second home because all we wanted to do was be rule free and be able to do whatever we wanted to do – doesn’t that get expensive you’re probably wondering, yep. It did but we didn’t care, we just wanted to be free together.

Typical wake up

So he was also good at playing instruments (and not just mine) he would play in a band – and I began going to his rehearsals with him, no one seemed to mind at all. And it was a lot of fun to watch him come alive when he played. Everyone I met seemed to enjoy when I was with him because they could see how happy we made eachother – anyone could see it. I wonder if anyone who takes the time to read this knows the type of love that I’m talking about – hopeless but hopeful. 

So as he was practicing with his band for a play that was coming up –  I believe it was Friday to Sunday when it was no longer practice but time to do it for real, it was something like five hours and for that five hours I would go in and watch the bank play, but I would mostly sit in the truck and drink and wait for him to be done and then when he was done he would well come get drunk with me, I remember one night he said thank you to me because I would sit there for hours and hours and wait for him, and I never thought of it as anything but he said he didn’t think he knew anyone who would do that for him. I loved him effortlessly and would do anything for him anyways, we both loved the outdoors and we both loved being active which was perfect we would go hiking a lot, four wheeling and go boating. We would do whatever we wanted to do because we could. We would just have so much fun being together, going shopping or going out to eat whatever we were doing, we were together so we didn’t care.


As time pushed us along our bond was strong and our love was endless but it was me who make the first mistake that would soon lead to me in the hospital, alone wondering how. We would get drunk or drink a lot – when someone says I wish I knew then what I know now is so true, we had so many good times and not very many bad times as we planned for our future, remember he was a country boy and I was a city guy, but I grew up doing all the same things because we grew up so close to one another, another things I would always ask myself is when does compromise become compromising. There is a common theme as you’re reading and that is alcohol, it lead me to become very sick – pancreatic. The worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, I was in the hospital and out and back in. I was on morphine and all kinds of other pain killers – I remember crying my eyes out begging him to please not leave me, while on the other end he has his parents telling him to leave me there and to just come home, and if he didn’t come home it would be hell.

Now I don’t want anyone to feel bad for me at all, I did this to myself, I know first hand I have a very addictive personality. I did it to myself, and what’s worse is I saw it effecting and hurting the person that I love, even after it became to much. It’s one of those things I can look back at and see exactly where he went wrong and where I went wrong. We were young, had money, could drive, were not limited to what we could do, but still what’s to come would cause him and I to make a choice that we didn’t think we’d have to make.

Check back 😦

NEW AND NOW ➡️ LANCÔME Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation 

Wow. Just wow. Mind fuck really.

Leave it to Lancôme to be the company to come out with this before anyone else(I do wish Armani, NARS or YSL came out with this)but nonetheless the technology is so cool! I feel so many men and women are endlessly trying out foundation colors trying to find the perfect match. Some get close, but I also find it’s not only the match it’s also the formula that has to be a match for your skin type and concerns. And since Lancôme has amazing skin care in their foundation did you know that almost 60% of your foundation is skin care and moisturizers for the skin. 

When you start the ‘experience’ whomever is doing your consultation with the skin-scanner that detects all of the tiny micro pigments that make up your skin tone. The scanner reads three different areas of your face of your choice – pretty much the areas that you like the most, and then computes the perfect average in order to color match your custom foundation. This information in sent  into a computer where you are able to see your undertones and overtones, how much yellow or red is in your skin, and then, from there, it comes up with a recommendation or exact match of your skin colour.  Lancôme’s custom made machine is equipped with eight peristaltic pumps that create an air tight  blending and dispensing process – the liquid goes into another machine that shakes it up in hyper speed so that the colors blend seamlessly together and correct.

Lancôme Perfect Match Pigments
Making Lancôme Le Teint Particulier

Side note ➡️ don’t forget when you do the custom foundation experience you enter in your skin type (normal, oily, dry or combination) so it knows what skin treatmeant and moisturizers to add and you choose sheer, medium or full coverage so it knows how much thinner to add.

Lancôme Exact Match Foundation Machine

After it is done, if you are unhappy with the colour even though it is 99.8% accurate to creating your skin tone, you can, add more of a light or dark pigment until you’re happy with what you see. Without starting all over again which is ideal and nice. 

You get a beautiful box, bottle, label with your name on it – a unique code that no one else will ever have as your shade ID so when(if) you want to replenish all you need is that unique shade ID all for only $80.00US or $100.00CAD which for the experience, consultation, packaging and knowing you have your skin colour perfectly matched in formula perfect for you, I’d say, well that’s an amazing price point. 

Lancôme Le Teint Particulier

CURRENTLY if you wanted to try this it’s in select NORDSTROM which you can where around you by going to the Lancôme website or NORDSTROM website. 

LIFE 101 – escorting, background checks, public relations and passion baby.

Lets go ➡️
Where to start with this one. Let’s start with my half a year in the porn and escorting industry, I mean no one can be shocked here. It all started with an audition for COCKYBOYS it started out with a FaceTime call from Toronto to New York, where I had to convince one of the owners my jaw line and dick was mine from there came flying me too Vancouver – which going forward you all should know that most porn companies want you to be you and you to take care of yourself so you they do pay for everything, flight(there – back), hotel(three days), spending money, and performance – so when you get there you go to the hotel and they book your room for three days and when you get to your room there is 1. Money 2. A note 3. Viagara 4. PURE FOR MEN (if you’re on the bottom) 5. Information about your scene partner and his room. So the first night is for you and the person you’ll be working with to go out and become comfortable around each other – naturally I was paired with an exclusive COCKYBOY. The second day is to film, as mentioned there is Viagara because it’s very stop and go for a good 10 hours, you are very much a part of it, you get to watch it back and if you don’t like what you see you can ‘go again‘ thankfully me and my scene partner worked very well together and there was a huge massive connection, once you’re done you go shower, get ready how YOU want too and take the other pill to make your redirect the flow of blood away from your cock so you can fit into your Levi’s then you go out, this time it’s a picked bar and it’s more about showing the gay men who you are and make them want what they cannot have which makes them go to the COCKYBOYS site and get a subscription and then on your third day you just relax, go out and shop, do you and whatever you want. The amount of money that you can make from doing this is mind blowing for 10 hours of having amazing sex? 10 hours gets you about 1.2 hours worth of footage or 6 broken up scenes then you just go home, and wait for you to be connected and paired with different models and producers ➡️


You’re then linked into the a third party escorting service, which protected you and there were limits to what could be done sexually but the man were paying for an expensive experience. $600.00 where you get $500.00 of it and $100.00 goes back to the business.

They waste no time getting you back on a plane and back to work, certain looks like attractive, slim but toned, good skin, big dick means you’d be more what the company would be looking for and boy was I. I was filming and on set probably three to four times a month and that is a considerable amount. Now came time to sign a contact and you are given an ‘out‘ if you will, that you can make anything you want and you can make it anything you want – mine was if I ever fell in love and the man(or woman) didn’t approve of what I was doing. SO I caught the attention of a local studio in Toronto MEN.COM and I went to the meeting that they set up not knowing that COCKYBOYS likes to keep their men exclusively to the studio, MEN.COM was just offering a lot more money per film then COCKYBOYS was to be honest it wasn’t by that much. Fast forward a couple month and I met someone who I fell in love with and it was mutual, he said that he didn’t really like that fact that I was having sex with other men even though it was just like work pretty much, feelings can develop on set that’s for sure and COCKYBOYS actually do not stand in the way if the feelings are mutual – anyways, me and my partner who quickly became my fiancée would send videos to Adrian who is one of the owners of COCKYBOY studios, like of my dude sucking dick and other things and Adrian wanted my dude and I to film a scene together, and my dude was so into it and wanted to do it but he felt he wanted to have a ‘better body’ even though he was perfect.

It would turn out that I would choose him over my job, and I couldn’t be happier that I did at the time. 

Are we still together? No. We are still very good friends and I love him with all of my heart still. 

MATCHING “my immortal beloved” TATTOOS

Moving on to what I do now, I applied for a position in PUBLIC RELATIONS for BELL CANADA and once you get through the recruiting and interviews and they know they are going to hire you they make sure that you are not a criminal or have a criminal record really anything because you work with people and very personal information and sensitive information about the company when I found out about the background check I was like oh man, they are going to see porn star and escort AND it did come up and I was asked about it, but I think because of my skills, and connections in the industry they overlooked it – I was just asked to please not talk about it, and I can understand why, your heading on the biggest companies in the world and looking over PR for CANADA, but I was in no way ashamed of what I did, I actually really liked it a lot.  (Other then that one time a woman walked right up to me and slapped me across the face in the eaton centre nonetheless – that’s another story) so I am now one of three who handle PUBLIC RELATIONS for BELL CANADA and I absolutely love it. Such an amazing company to be working with and I can still do other things I love on the side I am limited to what I can or can’t say.

So I’m just like anyone else I’m growing up and making mistakes and time still pushes me forward, I’ve had some amazing experiences, and some heartbreaks along the way but I’m happy and at the end of the day isn’t that anyone of us want? It to just be happy. It’s amazing what we are capable of if we just apply ourselves and if your passionate about something and have a fire in your eyes, you’re not going to fall. Just remember it’s ok to make mistakes and fall because you can learn from your mistakes and as long as you dust yourself off and stand back up, you will be okay.

All I can say is learn to love your flaws because more then likely you are not that flawed. 

NEW AND NOW ➡️ HAUS OF Christian Louboutin $100 eyeliner ‘Rouge Louboutin Œil Vinyle Luminous Ink Liner’ – $90 mascara ‘Khol Les Yeux Noirs Lash Amplifying Lacquer’

I will be completely honest I was sent these products as an exclusive PR package. I don’t wear eyeliner or mascara – all that I want to know is the product worth the price point? Beautiful packaging. Stunning really.

Let’s break it down ➡️

Christian Louboutin expands his universe to present an opus of eye amplifiers. Les Yeux Noirs Collection is imbued with the creator’s typical imaginativeness and glamour allowing women(and men) to reveal in the artistry of applying makeup. This collection is inspired by his travels he looked to India’s rich culture and colours translated to products luxuriously saturated with rich pigments for the purest and deepest impact.

After playing with the eyeliner (there is three colours black, navy blue and iconic red)I found that the the liner did dry down fast, did not smudge at all and try me I put it to the test to see if it holds up. The red pigment is very rich in colour, but, I still think that most will clean up the  edges with a liner brush because using the wand that comes with the product kinda makes the edge a bit bumpy and not smooth in application. 

Christian Louboutin Yeux Noirs Collection

Inspired by patent leather, a brilliant leather iconic to the HAUS OF CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN and you can see that for sure. CLAIM : Its innovative flocked applicator delivers the finest colour payoff and ultimate precision without needing to be reloaded, allowing for both fine lining and bold tracing. RESULT : As I mention above with the applicator does give you very good colour pay off but I think it could be a lot better, a lot of women(and men) will for sure go back over it with a liner brush to give a smooth and uniform look. I will say the iconic red like the bottoms of all Louboutions is a very unique shade and can amplify any look – It’s also humidity resistant which is pretty cool! 

Over all is it worth $100.00CAD absolutely not! I mean if you collect makeup or want something edgy and pretty sitting at your makeup table – this is another case of paying for the brand more or less with that that said the bold red is something I haven’t seen before and it does look absolutely beautiful but if you’re paying $100.00 for a eyeliner you don’t want to have to go back and touch up with a brush and also it claims that you don’t have to reload the applicator but that isn’t true at all.

💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄

PRICE ➡️ $100.00CAD

BUY ➡️ (PRE-ORDER) Click on the photo below

Christian Louboutin Yeux Noirs Collection *click to pre-order

Check back for my review on Khol Les Yeux Noirs Lash Amplifying Lacquer within the hour 

NEW AND NOW ➡️ MAKE UP FOREVER Ultra HD Concealer & ULTRA HD PRESSED POWDERMicrofinishing Pressed Powder

Ultra HD Concealer boasts a new Ultra HD-compatible formula with its unique 4K complex developed with pure focus pigments, radiance boosters and hyaluronic spheres. Sadly it’s only available in 10 shades – they claim every woman and man can find her(his) perfect fit but with so many complexion undertones and so many skin tones I find that a little hard to believe I was sent all ten in a PR package and I have used this product on myself for two weeks and on clientele.

Ultra HD Concealer brightens the face and eye area while maintaining a natural appearance. If you already use HD Concealer, don’t worry, they do have a shade matcher that will help you to find the new right Ultra shade matching with your previous one which I think was nice of MAKE UP FOREVER to do because when you change the entire line and formula and names, it’s hard to find your correct shade again.

This concealer is nice for cancelling out redness, hyper pigmentation, dark circles and imperfections but it’s not really that full coverage so if you’d like a full coverage concealer that does it all check out ➡️ my review on the NEW NARS matte concealer. (Link below)

💄💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄

PRICE ➡️                               $40.00CAD

BUY ➡️                                          (CLICK THE PHOTO)


ULTRA HD PRESSED POWDER Microfinishing Pressed Powder

MAKE UP FOREVER created this product for the very latest high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry, ULTRA HD advanced formulas look invisible on 4K camera and to the naked eye. Perfect for the makeup pros. 

This is to be the last step to ULTRA HD perfection: ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING PRESSED POWDER is a finishing powder that gives a light matte effect and a smooth luminous finish but I find this product to be more matte then luminous. A real technical and sensory feat, this invisible veil of powder combines synthetic mica, silicone powders and silica to instantly blur fine lines, pores and imperfections for a beautifully smooth complexion. Also enriched with hyaluronic acid which is pretty cool because you can use hyaluronic acid for so many things, hydration, help to even put the skin so your skin looks more even when you take off your makeup and it even helps to lighten the skin.

For a perfect ULTRA HD compatible finish, use a very small quantity and blend evenly. Apply over make up or wear alone using a kabuki brush or a nice dense brush.

Now something to remember is it is a finishing powder so it comes in shades 01 translucent(fair skin tone), 02 banana(medium skin tone) and 03 peach(dark skin tone).  As your last step, it is a very good finishing powder.

PRO TIP ➡️ make sure you use a setting spray to get rid of that powdery look and bring life to your makeup and extends the wear of your makeup. 

💄💄💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄

PRICE ➡️                               $45.00CAD

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LETS TALK ABOUT SEX ➡️ It’s gunna gunna blow up in my face but come on, light me up. 

So if you know me, you know I love fast and hard – outcome can typically be the same when I put expectations on it (yet at this time I didn’t realize, 55% of the problem was, well, me) so the first night I met him we went for drink and talked and he was absolutely beautiful, plus drove a sexy fast car and knew how to drive it (side note – don’t drink and drive it’s not smart) so we were both obsessed with each other, and I ended up sleeping over at him condo and he told me was his, and that his mom just got out of rehab and was staying with him haha so we get back to his place and make up a story about how we went to school together for something stupid, so we are having a smoke and who comes out at 4am but his mother and he tells me his name is.. let’s say Mark but his mom calls him John so I was like the fuck? Also the way she was talking about the condo was like she gave it away right away that it was not Johns condo it was actually his moms – and his mother did not go to rehab. In the months that follow, we ended up spending every second we possiblely could spend together so naturally I moved into his moms condo and she was the sweetest lady I’ve ever met – always made us dinner and we would always eat dinner together, I was happy we were happy but happiness is short lived in my life. We would go out a lot, go to different places, making not the smartest choices one could make – 0 to 150 is the best way I can describe our relationship, his mother noticed something different in John when I was there – his past was haunted but when I was around, I could keep the ghosts away.

The sex that we would have was amazing, backseats, counter tops, bed, floors – I could always make him cum without him touching his dick. So we were compatible in life, work, we lived together, sexually and one night we would push it even further by going to a gay bar both on grindr looking for a third, and we found one, he drove the same type of car as John and lived alone and was young and attractive but what would happen that night – changed me.. CHECK BACK FOR THE REST