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So I will be full honest with you guys just as I always am, I was sent this product(s) to review in sponsor – so that means that I will be getting paid for my review and time.  In one (1) way or another I do get paid for the posts that you read. If you don’t want to read my work due to that fact then please head over to the website or visit a counter. Burberry beauty is very expensive to buy out of pocket but keep reading for money savings – of course I’ll hook you all up if I can

Burberry Cashmere foundation. Echoing the understated luxury of our made-in-Scotland cashmere scarves, the liquid foundation delivers a long-lasting, flawless complexion wrapped in cashmere-like comfort and comfort is definitely the word you would want to use when talking about this foundation and it’s infused with Burberry’s signature English blend of rosehip, tea, and lavender. 

It’s so buildable and blendable, the creamy texture melts on to the skin for a soft-matte finish thats lightweight and feels like a primer, it is weatherproof which is great for the summer months, and when I say waterproof I mean it goes no where last swimming I wanted the flawless coverage but I didn’t want to feel like I was wearing a mask so I quickly applied this to my face, when I came out of the water nothing on my face changed which was a huge plus. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ yes this Burberry foundation is waterproof but I wouldn’t recommend going swimming in a pool or chemically treated water because it does make the foundation come off in a bit of a strange way so I would, uh, stick to fresh water.  

Burberry Cashmere foundation features SPF 20 to shield against the damaging effects of UVB rays but as we should know by now – you still want to carry a spray SPF with you because the SPF in foundation odds are will not even last your makeup routine. You can now get dry spray or setting sprays with SPF in them. 

DID YOU KNOW ➡️ the FDA approves companies to say on the bottle that there is SPF 100 when really after SPF 50 it doesn’t do anything, but there is really no way to prove this according to the FDA even though it has been proven – believe it or not studies have been done in the past month against sunscreen from so many brands and the one that came back the best and to stay the longest is the Walmart brand Equate, go figure. 

Burberry cashmere foundation comes in a 30ml pump bottle with the beautiful Burberry stitching across the lid which they are famous for and it was made in France, its elegant, sleek and masculine packaging that’s very mess proof – there is no annoying fragrance in fact it is fragrance free so again it opens the doors to a lot of customers with scent allergies and sensitive skin, it’s made without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates – it is also oil-free. 

The pump dispenses the perfect amount to do half of your face depending on your method of applicationI would actually not recommend a primer for this foundation only a little under the eye area and around the nose, Burberry did a good job at creating this foundation it does not show off fine lines, pores or imperfections in anyway or in any light. 

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Burberry Cashmere Concealer delivers a soft-matte flawless finish and long-lasting cashmere-like comfort as the foundation does. A little bit of a down side is you only get 2.5ml in each component but you truly do not need a lot so do you think it’s worth the price point? Burberry cashmere concealer is made in Italy not like the foundation, made in France

You will have six (6) colours too choose from a couple of them are pretty universal shades, I wish that there was more shades to choose from but I think Burberry knows who their target audience is. 

With its unique and effortless soft-fabric applicator, the creamy, full-coverage concealer effortlessly conceals imperfections and dark circles, it builds and blends with flawless, long-lasting results. I did a little test to see just how long wearing it was I applied it under just one eye after eye cream at night before I was going to sleep, I didn’t let it touch down to the pores but when I woke up, under my eye, well, it didn’t move. It looked flawless and actually looked like it improved with wear of the product which is really good I love when a company can create a product that actually starts to look better on the skin five (5) hours later – and that you don’t really have to touch up very much. The Burberry Cashmere Concealer is also very very hydrating which is really nice when applied under the eyes and areas where you find that you get a little more dry. 

PRO TIP ➡️ Summer road trip? Travel? You can pack only the Burberry Cashmere Concealer and use it as a foundation stick to bring life back into your skin. Just dot onto the face and the use the sponge ball applicator on the end to lightly buff into the skin. 

The packaging is pretty neat. Unfortunately, the puff isn’t removable if you wish to wash it. This could be a potential issue with bacteria so make sure you apply your cap onto it when finished. It’s a twist to release pen so twist the bottom and the concealer flows into the puff. You can swipe the puff under eyes or dab over imperfections and blend using a little blending bush I would still recommend a patting motion.  

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THE PRICE | $42.00CAD 

Burberry Cashmere Compact delivers an instantly flawless complexion wrapped in cashmere-like comfort just like the other product in the line. You get 13g of product in each compact and they are refillable which is nice as long as you keep your compact in good condition and is made in the USA – The ultra-soft, full-coverage compact foundation conceals   imperfections and unifies skin tone for a flawless complexion with a soft-matte finish and doesn’t move all day. It stays right in place which I love so much about the Burberry beauty. 

SPF 20 also 

The weatherproof formula delivers all-day long-lasting wear without drying the skin yes this also claims to be waterproof but I don’t think the ingredient the used to make the liquid waterproof, had the same effect when added to a pressed powder formula. 

The soft sponge enhances application and effortlessly builds and blends the formula and it is double sided just like a lot of the sponges now a day but this sponge is different one side you apply the pressed foundation and then flip over the sponge and pat over areas that you thing you look a little cakey or powdery and it will take it away so in a couple of ways you won’t need a setting spray with this product. 

Available in six (6) shades to match all skin tones. Also contains Burberry’s signature blend of rosehip, tea and lavender. But again I can’t help but wish that there were more shades – I am not saying in anyway that you will have an issue finding a shade that it perfect for you because you will and it will look flawless

The Burberry Cashmere Compact foundation DOES come fragranced, it does smell really really nice – it’s 100% a unisex fragrance which is nice if you’re a dude who likes to apply a compact powder foundation and not go crazy with the makeup application. The scent is a natural scent also so it should be okay for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. 

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Like all Burberry products, the Burberry Cashmere Compact are packaged impeccably. The compacts are sturdy and emblazoned with the traditional Burberry print. Each compact is also embossed with the Burberry name

Overall the products are wonderful and completely worth the price – you can buy the in single or buy the complextion perfection

Each Burberry beauty product comes in a cashmere dust cloth as well.