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Well it’s better late then never but to be honest this favourites isn’t going to be much because there has only been a couple of products that I have personally be loving. 

1 | APPLE WATCH – series two (2) 

To me the Apple Watch ⌚️ was just want-to-have and now it’s need-to-have to keep with with messages, calls and emails and everything else in between. I actually had a crazy night and lost my Apple Watch (yes I know) but reordered a new one the next morning – and man did I see a difference in my social life. I allow myself to now be consumed by work and new opportunities – plus I’m always out and trying to make life better for myself and those around me but without my phone around my wrist pretty much – it’s like I fell off the planet for two days. The Series 2 is, as promised, water-resistant up to 50 meters which is nice for when it’s raining and I won’t lie sometimes I even wear it into the show – it’s the appropriate wrist band of course. So far I have about seven (7) for all different occasions. Right now my favourite one was a gift was someone pretty special in my life which is dual chrome and very me. 

To Apple Watch just fits me, and my lifestyle I know a lot of people say that it’s not worth it but those people have not felt the power and elegance of the Watch around their wrist. 

2 | KAT VON D – LOCKIT concealer 

I love the coverage and finish that this concealer gives. It blends out well and does not emphasize any dry areas. It also lasts all day and doesn’t crease under the eye area – it’s also full coverage with a sheer coverage feel which is really good. Perfect if you have oily skin also. 

Seems to be really all you need for summer skin so that you’re not wearing a mask because come on. It’s summer, let your skin breath! 


So I will start off saying this is not the product to purchase if you’re on a budget it is a little more on the luxury side and expensive side but with that said you do get a lot of product, amazing product, beautiful packaging and compact case with a separate area for the touch up sponge which is double side – and I would recommend using the sponge and not rub the product into the skin but press it. It is cruelty free and not tested in animals which is always a huge plus in my eyes – it also gives the skin back a beautiful glow while staying matte and MARC JACOBS did design this product actually with men in mind meaning it has an ingredient to work with testosterone.


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REQUESTED ➡️ KAT VON D | lock-it concealer and brush 

There is a lot to be said about LVMH and KAT VON D BEAUTY – I’ve had my fair shade of slight drama with the company, it wasn’t so much to my face but I could tell the questions I was asking were not welcome, I just didn’t think that Kat, after knowing of her and personally meeting her a couple of times would stand for a lot of the garbage behind mass produced cosmetics items but since she become more involved and created the artistry collective I feel things have gone in a more positive direction but there is almost zero differences between MARC JACOBS BEAUTY and KAT VON D BEAUTY, and it became very clear, until lately, the chances made to the original Lock-It brand was pretty quick and needed.
Lock-It Concealer Crème is the first formula to bring together everything you’ve ever wanted in a concealer – super-creamy, blendable full coverage and true 24-hour wear. What other concealer can say that. Lock-It Concealer Crème redefines multitasking. With a few smooth strokes, you can brighten under-eyes, cover blemishes, correct discoloration, neutralize redness, contour and highlight and that’s only the beginning! I wouldn’t go as far as to say that is is 24-hour hold because if any product states that it must have a stain like pigment that would make removal uncomfortable. Personally I’ve wanted to work with KVD beauty for quite some time now and for someone who has a fair amount of contacts I made a choice to myself that I was not going to reach out to brands, if they wanted me, and my opinion they can reach out to me – they know I’m here.

The Lock-It Concealer Crème does have a new Hydra-Boost Complex™ which does make long wear of this product very simple, smooth and easy. It does come in 20 shades which is pretty large for a basic Sephora line – and one of those shades is pure white which i do love because if I’m coving redness or creating a custom color this would be what I start off with – KVD beauty is more edgy of a brand, I wouldn’t say gothic just because of who Kat is but you know expect a little more out of the box design and packaging which I know Kat and one of who friends takes care of all of the drawings for the packaging and unicartons which I know there was a little time when she was going through some “personal issues” and she stopped going to the factory and office as much.

So Lock-It we from this,

To this,

Out of the two, what do you like better? I mean having a wand and the packaging that was to come was a lot better for personal use. I actually picked up with my own money the Lock-It Concealer Crème but I did ask the company to send me the Lock-It concealer due to you can only get it online and I wanted to see what the difference was or if there was one.

The answer to my question – yes there is a massive difference not really in the coverage area which was nice but and I was not shocked at this with the launch of the artist collective soon older products and some exclusives will be part of a pro line. The original Lock-It I would never use for anything other then on set for a couple hours, it was smart, to redo the Lock-It range but I’m left wondering who made the choice at the end of the day because wasn’t it Kat herself who said “No one has to see what you don’t want them to see” 

Lock-It Concealer Crème
This concealer knocks it out of the park though, it is non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) completely vegan and cruelty free (but does sell to China)

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PRICE | $34.00 CAD

a consumer study on 30 participants said

100% said Lock-It Concealer Crème applies smoothly, blends in easily & was comfortable to wear throughout the day

96% said it gave them instant full coverage

96% said they looked awake and radiant after applying the concealer

96% said this concealer felt lightweight

93% said skin felt soft and hydrated while wearing this concealer

The Lock-It concealer brush works perfectly for cream contouring. The sculpted shape effortlessly hugs the curves of the face for a seamless application. Use the Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush for smaller areas, such as the nose.

PRO TIP ➡️ The brush’s long tapered handle performs double duty as a mixing spatula. Dispense your shades on the back of your hand or a palette and swirl together with the handle. This technique is perfect for on-the-go artists who need to travel light.

It has an all-over medium density to deliver 360 degrees of precise, even blending.

It also is synthetic but doesn’t feel like it is which is very nice – the Lock-It brush family is high quality and professional use for sure.

#40 concealer brush
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PRICE | $30.00 CAD

Introducing the Kat Von D Beauty ARTISTRY COLLECTIVE – take a look,