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Nail Polish for men is finally said to be normal – just like it used to Be 5,000 years ago. 

History is actually repeating itself: Men have been wearing nail polish since three thousand two hundred (3,200) B.C. following an excavation of royal tombs it was reportedly discovered that most men during that era wore nail polish, with different colors signifying different classes. Like the Fourth of July! Made primarily with kohl, the darker the color, the higher the class of the man, from warriors to leaders. Lighter colors were reserved for lower class men. In fact, prior to battle, warriors would take hours to primp and paint their nails just so. It was mostly Rockstars and the ’emo’ kids who would paint there nails. But we all know that, I can say as a twenty five (25) year old male I have never painted my nails, am I missing out on just another way to express myself and sexuality? 

DID YOU KNOW ➡️ There’s little documentation of how nail polish turned into a specifically feminine expression as the years and time ticked on. What we do know is that by 1800s France, it was primarily women who would paint their nails to signify their own cleanliness. By the 1930s, companies like Revlon were marketing red and pink polishes directly to female customers.

Something has shifted in the past few years, as evidenced – the emergence of nail polish brands catering toward men. Blame it on the rise of the “metrosexual” and of male grooming, or the growing acceptance of gender fluidity

I never really noticed men and nail polish myself until I saw it on YouTuber Joey Graceffa, and after that BOOM I started to notice it everywhere – personally I thought it was for attention but then I thought to myself..wait Kameron why do you wear clear nail polish, I thought on this for a second – now don’t scream but I realized I applied the clear coat on my nails because I wanted too and no one could tell me I couldn’t do that, when we find something we like what do we do? Be bold. Just do it. (not sponsored by Nike) 

So calm down men are not trying to signal a rebellion or make much of a statement. They’re wearing it for a variety of personal reasons — mostly because they just like it. 
Give it a try, maybe you’ll like it. Which I was once told about water sports..