So if you’ve been with my from the get go then thank you very very very much, you’ve seen me come unglued, seen me drunk, the highest high to the lowest low, watched me fuck, and watch me ride or die with those who come into my life. You can try to hate it but baby I laced it 😉 the reason I say thank you is because I just celebrated my two years on I guess when I messaged the owner when I though hm I should blog again and took perfectillussion.wordpress then I was like this is dumb whoever took my site ID is not doing anything life I would do and I asked WordPress if I can show you on perfectillussion how badly I want my site ID back – can I have it back? Sadly it didn’t work that was and I just had to bribe Kimberly (hi) who took over my site ID. Soo happy two years WordPress.

My followers, my friends, my family – did you know what started makeupandthecity? A break up. My first post which you cannot find anymore but I can (smiles) was about SMASHBOX 24h CC CONCEALER (discontinued unless you’re me) I remember getting ready when he was leaving – so that’s me two years ago? 

Then came being noticed very quickly I think it was about a month before my first PR company reached out to me.. BOLD PR in NEW YORK CITY and of course when you’re on one mailing list BOOM thousands of dollars of products are send to you from companies hoping that you’ll take a chance and review their products – I went through so many chances right in front of all your eyes. My writing went from two (2) to ten (10) the thing about posting for the entire world to see if some things shouldn’t be said. I was threatened, sued, almost killed – through all that something happen to me, it just made me was to be there for anyone and everyone that I could – and i began to listen to your stories and feel your pain. 

So yep I was making money at that time off of what I was doing but what the advertisement comes is when it’s a steady weekly income and I’m talking 4K weekly. Sure you have no control over what they want to post or what they give you permission to post im going to use TOOFACED cosmetics to show you kinda what the advertisement website looks like before I sit down to blog if it isn’t already planned I have to check my endorsement websites and emails. 

So this is what an endorsement page set up ONLY for social influencers with 1 million subscribers or more looks like (I hope I don’t get in trouble for showing this) 

Here I’ll find a lot of the photos that you see, any promo, and new launches and money I’ve made and what my month will look like from press samples and ‘brand gifts’ such as HDR camera – coach bags – Apple Watch so much crap really. 

SO – along with this website that and become a brand and a business that I am now going to be funding Max Emersons new project with M•A•C cosmetics – when I can say more I totally will! 

I remember hearing the song Hollow Moon and there is a verse of the song where it says ‘ motherfucker I’ll be back from the dead soon ‘ and I can’t help but think I was meant to hear that part of the song right before walking into my interview with BELL CANADA for just PUBLIC RELATIONS naturally I did get the job very soon after working I also took on Media communications and Marketing which I love. I love the company and I thrived there marking partnerships and friends that will have my back.  

Now my 9-5 job is with ENTERTAINMENT ONE in Publicity & Promotions which I love love love in New York City. I played by the rules, I was honest with myself and honest with people around me – and I got myself far by myself pretty much. As of now I’m still doing some things for Bell until I’m fully trained for a Senior position with EOne and EOne Music. 

The best part of all of this is I am in love with the most amazing and the most kind and so fucking sexy man – ups and downs happen of course but you can feel who is going to be there for you – this man is the reason I took an interest in New York. Don’t hold back. Don’t hold grudges. Go all in. We’ve probably all been hurt before, and I’m not saying we should ignore those situations. But. Don’t let past hurts prevent you from making new relationships or falling in love. This almost happened to me. I was hurt and felt justified in my unwillingness to forgive even though my circumstances had changed. And this attitude nearly prevented me from meeting my future husband. Don’t be afraid to love deeply. It can be scary to depend on anyone. Be open. Be brave. 

I have thought that I was in love before but I have no clue what real love was until this man. He made me question things that I never thought I’d question. He is all I want and all I’ve ever wanted

He’s not perfect but no one is perfect but I will say that he is so close to being perfect. I love you Dan. I love you without reasoning. I will always fight for you and you will always be mine. 

Check back guys!