DOES IT WORK ➡️ COLOR ME Automatic Foundation Applicator Pro Edition

If you have instagram or watch YouTube I’m sure by now you have seen this by now – there has been so many “automated” foundation application tools some are absolutely crap and some turn out to be perfect for you. Please remember that what it comes to these tools this is just my opinion based off using it, this is the professional edition if that changes anything – I doubt it. 

This is my review about the listed product and what foundations work the best with this tool! 

This tool was apparently developed with celebrity makeup artists but I couldn’t find what artists made it and when, Color Me’s ‘Automatic Foundation Applicator‘ delivers flawless eight (8) hour coverage that’s superior to what you can achieve with your fingers or a brush. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ the creator of this tool is Eric Jimenez who worked for Benefit and then Urban Decay before founding Color Me. 

This premium version uses sonic pulse technology to mimic the tapping technique of the professionals and really like a beauty blender or something and comes with the brand’s new universal sponges so you don’t have to switch between liquid and powder applicators which is was nice because when this launched I was needed to go from one to another so now I understand the ‘professional version’ 


Comes with Pro Edition applicator device, two Pro Edition universal sponges and one lithium battery – 15,000 sonic pulses per minute – Sponges are latex-free, hypoallergenic and disposable. 

I decided to be incredibly scientific about this trial. I applied the makeup as I normally would with my flat-topped brush to one-half of my face, then used the sonic applicator on the other half as I typically would when I test something like this out.

I then asked my friends which side looked better. They got it right and said the side where the gadget had got to work looked smoother and more even. It wasn’t a huge difference, it has to be said, but I’m glad to know that my years in the business mean I can almost rival something automatic when it comes to applying my foundation but this device will deliver an airbrushed look, naturally. 

➡️ The teardrop shape of the sponge means you can get into tricky areas like the inner corners of the eyes and around the nose which I did like a lot! 

Over all guys I really think that this is a good buy and leaves the skin looking really beautifully airbrushed and it takes a lot less time then you’d think to do your entire face. 

Maybe you won’t use this every single day but if you’re big on makeup and flawless application then give this a try for sure! You’ll be very glad that you did. 

PRICE ➡️ $80.00

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Plus the packaging is really sleek and nice and will look pretty sitting on your vanity but I wouldn’t recommend using this tool with very very liquid foundation. The finish is very streaky.