LIFE 101 – Some love stories are not epic novels, they are short stories but that doesn’t make them less full of love.

This will be one that I’m going to need to get words and thoughts right for – I want to encourage my subscribers to love recklessly  and treat ever love like the first, I truly think that some of us take love for granted, we get stuck in our own heads and for zero reason other then our selfs – we make choices. Choices might be regretted and you’ll want to make it right but sometimes, you can’t and you just lost the best thing that could have ever happen to you. I’m not talking about myself. 

For once I didn’t make a mistake. 

So why am I left to pick the pieces. 

I can take you to a place

I know you don’t belong

And I ain’t good with love

But I can write you a song

We could wait,

And let time tear us apart

But we don’t live forever,

I’ve got a limited heart

But this unlimited spark

That we chase everyday

How can we ignore it

If it’s never gonna fade?

I have your back,

And you are all that I need

And when I see your smile

It liberates me

So open up to me

There’s nothing left to hide

I can read you like a book,

It spills out from your eyes

Looking at the skyline

In the rearview mirror

Will anybody notice

That we’ve disappeared?

When I look into the sky,

Do you see what I do?

I can’t even think straight,

Infatuated by you

We could be chasing nothing

I wish that I knew

Even if it takes forever,

I’ll be chasing with you
Although time will swallow us

And all of our youth

My whole life I never thought

I’d meet someone like you

Someone I understand,

I can see right through

And even when you lie

You’re still telling the truth

Like an ocean to a moon,

I feel a strong link

Like a ship in the sea

I don’t want it to sink

We could be chasing nothing,

I wish that I knew

Even if it takes forever

I’ll be chasing with you

Thank you for the memories

That we’ve already shared

Every time that you’re crying

Know that I am always there

I know that you may think

This is too good to be true

How I’m feeling when I spend

Every second with you

And I promise that

I’ll never do you wrong

And no, I’m not good with love

So I’ll tell you in a song

When we get older

And look back on our lives

We will have no regrets

And happily we will die


Smashbox works exclusively with Sephora to create the Smashbox MASTER CLASS palette which is a book pretty much filled with instructions and pro tips and on trend makeup – if you were to find a get each  MASTER CLASS that Smashbox has come out with over the years – I believe based on the season and just used those for your makeup kit, you’d have the perfect kit down pat. 

This class teaches you about lighting and correcting – a face palette to create an even complexion, add depth and dimension, cast a high glow, and achieve eye looks for any occasion. You will get sixteen (16) eyeshadows • three (3) blush • four (4) color correctors • three (3) contour products • three (3) highlighters plus you get some get the look inserts! Smashbox never really gives you a product without details on how to use it properly. 

This palette has everything you need to create pro makeup looks with a perfectly lit glow. Become a master at lighting with this palette for looks that flatter in any light. Inspired by pro-lighting effects used on set in Smashbox’s L.A. photo studio, every formula in this palette, from color-correcting and contour creams to high-voltage highlighters and velvety shadows was designed to demystify contouring and simplify strobing for everyday looks that stand out under office or evening lights. 

Smashbox is always developing looks for the camera in its L.A. photo studio, their pro artists are experts at re-creating lighting scenarios on-set—from bright daylight and office florescence to magic hour and afterhours club lighting. This palette includes full face charts for every lighting look. Each palette pops in and out so you can take each of them on the go. 

I do love Smashbox color correctors in the stick form so when I received  this the cream color correctors really took be by surprise! I was not expecting them to be so smooth and pigmented like the original products – they blended with ease and do exactly what they claim to do ➡️ if you are new to color correcting, the inserts are their to guide you in the right direction or check the link below for my color correcting post! 

The cream contours in this palette are also very smooth and blendable. I was really happy that the contour shade is dark enough for women of color and the bronzer can be used to bronze or to contour. 

PRO TIP ➡️ use the highlight shade in conjunction with your concealer to get the perfect highlighter for your skin tone. 

A lot of people said that they wish that Smashbox would make the palette a little smaller but maybe they are not getting the idea of MASTER CLASS it’s meant to be almost like book you would grab to learn, you can stick them on your shelf and each one looks different closed so they would look pretty cool all sitting together and you can just grab the one that you’d like to use. 

You can’t deny that this palette is jammed packed full of colour choice and deadly pigment but my favourites would have to be the color correctors! this would make a really great gift for someone who is just starting with makeup for sure, it’s almost mistake proof in so many ways. 

I know, I’ve said it before but SMASHBOX is the only company that developes their product inside smashbox studios so it’s created and tested under the strictest control to make sure that you get a product that is going to work for you. I haven’t spoke to many people who do not love Smashbox as a brand and doesn’t love them as a global company either. 

Also if you’ve got some time on your hands why not check out what MASTER CLASS BY SMASHBOX has come out with in the past, will you be late for class? 

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PRICE | $75.00




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