This is going to be a little be of a rant but I feel like I have to address some of the misconceptions about me, about who I am, about my life and about makeupandthecity.

So if you’re interested in what I have to say – keep reading, if not go find where you should be because makeupandthecity is a family filled with love and respect and trust. 

I will start of saying do you know what it feels like to try your hardest every day to fix mistakes of the past, not looking for forgiveness anymore from anyone but yourself and becoming successful with no ones help but my own, yep, people have got my foot in the door but I pushed it open myself and in return I do the same for people. I am not asking for a thing from anyone, or am I asking for forgiveness for my past. I realized that I needed change and I got myself over the obvious obstacles in my life to become the man I am today the only thing that I would ever ask for from anyone is respect and privacy and that is not a privilege – if you once knew me, and you are not in my life anyone and haven’t been for a while then you no longer know me so please don’t message my boyfriend, my friends, my family or try to come for me because you try all you want to bring me down and try to come between me and the people in my life, and you remember that person who you knew who took you down, broke you down and drained you and you will get that person back just for you, and I’ve learned when you apply yourself you can become and achieve anything you want – I don’t want to become a monster in the process of fighting one or loving one. 

I used to fill my life with people who were weak or hurting and who needed someone to fill that void – I would hurt and use people to get to where I wanted to be in life. I was a monster. But I’ve learned from my past and my life is now filled with strong, amazing and loving people – people I would bet any amount of money on that when I fall I will have them there to catch me, strip me naked with your words, hate and opinions about whatever you want – keep talking, keep checking my blog, keep trying to bring me down and all you’re doing is becoming the person that you hated so much to begin with. When you talk about me, more people know my name. When you keep checking and boarderline stalking me and what I’m doing, it’s more views for me. Every nightmare needs influence so I’m asking you and everyone who use the voice that you have to try to hurt or bring anyone down? Why give in to hate when it’s so much easier to give in to love and see that mistakes are made and like I said I’m not looking for anyone’s forgiveness because I don’t need it – I have the most amazing life, I have been so blessed from the highest high to the lowest low, in heartbreak came makeupandthecity, I learned to channel my heartbreak, sadness and anger to creating something that over time became something more then I could ever ask for a given me so many opportunities, if I even had the amount of time to focus on your life or stalk what you’re doing with it, whoa the free time you must have – for anyone who has made it this far, live your life for yourself and dont allow hate to win, and remember that second chances are rare and we are all beautiful and unique and with our words and with our hate we cause a ripple effect that is clear to see. so I guess I’m asking you; why isn’t it clear to see for the love that we give? 

I will take responsibility for my action and the choices I’ve made in my life. 

Will you? 

Seize fire.