Ok so it’s 330am and a little partnership I did with NARS came in (while I was opening up my PR mail) I swear since making the move to NYC official it has been so easy for companies to reach out to me and me to them! Some of the PRESS SAMPLES that I get I like to have someone e-mail back and say thank you of course some of them I have to ask how they got my address – crafty, amazing companies. 

But Kam, didn’t you move to NYC for Dan? Hell yes I did and I would have  moved to the moon for that man. I would like to say as more and more of you reach out and I make friends with other social influencers and media – I just ask that you respect Daniel and his privacy. If you message me or email me and I don’t get back to you – try my assistant IF, you message Dan other then to tell him he’s absolutely stunnin’ at this point – whatever the urgency I will not take on your request. x 

Moving on ➡️  NARS custom pro palette first off you’re going to choose what palette size you’re going to want ➡️

Small – 7 1/20″ x 5 1/2″ for $14.00

Larage – 8 9/10″ x 6 4/5″ for $18.00

DECLAIMER to anyone going forward be very very veeeeery careful because you will be building your palette online and seeing how pretty it looks and you start at eleven (11) at night and the next time you look at the clock you have to be at work in an hour. Oh no! You fell down the rabbit hole like many, many, many others did..oh yeah I did too when I actually got to play with this but sadly they just sent me the palettes and a whole bunch of the pan fillers BUT I did just try the virtual experience and yummy

So here is what you can pick from to add to your custom palette 

BLUSH ($20.00) • HIGHLIGHT BLUSH ($21.00)

• BRONZER ($27.00) • CONTOUR POWDER ($30.00)



SO you do get quite a few products that you can choose from and they are full size of the single NARS products in the NARS packaging but you’re saving some good money for example the NARS blush refill is only $20.00 but with the NARS packaging it’s $30.00 and the NARS  eyeshadow duos are only $25.00 for the refill and $35.00 to buy in the NARS packaging – nowadays who doesn’t like saving some money! 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ they only that sixty four (64) refill pans to choose from and that is no where near the full NARS line. 

You can also go the route of pre-made palettes which is what was sent to me for chance of review ➡️ the ones that see pre-made are made by the NARS international artist (SADAFUMI ITO and UZO) but they start at two hundred dollars ($200) and go all the way to five hundred dollars ($500) but making the pallets can get rather expensive very very fast, if you have to worry about money. The palettes have a magnetic backing and magnetic closing as well so really you can de-pan and NARS products you’d like and put them in your palette and there is so many ways that you can do this! YOUTUBE or GOOGLE it. 

A couple of things that I would like to mention that I didn’t really like that much about the palettes themselves is they are not made of a nice plastic or a shell like material – they are made of cardboard with like a fuzzy plastic fabric type material in the front so in classic NARS fashion, be ready to be in a constant battle to keep this looking cleanit does snap shut nicely and is magnetic so it doesn’t open or anything like that. When you open it up there is no mirror it is (or was) prime real estate for a nice mirror and NARS has the money to do all of these things to just improve the quality! ➡️ Does anyone see that as a small miss? 

It is little more expensive as I did mention but for the NARS quality it is worth it. I love NARS I always have loved NARS I remember when I was younger and just starting my journey with makeup and everything else and I went into to the city with my friend just to buy a duo NARS eyeshadow for a photo shoot that I had upcoming. 

All in all you will not be disappointed in the products or what you get OR the prices and the money you will end up saving and something pretty cool also this is a pro tip from me to you IF you wanted cream foundation added to it also buy some of the compact foundations from NARS only just buy the refills the seal shut! And add a little piece of metal to the bottom so that it will stick in your palette and there you go! They self close so they will stay fresh and fit perfect and I have never saw or heard anyone do that. 

I also know that this came out in September  2016 and the reason I am blogging this now is because it’s finally happening – the end of JULY they will be releasing new shades and some other special refills for your NARS pro palette. So NARS was nice enough to send me 45 pans 2 large and 1 small palette – and 2 pre-made ones. Some of the NEW launches also. 

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