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NEW ➡️ MAKEUP REVIEW ➡️ NARS soft matte complete concealer 

Wow. You know when you want something new in you skin care and(or) makeup routine well, NARS knocked it completely out of the park with this concealer – I was completely shocked and blown away at how much it completely shade matched me and how there is 30 more shades to make sure no matter your complexion or undertone you have the perfect concealer here! And yes it is completely full coverage and matte and as a male who wears makeup I will admit I used to put on waaaaaay to much makeup because my skin used to give me so many problems which would leave me to feel insecure about my skin.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ I used to spend almost $500.00 a month on crazy products that had a lot of claims but I never saw any results like any of the brands claim, now I know you’re going to say “but Kameron, you’re supposed to try to products out for at least a month to see the effects.” And you’re right, completely. But I wanted “perfection” NOW I haven’t had a pimple or even problem with my skin in six months thanks to Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin, Cetaphil daily moisturizer WITH SPF 15 and for shaving Aveeno skin relief shave gel with 5 blade Gillette razor and after shave balm from Tom Ford you can’t see here 💥 Once a week to exfoliate the dead skin cells and promote health skin cell turn over I use simple fresh lemon juice and sugar and it works as the best exfoliator for all skin (I will do a separate post about skin and the best products to use for all skin types especially for more comfortable combination and(or) oily.


BACK TO THE NARS CONCEALER one of the things I love about this brand and product is they are true to colour and truly to advertising, it does not oxidize and change colour, it truly keeps the skin matte (wouldn’t really use it for under eye, I didn’t have the best luck with it) there are two brushes I used when using any pot-type concealer a flat small concealer brush for blurring redness and discolouration and kinda like a dense kpencil brush for areas that need that high level of pigmentation like a post acne mark or redness.


It truly is a matural looking, high coverage, soft-focus smoothing complex blurs, conceals, and smooths imperfections. Complete comfort. Completely natural-looking. Concealing hits an all-time high with this product I would say for sure I was shook and I know you will be also. Its oil-free, long-wearing, non-drying and DOES NOT clog your pores!!


INSTANT RESULTS: Soft-focus blurring with high-performance coverage. Optimal Diffusion Powder helps maximize light diffusion with spherical surface powders designed to absorb and refract light for soft-focus perfection. High coverage with weightless wear. Advanced powders with a unique structure lay flat, staying in place without settling into fine lines and pores. LONG-TERM BENEFITS: Softer, smoother skin. Collagen-boosting peptides and hyaluronic acid reduce the appearances of wrinkles and pores by helping plump the look of skin. Antioxidant Daily Defense delivers a protective cocktail of Vitamins A, C, and E.

So with all said and done go out a buy yourself this damn concealer for only $42.00CAD go ahead you will be shocked and shook at how flawless it bleands and melts into the skin. 

💄💄💄💄💄out of 💄💄💄💄💄