So life. Life right now has delt me so many crazy crazy curl balls it’s not like I didn’t know they were going to happen. I just didn’t know it would happen so quickly. The one person who I need and I know can make it better – has plans with his father for a week which I knew about but I just this two things didn’t fall together – but that my life. 

But that isn’t what you’re here for, maybe she I’ll do a LIFE 101 about what happen, my new home, my boyfriend, what massive brand asked me come to their Toronto office – where I was sexually assaulted – but this company has ties to a lot of brands I work for right now and had partnership deals with me in the future. 

What to do. 

There is so much that you all should know about the brands that you love so much BUT before I start a warI’ll digress, back to subtext and fantasy. The make up store is almost like what Sephora brand has tried to make happen inside of Sephora only the makeup is genuinely amazing and not a waste of money because it is a little heavy on the pockets. Think illamasqua and NARS had a baby it would be THE MAKE UP STORE now I know, I wish the name was a little better also but hey what can we do – they also offer a wide variety of classes from PROFESSIONAL CLASS • PRIVATE CLASS • BRIDAL MAKEUP • MAKE ME UP • EYEBROW SHAPING • CONTOURING – HIGHLIGHT, DEFINE & SCULPT • COVER ALL • COLOR IT • SMOKY EYES • WINGED EYELINER •


So THE MAKE UP STORE has an amazing palette called COVER ALL PALETTE and it does just that, A twelve shade concealer palette with customized colors to provide personalized results. Easy to apply with fingers or with a brush (use a brush) providing a flawless and long-lasting result – it’s almost the same type of finish as the NARS soft-matte conceal and illamasqua skin base foundation which is why I earlier said the best way to describe this company is like those two companies came together. 

THE MAKE UP STORE bronzer was in my top bronzer post for summer and a lot of people asked me is that the actual packaging or did you mist it first? But those are high resolution imagines provided by the company via DROP-BOX or WE-TRANSFER but yeah that is the packaging and it’s taken to another level with this company which is so so so nice to see. 
SIDE NOTE ➡️ some and most of the products you see I do take or come up with creative little ways to show off the products – just like people who do film review, set up a background and lighting – I have set up a mini product studio for taking photos and high resolution shade  swatching  which I will be adding to every review going forward I think.

The concealers you can buy separate of course or in threes and if you’re going to do that please try to wait for some cool limited edition packaging to come out I will say in a way that it is an almost solid product that needs some working to make it pliable. This is not my personal favorite but a lot of people like this formula. 

The consistency, though not easy to work with, makes this concealer last for days. Again, I used it on filming day and it held in place despite the time, perspiration and bright lights. It is a much better option than layering extra foundation to cover up, as some very odd sales associates in a makeup store has advised me in the past – and I know what to do. I know how to apply makeup. I can do the job of a Sephora associate like nothing – so it’s funny when I walk in for being a man I mistreated and treated as if I don’t know what I’m talking about I love for them to tell me ‘this is what you do..’ and I said mhm yeah so what’s next and the basket that she brought over just fills and fills with products and every time that they are done, not to be rude in any way at all, I ask for the the manager to come over and with them both there I turn to be he woman helping me and I say this is what you actually do, so my $600.00 bag turns to $50.00 and then on top of all of all of that I even have to show her my correct colour and how to really achieve finding the idea colour for me – like I said I never do it be rude but I always check my bag after and along with all the samples there is a resume from the manager added also. 

The point even I got side tracked is this product is going to last you for a very very long time and performance is professional completely which is idea and sometimes hard to achieve at home. It is extremely pigmented so a little goes a long way. Blemishes, overall redness, dark circles, blue veins, sunspots – this tackles them all and you can mix the shades to perfection. 

PRO TIP ➡️ this product is meant to mix to create custom shades for any skin tone within light and dark SO go take a look at  my post about colour correction and understanding the colour wheel because to mix and use properly you’re going to want to understand and make it easy. It should be 1+1=2 not 1+2=3-2=1/89×6=?* I feel like we over think things when if you’re finding something hard there is social influencers like me who have made it easy for you and break it down! ⬇️


Sadly if you find your skin to be a little more dry I would say that this wouldn’t be the concealer (palette) for you – primer or not! If you stuggle with dry skin and need a power makeup system for your skin type please check out VICHY IDÉAL TEINT. 

➡️ I wouldn’t recommend applying this concealer under the eyes unless mixing with your favourite moisturizer  

THE MAKE UP STOR Cover All is an award winning concealer – featuring a yellow toned concealer to conceal redness and exposed blood vessels, an orangey red concealer to diminish blueness such as dark circles around the eyes and a beige concealer to correct uneven skin tone, Cover All Mix is definitely a MAKEUPANDTHECITY must-have for a flawless complexion.

Each shade can be worn alone or blended together to create customisable coverage. The creamy consistency blends effortlessly and adheres to the skin for enhanced longevity whilst the Vitamin enriched formula nourishes and protects all skin types. Also give it a try as an eyeshadow primer. Wow. 

➡️ Not tested on animals. Paraben free.