Hey guys, today I’m going to sit down and take the time to talk to you all, and speak my truth just to get it out of there and with hopes that people try to understand my point of view at the age I was at, and unlimitedly what I was going through at the time I was, where I was at that age, and what I felt. So there will not be much talk of makeup in todays LIFE 101 post, as any LIFE 101 it’s about learning and understanding you were in the wrong, I shouldn’t even have to talk about this really because the parties involved have been called out and addressed long ago – but still decide to message people I care about and new parties within my life even with showing proof to the contrary, words effect and they will continue to effect.

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Alright, so do is it necessary for this to be done on such a public platform? at this point, I need people to understand, I understand – plain and simple. I am 27 years old and this happen when i was 19 years old, I just got out of a extremely abusive relationship, mentally and physically, I should have taken the time to fully, I guess heal and find out what it was that I wanted but I decided that I was going to be ok and I was stronger then what happen to me. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ My family. My parents met at a time in their lives that my grandparents threaten to cut them off if they kept seeing one another, they choose love. Are still married to this day. Sadly my mom is blessed with so much but health wasn’t a blessing.

Out of that common law relationship, there was the parents of my abuser who predicted that I would come after blood for what their son did to me (not the case actually I believed that you had to be married to someone to think you have claim to what they have) last night I saw him after what he did and listen, I’m not going to look for pity or sympathy in any way so I’m not going to go into details about it but I had to go to the hospital which made me have to call 911 and ultimate was the start of my forever fight. As I was leaving the hospital the father came to drop off a brown envelope to me, which was an offer, giving me claim and ownership to certain things. Plain and simple. 

Please keep in mind my young age, I lived in Toronto, I have an amazing job, had no rent to pay on a beautiful condo that was absolutely mine, and other ‘perks’ fast forward the doctors believing that my mom had a form of brain cancer and as you think I would be, devastated, confused, hurt, lost and mad.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ If you are in my life now, you would know know that after, years and years they were able to find out what would be the best approach to helping my mother and she had one of the most complicated and invasive open heart surgery – reaching a point that she didn’t almost make it on the table and that was 03/29/19 so yes that chapter just closed so for someone (people) to take my trust in them and use and twist my own words about my family for their own little game is gross, thats what this has become in my, and the people still knowing a game.

What got me in trouble? or where i was thought to be a liar, was the condo, it took a little be more for the transfer of land to go into my parents name because at that time the amount of money for all of this would have cost for my to do it myself would have been a lot, I also was not open about how I came to have the condo I just said that it was within my family which just felt easier then needing to explain, the pain, the vulnerability and the loss of someone who I loved and still love. I understand that I hurt you, and I understand that you think that you need to keep doing what you’re doing but words are damaging especially when you can see that I have moved on and I’m happy, that’s when you also tend to cause problems for me which flips it around on to you, why do you want to see someone in pain? if you don’t want to forgive me for a lot of things I NEVER had the chance to explain to you then I won’t no i don’t expect that but what I DO expect is for you to stop going to my instagram, stop looking for ways that you can hurt me. I know who you are, there are IP address, and next time you choose to make a face account and attack or feel the need to publicly hurt my character behind your little anonymity of a fake profile, it doesn’t hide you, its been years and years leave me alone or I will come after you with legal action.

If you have something more to say, or something you want me to add to this then stop hiding and talk to me. Man to man. The child I was years and years ago is not the man I grew to be, I have so much long and success in my life and before I start my world travel with two brands for the next couple of months I had to close this chapter one and for all, even if you choose to keep it open you will not get the satisfaction of any more pain, any more loss and it will be detrimental to you in fact because my lawyer has been briefed and loves your game and I’m just waiting to tap him in.

I see my mistakes, I am taking ownership, your same sent paragraph message that just a copy and paste of not even the true is just one big misunderstanding.

Actions speak louder then words.