DOES IT WORK ➡️ COLOR ME Automatic Foundation Applicator Pro Edition

If you have instagram or watch YouTube I’m sure by now you have seen this by now – there has been so many “automated” foundation application tools some are absolutely crap and some turn out to be perfect for you. Please remember that what it comes to these tools this is just my opinion based off using it, this is the professional edition if that changes anything – I doubt it. 

This is my review about the listed product and what foundations work the best with this tool! 

This tool was apparently developed with celebrity makeup artists but I couldn’t find what artists made it and when, Color Me’s ‘Automatic Foundation Applicator‘ delivers flawless eight (8) hour coverage that’s superior to what you can achieve with your fingers or a brush. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ the creator of this tool is Eric Jimenez who worked for Benefit and then Urban Decay before founding Color Me. 

This premium version uses sonic pulse technology to mimic the tapping technique of the professionals and really like a beauty blender or something and comes with the brand’s new universal sponges so you don’t have to switch between liquid and powder applicators which is was nice because when this launched I was needed to go from one to another so now I understand the ‘professional version’ 


Comes with Pro Edition applicator device, two Pro Edition universal sponges and one lithium battery – 15,000 sonic pulses per minute – Sponges are latex-free, hypoallergenic and disposable. 

I decided to be incredibly scientific about this trial. I applied the makeup as I normally would with my flat-topped brush to one-half of my face, then used the sonic applicator on the other half as I typically would when I test something like this out.

I then asked my friends which side looked better. They got it right and said the side where the gadget had got to work looked smoother and more even. It wasn’t a huge difference, it has to be said, but I’m glad to know that my years in the business mean I can almost rival something automatic when it comes to applying my foundation but this device will deliver an airbrushed look, naturally. 

➡️ The teardrop shape of the sponge means you can get into tricky areas like the inner corners of the eyes and around the nose which I did like a lot! 

Over all guys I really think that this is a good buy and leaves the skin looking really beautifully airbrushed and it takes a lot less time then you’d think to do your entire face. 

Maybe you won’t use this every single day but if you’re big on makeup and flawless application then give this a try for sure! You’ll be very glad that you did. 

PRICE ➡️ $80.00

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PURCHASE (click on the product photo) 


Plus the packaging is really sleek and nice and will look pretty sitting on your vanity but I wouldn’t recommend using this tool with very very liquid foundation. The finish is very streaky. 


So if you’ve been with my from the get go then thank you very very very much, you’ve seen me come unglued, seen me drunk, the highest high to the lowest low, watched me fuck, and watch me ride or die with those who come into my life. You can try to hate it but baby I laced it 😉 the reason I say thank you is because I just celebrated my two years on I guess when I messaged the owner when I though hm I should blog again and took perfectillussion.wordpress then I was like this is dumb whoever took my site ID is not doing anything life I would do and I asked WordPress if I can show you on perfectillussion how badly I want my site ID back – can I have it back? Sadly it didn’t work that was and I just had to bribe Kimberly (hi) who took over my site ID. Soo happy two years WordPress.

My followers, my friends, my family – did you know what started makeupandthecity? A break up. My first post which you cannot find anymore but I can (smiles) was about SMASHBOX 24h CC CONCEALER (discontinued unless you’re me) I remember getting ready when he was leaving – so that’s me two years ago? 

Then came being noticed very quickly I think it was about a month before my first PR company reached out to me.. BOLD PR in NEW YORK CITY and of course when you’re on one mailing list BOOM thousands of dollars of products are send to you from companies hoping that you’ll take a chance and review their products – I went through so many chances right in front of all your eyes. My writing went from two (2) to ten (10) the thing about posting for the entire world to see if some things shouldn’t be said. I was threatened, sued, almost killed – through all that something happen to me, it just made me was to be there for anyone and everyone that I could – and i began to listen to your stories and feel your pain. 

So yep I was making money at that time off of what I was doing but what the advertisement comes is when it’s a steady weekly income and I’m talking 4K weekly. Sure you have no control over what they want to post or what they give you permission to post im going to use TOOFACED cosmetics to show you kinda what the advertisement website looks like before I sit down to blog if it isn’t already planned I have to check my endorsement websites and emails. 

So this is what an endorsement page set up ONLY for social influencers with 1 million subscribers or more looks like (I hope I don’t get in trouble for showing this) 

Here I’ll find a lot of the photos that you see, any promo, and new launches and money I’ve made and what my month will look like from press samples and ‘brand gifts’ such as HDR camera – coach bags – Apple Watch so much crap really. 

SO – along with this website that and become a brand and a business that I am now going to be funding Max Emersons new project with M•A•C cosmetics – when I can say more I totally will! 

I remember hearing the song Hollow Moon and there is a verse of the song where it says ‘ motherfucker I’ll be back from the dead soon ‘ and I can’t help but think I was meant to hear that part of the song right before walking into my interview with BELL CANADA for just PUBLIC RELATIONS naturally I did get the job very soon after working I also took on Media communications and Marketing which I love. I love the company and I thrived there marking partnerships and friends that will have my back.  

Now my 9-5 job is with ENTERTAINMENT ONE in Publicity & Promotions which I love love love in New York City. I played by the rules, I was honest with myself and honest with people around me – and I got myself far by myself pretty much. As of now I’m still doing some things for Bell until I’m fully trained for a Senior position with EOne and EOne Music. 

The best part of all of this is I am in love with the most amazing and the most kind and so fucking sexy man – ups and downs happen of course but you can feel who is going to be there for you – this man is the reason I took an interest in New York. Don’t hold back. Don’t hold grudges. Go all in. We’ve probably all been hurt before, and I’m not saying we should ignore those situations. But. Don’t let past hurts prevent you from making new relationships or falling in love. This almost happened to me. I was hurt and felt justified in my unwillingness to forgive even though my circumstances had changed. And this attitude nearly prevented me from meeting my future husband. Don’t be afraid to love deeply. It can be scary to depend on anyone. Be open. Be brave. 

I have thought that I was in love before but I have no clue what real love was until this man. He made me question things that I never thought I’d question. He is all I want and all I’ve ever wanted

He’s not perfect but no one is perfect but I will say that he is so close to being perfect. I love you Dan. I love you without reasoning. I will always fight for you and you will always be mine. 

Check back guys! 


Your welcome Canada. 

Season 2 is such a beautiful examination of the themes of love, human relationships, and what identity is that the messy or less enthralling moments are worth pushing through. Giving into some of the nonsensical aspects of the show’s mythology, rewarded me with a better paced, more action-packed, and emotionally dynamic 10 episodes.

Sense8’s season two (2) picks up not long after season one (1) as the eight main sensates – characters psychically (and also somewhat physically) connected to each other – are still hiding from Whispers (Terrence Mann) and the mysterious organization BPO. That cat-and-mouse game, which has no shortage of twists to it, mostly comes in fits and starts at the beginnings and ends of episodes. It’s fun, wild, and gives the season and individual episodes form. Some of the cliffhangers do end up feeling too much like wheel-spinning stops along the journey meant to keep viewers binging from one episode to the next, though. 

The singular stories for the most part, even with season 2’s smaller episode order, feel stretched too thin across the entire season. And when their lives are at stake one minute, it can feel silly worrying about much smaller scale crises a couple of scenes later. Those more human problems are most effective when they involve the sensates working together, but as much as I appreciate the central cast’s work, their individual stories can still come across as padding between the truly moving aspects of the season.

Luckily, those moments are not in short supply. The conspiracy plot can be nonsensical but entertaining, and the concept of sensates is expounded upon as the group learns of more people like them out there as well as their history in regard to Angelica and Jonas (Daryl Hannah and Naveen Andrews, respectively, both of whom play important secondary roles this time around). The season also makes intriguing use out of exploring extensions of their gifts. It all gives the show even more of an X-Men vibe, one that fits well into the positive, inclusive viewpoint of the show.


So lately I’ve been slowly making New York City my new home, and moving isn’t fun for anyone but I have made so many cool new friends, directors, photographers real New York (and LA) ARTist – so much inspiration and so much love.

(This is the New York visual artist who put together LADY GAGA famous Grammys performance for David Bowie) 

There is so much I have to say, and so many ways I’d like to express myself and so many people to say thank you too.

I’m also going to take this time since I’m talking about Sephora some might have heard about the drama between me and Sephora – and no this is not every Sephora. I do have a massive problem with Sephora and the employees and how they act – you wait and see when the smoke clears. I’ll go more into details about it. Love love love LVMH – love all of the brands that Sephora carries, just please don’t put words in my mouth. 

Moving on ➡️

DIOR AIRFLASH FOUNDATION you will always find near me – it’s absolutely perfect to add more coverage to any foundation and it mixes so very well with almost every foundation. Plus come on – it looks like skin – it gives just enough coverage for men. 

The revolutionary spray foundation that brings airbrushed perfection to your daily makeup routine. The light, silky formula is delivered in an innovative misting spray that starts as a liquid, then dries to a powder for an incredibly even and flawless finish. 


The ultra-fine diffusion technology is what gives the formula its extraordinarily fine quality, and allows for the easily buildable coverage it will take you from medium to full. The result is instant: a super-smooth, silken complexion that is radiant and glowing. 
Once sprayed on, AirFlash dries, well, in a flash – so blending must be quick. This blends evenly and sets to a long-wearing, silky glowing powder finish. If you haven’t tried Dior AIRFLASH then I really really recommend you give it a try, even if you use it to add a little more coverage or by itself you will not be disappointed in the product. 

 The shades are excellent also, with options for fair to medium skin. It’s almost perfect for all skin types but especially for oily skin.  Dior AIRFLASH is infused with oils that evaporate as soon as they touch the skin, leaving only perfectly dispersed super-fine pigments. Your skin will looks poreless and flawless, as if airbrushed. This is state-of-the-art complexion perfection.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ Amazing as AIRFLASH is nothing is perfect and it can get a little messy sadly, on clothes, hairline. It’s also easy to use to much of this product and not know and after one use you’ve used up the bottle. 

Especially AIRFLASH MATTE which comes in one shade that is like a spray matte bronzer and is a total summer must have – but sadly I think this product  has been discontinued and they are just selling through stock so get it while you can. Stock up if you love it. 

PRICE ➡️ $80.00 for 2.3 oz

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SEPHORA PERFECTION MIST AIRBRUSH FOUNDATION was brought to the market after Dior AIRFLASH of course – and it does kinda perform the same way but the Sephora “version” is 20x more messy – it’s actually unreal. 
Blur imperfections seamlessly and control shine for up to 10 hours with this satin-finish foundation. The weightless, micro-fine pigments of InstaBlend technology ensure color lays down smooth and seamless, so you can build to your desired coverage level from light to full – for a flawless look every time. Mineral-rich red algae extract protects the skin from environmental stresses and helps smooth the skin for a soft-focus, airbrushed finish that lasts. 

It’s possible to spray this product onto a brush and then apply, but it’s hardly worth the bother when there are other less-gimmicky foundations that can get the job done better (and faster)

If you’re willing to put up with the messy, prep-required application process, this long-wearing foundation’s positives are that it blends well and offers medium to full coverage. 

Just like Dior it’s only light to medium with the shade choices sadly. I think it’s harder to mix the darker pigments with the aerosol formula. 

PRICE ➡️ $35.00 for 2.5 oz 

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So there is a big difference between DIOR and SEPHORA but there is also a huge difference in quality from application, look, packaging and the way it looks on the skin. They both won’t clog your pores, are not tested on animals, are made without parabens. 

Dior just has the spray head that you’d be looking for with this type of product it doesn’t really make that much of a mess but I will admit you do have to apply it in your own way – it’s not the easiest product to use but the look of the skin when applied is flawless. 

Give them a try and decide for yourself


THE CITY ➡️ NEW YORK ➡️ Inbox: Steve McQueen

The Museum of Modern Art will display Static (2009), a recently acquired digital projection of a 35mm film by the artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen (British, born 1969), in The Donald B. and Catherine C. Marron Atrium from May 6 through summer 2017. The installation is part of MoMA’s ongoing Inbox series, which highlights new acquisitions to the Museum’s collection. Shot from a helicopter circling the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, in New York Harbor, the film captures Lady Liberty both in furtive, detailed close-ups and from a greater remove. As suggested by the work’s title, the statue remains fixed, intended to be gazed at from afar, even as the many perspectives from which it is encountered are subject to change. Accompanied by the roaring sound of the helicopter blades, the piece is marked by unease and uncertainty, showcasing and scrutinizing one of the most iconic symbols of the US within the urban surroundings of New York City and New Jersey. This is the first time Static will be shown on the scale of a major civic space. The film was made in 2009 to coincide with President Barack Obama’s motion to reopen the Statue of Liberty to the public on July 4th as a special gift to the US after the monument’s eight-year closure following the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Inbox is an ongoing series of installations that began in 2014 to showcase new additions to MoMA’s collection. The Museum’s first brochure in 1929 outlined its “ultimate purpose” as “to acquire, from time to time, (either by gift of by purchase) a collection of the best modern works of art.” This process remains central to the Museum’s mission and, as such, MoMA acquires a diverse selection of modern and contemporary artworks every year. 

Want tickets? 

Contact me via email 

FROM ONE DUDE TO ANOTHER ➡️ Why you shouldn’t go COMMANDO!


I do understand the awesome feeling of being free. But I’m also going to be upfront: Going commando is one of those daring ideas that sound good only in theory. In fact, it’s a recipe for ruining your clothes, burdening you with excess perspiration, and causing you embarrassment.

Before going commando, i urge you to give it some serious thought – in fact, I’ve given it some thought for you.

Heed my warnings. I can tell you that this is not going to end well.

These are just some conditions brought on by going commando:

Chaffing. Your pants or trousers are not going to be kind to your skin – they’re not designed to be kind. That means chaffing, which is painful skin irritation. Chaffing is a tough mother which makes its presence known long after you stop moving your legs.

Sweat stains. Especially if you’re wearing lighter fabrics and colors (think khakis), going commando will increase the likelihood of sweat stains. There won’t be any underwear to absorb that funk. And it’s just going to look awful.

Bacteria. I hate to tell you that your privates are teeming with bacteria, which will transfer to your pants. And if you’re trying on new pants in a retail dressing room, we hope you’re not going commando and leaving those germs for the next customer.

Humidity. If you’re living or playing in a land of summer, the humidity is going to go straight to your crotch, bringing with it all of the above (chaffing, sweat stains and bacteria). All of that evil will transfer to your pants without a middleman (underwear) to absorb them.

Increased laundry. Most guys wear their pants a few times before finally throwing them into the washer. If you’re going commando, you’re going to have to reconfigure that schedule. Fabric that directly rubs up against your skin is going to get dirty and smelly. And if you’re going commando on pants that require dry cleaning, get ready to increase that monthly dry cleaning budget.

Cultural and societal rejection. The world sees going commando as one big nope.

Ditch the tight pants. If you like skinny jeans and you also like going commando, you’re going to risk getting that zipper stuck in your crotch, especially when attempting to sit down.

Don’t play sports. Think of your game without a jock or supportive underwear to keep your boys in place. It’s not going to tickle.

Examine your zipper. We all occasionally forget to close the ol’ porthole. If this happens to you while you’re going commando, we hope it’s seen by the right people and not the wrong people (your teacher, your boss, your minister).

Pee drops. You know from years after your toilet-training experience that when you finish urinating, you’re never really completely finished. A drop or two usually presents itself, post-event. Those little droplets will make themselves known in the crotch area of your pants, for a judging world to see (and judge).

Bowel leakage. Have we changed your mind on going commando yet? How about now? We hope it never happens to you, but sometimes shit happens.



It’s hard.. to hard when your life is so public, no matter what I say or do people find one way or another to twist my words and it’s not nice. I’m still, here – better off then I ever have been and not allowing myself to be brought down by myself or that unforgiving feeling of knowing that I couldn’t do anything to stop the train wreck. 

I was out of my body, I was standing looking at myself and just watching it happen. My life, my life has always been what it is – if I can make one person smile. If I can take the weight off your back and and help you even for a day then to me, it’s worth it. 

In some way or another I have made up for the mistakes I’ve made. I’ve cut myself deep and I’ll bleed for my sins – can you say the same. 

Ok ok ok let’s move on too some makeup talk and the best and maybe one or two of the worst bronzers for summer. 

NUMBER ONE (1) would have to be AMAZONE BRONZING POWDER by MAKE UP STORE – and I will say you guys know that I’m a sucker for packaging and the packaging that the make up store comes out with is breathtaking, for some of you rushing to google to know who the make up store is, they are a unique brand of complex pro products and whimsical products. Make Up Store has an extensive range of innovative beauty products and more shade choices and finishes than we thought was possible! 

Exclusively selected ingredients to provide a high-quality formula. To accent an ultra-natural looking tan or for enhancing a skin tone. 

The bronzer is enriched with Lanolin Oil which hydrates the skin, Bronzing Powder offers stylish colour payoff and is the perfect way to achieve a sun kissed tan without the harmful UV rays. 

Suitable for all skin types, Bronzing Powder can be used on the face or decolletage and is ideal for adding a touch of sun without the fuss – never tested on animals. Paraben free.

PRICE ➡️ $39.00US for 0.35 oz 

💄💄💄💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄



PRO TIP ➡️ Bronzers have a buildable formula which can be layered to create your desired colour intensity. Start with a little and build it up! 

NUMBER TWO (2) would have to be NARS, they just repackaged which is really nice. The components are more square and don’t much finger prints. Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer in shade Laguna. 

I love the fact that it’s a matte bronzer that takes on a new dimension and is enhanced by the warmth of natural light. Designed with soft blurring technology, this innovative powder captures the light and diffuses imperfections for soft-focus bronzing that enhances and entrances. 

The new formula is supposed to have a matte finish with a ‘sheer pigments’ that look like second-skin warmth. There are four shades, and going from light to dark they are: Seaside, Laguna, Casino, and Falaises. The formula feels smoother and firmer compared to the brand’s Dual-Intensity formula (which has a similar pattern on it). The formula had sheer to medium coverage with some shades being more buildable than others. I had to use a denser brush and heavier hand to ensure product transferred onto my brush, so they would be hard to overdo – which I actually didn’t mine using a heavier hand because as we all know that it’s so easy to go from a little tan to Donald Trump… 

PRO TIP ➡️ Apply bronzer to the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit. Using very light strokes, first apply the bronzer to the top of the forehead, the cheekbones, and down along your jawline. Done correctly, your bronzer application will be in a three shape on either side of your face.

PRICE ➡️ $40.00US for 0.28 oz

💄💄💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄



Next is bronzer number three (3) and it’s actually a bronzer that I’m sure you’ve all seen and thought is it worth it? It’s Rimmel natural bronzer which you can find at SHOPPERS, Ulta, any drugstore type store or online. I used to use this before but the only thing I will say is it can become very muddy very, very fast. 

I love that it is waterproof and when you apply it, it stays put! Which is really refreshing. I wish I could say wow drugstore makeup is really stepping up their formulas but Rimmel has had this bronzer in there planogram for quite some time! 

It’s very light, natural looking bronzer and when applied with out a heavy hand gives you the sunless tan you want, any time of the year at a affordable price! You can give yourself a radiant new glow or perk up an existing tan. The powder is soft, silky and easy to apply. The look is natural overall. 

PRICE ➡️ $4.99 for 0.49 oz

💄💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄



Remember your skin tone when it comes to picking the bronzer for you, every bronzer listed above comes in different shades for different skin tones, it’s not just lighter or darker if you want a seamless bronzer application then make sure you get a bronzer that’s right for you. 

When choosing a bronzer for fair skin, there can be a fine line between a warm sculpt and a Cheeto-dusted visage. The key is to go no more than one or two shades darker than your natural complexion and choose a formula with peachy, pink, or golden undertones

Men and women with medium skin tones, you’ve got it made in the bronzer department as it inherently complements your natural tan. You don’t want to overdo it whether it’s a formula that’s too glittery or a shade that makes you look washed out. If you’ve got olive undertones, opt for copper shades. If you’ve got yellow undertones, go with more golden and peachy options.

While neutral bronzers can mess things, warm color pops beautifully on deeper skin tones. Look to reddish coppers and gold-flecked brown formulas to illuminate the skin while delivering a subtle sculpt. As far as application, you can’t wrong using it as you would a blush. Your cheekbones will thank you.