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At a point, some of us makeup lovers take our obsession with beauty and cosmetics to another level and make it our career – professional makeup artistry. Of course, you won’t want to use your own tools and cosmetics on clients so this is where your freelance makeup kit comes into play – I remember when I first started out with makeup I would get so many different brushes because that how I would apply makeup to myself but really you don’t need to carry that many makeup brushes but it’s a good idea to carry doubles and always clean them good after a shoot or using them on a client  because you will be using those brushes in places where infection can spread and you don’t want to be the cause of pink eye outbreak at the local prom, now do you? Hygiene is very important. 

You’ll need to make sure you have brush care inside of your case and at home a brush shampoo to give them a good wash. A lot of the brand I’m going to be talking about do sell both, naturally. You also need to keep in mind that there is a big (huge) difference between inexpensive and cheap  – do it right the first time. 

The Beautyblender® which sells for twenty dollars ($20.00) and you can grab from any Sephora –  they also sell in sets so that you can have multiples like I mentioned above. The Beautyblender® is perfect for all kinds of makeup application so that you wouldn’t even think off. 

PRO TIP ➡️ use the Beautyblender® to lightly pull down the water line to apply eyeliner so that it’s more comfortable for who you’re working on and gives you more control. And also makes it look like you’ve been doing it for years. 

When I first purchased BB I bought it in a set when they came out with the Blotterazzi™ which is another perfect product to use a shield between your skin and the clients. And the kits come with the beautyblender pro for laser sharp focused contouring, highlighting, concealing. 

DON’T FORGET ➡️ beautyblender® is easy to use: simply wet.squeeze.bounce. your way to makeup perfection!

Right there I would say you pretty much have complextion flawlessly beat to the gods. Beautyblender® is goof proof. Not saying there is anything wrong with being a little goofy – makeup is all about art and exploring, trying new things and with Beautyblender® you’ll have bouncy ride. 

Having Beautyblender® in 2017 is an absolute must in my professional opinion, it’s one of the smartest forms of complextion perfection. 

The Brushes and the Brush sets

One of the brands that you will find most beauty and life bloggers and social influencers talking about is Morphe and yes that is probably because they want you to use their code where you get fifteen percent (15%) too twenty five present (25%) off which is good on someonthing with an already low cost but I’m not going to include my affiliation link so you because it’s not about collecting a commission at the moment it’s about quality and Morphe does have high quality products (you will see some more Morphe products in future Starting your own™ posts) In order to truly get a feel for what about the line makes every blogger loose her chill, I set out to test every single brush from the Elite II collection. All 61 of them. I spent days making my way through the pack, loving every single second of how the vegan bristles swept my makeup on like it was air. There’s no freaking way not a single one of these is more than twenty three  dollars ($23), I thought. And yet, I’d double check the website and prove once again to myself that this was in fact true. 

Plus, the total cost of them comes out to one hundred and sixty dollars ($160.00) which is around the same price of just one (1) of the designer brushes. You can’t beat these for the price, so I won’t keep trying.

The gold handled Gilded Collection has to be on of the best collections. The twenty three (23) piece set includes everything needed to create a full face makeup look. This complete set covers it all-correct and set, blend and shade, or highlight and contour. Perfect for any budding makeup artist or seasoned professional.

Now – you don’t need to buy the entire collection although I would because it’s great value and like I did mention beauty bloggers do have code to save you even more money – so please comment if you’re interest and I’ll tell you my code or use MannyMUA or LauraLee – both amazing and talented. 

This brush set includes Y1 – PRECISION POINTED POWDER, Y2 – TAPERED POWDER, Y3 – PRO POINTED POWDER, Y4 – DELUXE ANGLE BLUSH, Y5 – PRO TAPERED BLUSH, Y6 – PRO FLAT BUFFER, Y7 – ROUND BUFFER, Y8 – MINI TAPERED HIGHLIGHT/CONTOUR, Y9 – DETAIL CONTOUR, Y10 – MINI DETAIL CONTOUR, Y11 – DELUXE POINTED CONTOUR, Y12 – PRO FLAT CONTOUR, Y13 – PRO HIGHLIGHT FAN, Y14 – PRO DETAIL HIGHLIGHT, Y15 – DELUXE ROUND BLENDER, Y16 – DELUXE FLUFF, Y17 – DELUXE DETAIL CREASE, Y18 – TAPERED BLENDING FLUFF, Y19 – POINTED BLENDER, Y20 – PRO ROUND CREASE, Y21 – FLAT DEFINER, Y22 – DETAILED BULLET CREASE, Y23 – PRO ANGLE LINER and most if not all of these brushes are available on their own for no more then ten dollars ($10.00) as a new artist this would be the set of makeup brushes that you would need or pick and choose to create your own little set! 

There is also 10 PIECE DELUXE SET which has a couple face brushes but mostly focuses on the eyes but that’s why we have the Beautyblender® for complextion perfection! 

Natural hair brushes are one of the most popular options in makeup for their perfect combination of firmness and softness that create flawless blending. This ten-piece set includes gorgeous and versatile brushes for face and eyes with high quality natural bristles. It’s all kept in an faux ostrich snap case for easy travel.

Flat Bronzer Brush, Angle Blush Brush, Soft Fan Brush, Eye Shadow Fluff Brush, Precision Eye Shadow Brush, Blending Brush, Crease Blender Brush, Smudge Brush, Crease Brush, Bullet Crease brush.

So there are lots to choose from out there just make sure you do your research and find what works best for you and you almost ready MUA kit! But Beautyblender® is a must for complextion perfection. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ Don’t forget to dampen your Beautyblender® for maximum performance and keep it clean. 

💥Also it’s smart to have vegan and none vegan items or ask in advance just so that you don’t show up and they wanted only all vegan products used💥


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So from 2016 too 2017 we have seen a huge spike in palettes and as a professional artist in the community I’ve been working with palettes since I started I was taught to de-pan M•A•C eyeshow singles add a magnet to the back and put it into a palette sure this trick can still be used today but why burn yourself? Pay someone else to burn themselves instead 📈 

So let’s get started shall we on the new mini series here at makeupandthecitystarting your very own” makeup case ➡️ 

First off if you’re looking to buy any type of foundation or lip stick palette make sure it includes a WHITE shade now I’m sure you’re thinking white? Why white? Are we snorting something. “Anyone get some white” “wait wait wait yeah I do girl” *pulls out ABH lipstick palette.. no no having a colour white in your palette gives you the freedom to mix colours with the white shade to create your own colours.

PRO TIP ➡️ the white shade is not, meant to cancel any color out on the lips – it is used for the above reason. To see the true colour pay off use concealer first give twenty (20) to fourty (40) seconds for it to dry then apply 💄

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Lip Palette 

An eighteen (18) well professional lip palette with shades ranging from primaries and neutrals to bold brights. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette to create an endless array of lip looks by mixing and customizing highly pigmented, long-wearing matte shades. 

The finish of the lipsticks is absolutely beautiful. They are definitely matte, though not as matte as a bullet or liquid lipstick. Norvina definitely wasn’t overstating things when she claimed that these are extremely full coverage, you need the tiniest scrape to fill in an entire lip. I’m super picky about what lipsticks I wear, after having amassed a pretty sizeable collection. These are giving my M•A•C bullets a run for their money, so as you can guess, I’m absolutely impressed with how they look.

In terms of wear time, I am similarly pleased. My best friend tested out shade one (1) yesterday for an entire day, and was quite impressed with both its wear time, and finish. (and so was I) While it was obviously not transfer-proof, it lasted a solid few hours, and only faded after she being her greasy ate half a pizza. Though reapplying is a huge drawback of this product, due to it being in a slightly larger palette. 

PRO TIP➡️ want a longer life with your lipstick if it transfers or is not a dry down liquid lip apply a lip liner first in that shade! Or in clear so it stays longer. 

This palette does a good job at bridging the gap between pro artistry and regular makeup users. 

💄💄💄💄💄 out of 💄💄💄💄💄

PRICE | $48.00 US


MAKEUP FOREVER  – flash colour multi-use cream palette 


MAKE UP FOR EVERs iconic palette is a beauty arsenal must-have for professional makeup artists. Each thick, creamy formula flawlessly covers skin to create an array of looks for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Featuring two shade harmonies, these multi-use palettes can be used for any level of artistry- from artistic and special effects, to contouring and foundation mixing. Achieve next-level makeup artistry with these signature palettes that are perfect for on set and in real life. There is also twelve (12) shades in this palette and there are two (2) different shade sets available. 

➡️ I’m keeping this one short and sweet because you do need the MUFE pro card to buy these products online or in SEPHORA.

💄💄💄 out of 💄💄💄💄💄

PRICE | $110.00 CAD 



25 of smashbox top-rated Be Legendary Lipsticks – all in 1 palette. This collection of show-stopping, pigment-loaded creams was created in the L.A. photo studio to minimize the number of shades our pros stash in their kits. 

Lush, vibrant colors that saturate lips with one-swipe custom color.

The colours blend so well together and leave almost like a little stain left behind you can tell when a company wants you to use as it or they give you the tool to create more like the ABH gives you a spacula and mixing bowl. But smashbox gives you a full size lip brush pretty much free and I love the red handled makeup brushes from smashbox (just not the sets so much)

Pigment-loaded, satin-smooth formula, hydrates & softens with shea butter & vitamins C & E, pro lip brush included

The photo above is the be legendary palette not in matte. 

The palette itself is gorgeous; all black, sleek and minimal. It has a huge mirror and the brush is very nice. Smashbox’s makeup brushes have good reviews, so I was glad they did include a brush in the palette. Now as far as the actual lipsticks, they are all amazing. They last and last and I think they added a little stain which I’m not mad about as a consumer so that if a bit does come off that you have that staying power of the stain which is nice. Both this palette and the matte palette can take you from day to night so easily. 

Listen given the amount of product given in all the palettes talked about it’s totally worth having in your makeup kit! 

This is  the photo of the Be Legendary lip palette in MATTE just so you can see the color difference are – also I will say smashbox had a smashing party where this palette was called OUR LIPS ARE SEALED twenty five (25) year of smashbox lipstick and was just meant to be limited edition but thanks to some pushes from Lori head of global artistry – we got the suckers here to stay and in a matte formulation also. Pretty cool.

NOTE ➡️ The image  used in the headed image was shot by smashbox studios as a part of there liquid metals lips and set to me for us of this blog. 

💄💄💄💄💄out of 💄💄💄💄💄

PRICE | $75.00 US



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