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Hey guys – how goes it? So it’s 4:00am for me just like it pretty much always is when I blog, something about the sun rise is so beautiful to me – it’s hard to explain. 

Coffee ✔️ espresso ✔️ box of new makeup ✔️ i like to keep some makeup (and skin care) in a box that I want to touch base on. I receive so much makeup on a day to day basis that even something new fades to the background sadly. 

I love Tarte and SMASHBOX so much because they are companies that I’m close with and I’ve watched evolve. Tarte has always had Amazonian clay as an ingredient so it’s just a no brainer that they would do – slay with clay. 

SIDE NOTE – makeup 101 which I’ve used since the get go of my blog – nope, not saying I invented it. Calm down. So im going to start calling my new product launches and reviews MAKEUPANDTHECITY x (the brand) and then name the collection. It’s new and current and feels, right




SLAY WITH CLAY is one of the newest collections from Tarte with the new clay stick foundations • smoothie blender foundation brush • clay face shaping palette • clay smart mascara • clay lid primer • so if you didn’t know Tarte was the first company to use the breakthrough Amazonian clay and maracuja for their amazing complexion products. 

Today Tarte is a leader in healthy, eco-chic beauty, offering cruelty-free cosmetics infused with skinvigorating™ ingredients.

The Clay Stick foundation is amazing and so good for the skin I remember when the PR was sent out for this you open it and there was super healthy energy bars and I was like what the heck..? But they really are like a healthy snack for your skin. It’s a cool powder to liquid formula very similar to the MUFE (make up forever) HD stick foundations but better for you skin for sure. It’s a medium to full coverage but buildable remember what I always say – it’s easier to add then to take away with makeup! There is Micro-encapsulated powders that burst with your body heat to keep you shine and cake-free. 

Vegan formula • antioxidants • vitamins C + E  • amazonian clay • a total skin-balancing powerhouse that hydrates or mattifies depending on your skin type. 

There is zerogluten • talc • artificial fragrances • parabens • sulfate • It’s pretty much got it all for a simple foundation stick. The packaging is simple but in Tarte fashion the top of the cap has a cool details. 

Ideal for travel. 

$50.00CAD for 9 g / 0.32 Oz. 

PRO TIP ➡️ apply with the smoothie brush from Tarte it’s so pretty and feels amazing in the hand and like every Tarte brush (pretty much the only brushes I now use) the quality is unstoppable. The secret’s in the dense, angled bristle design that targets coverage where you want it. Use small, circular, blender-like strokes for a natural, cake-free look. $36.00CAD and available here

Next ➡️ we have the #SLAYWITHCLAY face palette and I won’t lie I’ve been looking for the ultimate complexion palette for travel or for home use and I really hoped and thought it was going to be this but sadly it’s only for shaping the face and eyes (I might have my own complexion palette coming soon) but it doesn’t make it any less amazing and a total must have for summer 2017Tarte always have amazing packaging for their palettes and this palette is, stunning! 

Twelve (12) essential Amazonian clay matte eyeshadows multitask as universal eye, nose & brow shapers, plus contour colors so you can, well, slay with clay. SHADES • journey (rosy buff) • stone (rosy brown) • solstice (ivory) • terracotta (warm taupe) • dunes (slate brown) • smoke (coffee) • sand (cream) • desert (cool taupe) • ember (amber brown) • onyx (black) • instinct (buff) • timber (chestnut) • Each microfine powder blends to a natural, longwearing finish minus the harsh lines. The secret’s in the clay: it helps balance & replenish skin so you get the most even payoff without creasing, caking, or flaking. 

The bronzer and contour shades are perfect for any skin tone when you are looking for a real looking contour colour you wanna go for a more cool toned shade so that it can mimic shadows tone realistic. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling a Tarte palette it smells like vanilla chocolate but more like vanilla thanks to vanilla extract added to the formula. God I could smell it forever

SIDE NOTE ➡️ it does come with a little booklet like most companies throw in on some looks that you can create with that palette and it’s nice but where is the fun in that. Makeup is an expression of art – and you. 

All of them had very good pigmentation and a smooth, silky formula that blended well and adhered to the lid nicely without primer. They didn’t crease nor did they fade during the wear of the model. It’s debatable whether you can dupe these shades across other Tarte palettes. Sure, there are shades that look similiar to past palettes but I’m going to go say they aren’t complete dupes of past shades. Shades like Timber, Terracotta, Dunes, Smoke, Stone, Instinct, all felt very unique to me. 

Again this is a good palette for travel. They are ophthalmologist tested • safe for contact lens wearers • dermatologist tested • it’s nice when a company makes sure their products are safe! 

$64.00CAD and 6 are 0.035 oz each, 3 are 0.070 oz, and 3 are 0.21 oz in size 

➡️ i loved this palette and if you’re interested in learning more click here

➡️ for the rest of the SLAY WITH CLAY collection click here

For SEPHORA lovers and shoppers click here to take advantage (while supplies last) to get a cute little mini! Use code CLAY2GO at checkout. 

Follow Tarte Cosmetics @tartecosmetics 



Hey guys. mother fu.. I just burnt my mouth on damn espresso so I’ve had a lot of support lately – and success – a company reached out to me for coded advertisement, yes that is the contact you can search forever and ever for but will never find they will watch you – in my case being a print blogger, as of now 🙏🏻 they watched me – watched my post, and more importantly asked about me yeah yeah yeah I knew they were doing it it’s called a background check but this is the big bucks for a blogger, social influencers and YouTuber. I have it all set up but I’m waiting to meet with someone who will show me how to properly bring them to life. More importantly, I’m in Welland right now and have been for the past couple of days, Daniel is with him father in Florida at their cottage or whatever getting it ready so I will be babe less for a week. 

It’s really annoying to me in the gay community that when I’m in a relationship it’s like that’s when others want me to the most.  

So this is maybe the best but also the worst we are both Cancers ♋️ AND if you have no idea your sign and what it actually means going back to your life here’s a small run down of a Male CancerDeeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs to get to know. They are very emotional and sensitive, and care deeply about matters of the family and their home. Cancer is sympathetic and attached to people they keep close. Those born with their Sun in Cancer are very loyal and able to empathize with other people’s pain and suffering.

I mean… 


Huge thanks to L’Oréal LUXE not just L’Oréal makeup for this box of new products – guess my meeting in New York went better then I thought.


First what I open the box what caught my eye the most was the FULL METAL SHADOW which is just a liquid eyeshadow but the most on trend of makeup I’ve ever seen in my almost ten (10) years. New shades are introduced to Full Metal Shadow, the high-lustre, intensity pigmented, shimmering eyeshadow that become a modern classic in the YSL Beauté stable of impactful eye colors. These contrasting new shades reflect the exotic colour crush of the Summer Look, and create a myriad of striking new effects only limited by the imagination but I’m not sure if I have all the ‘NEW’ shades because one looks an awful lot like a Christmas one but it’s in New York at the moment to reference – Introducing the first metallic color liquid eye shadow from YSL. Vibrant shades that last for up to 16 hours without creasing, flaking, or fading. This pigment-packed liquid shadow has been formulated with 40% water for a cooling effect and pure colour payoff. The exclusive applicator allows you to create three signature looks from a full lid, just the line or a graphic eye look. 

So I was sent shade seventeen (17) GOLD SOURCE and eighteen (18) VIOLIT WAVE – gold source is almost like applying gold flakes perfect to the centre of the eye if you’re into the halo eye trend then you will need these full pigment liquids. 

The finish is a fine, metallic film that adheres to the lids for long lasting wear. A strong colour finish is promised, however, this doesn’t seem overly evident in the shades that I have but I have used these with YSL on set before and they were the stealer of backstage so.. 


Next was ➡️ NAIL POLISH which was damn beautiful and claims promised came through massively. 

JUNGLE ORANGE: the hot summer shade, a limited edition orange brings a sense of tropicality to the Solar Pop collection. Mix it with the Jungle Green, or wear as a sophisticated antidote to more traditional summer nail shades. 

JUNGLE GREEN: verdant, modern, expressive. Lime green talons are beautiful as a full set, or as a single accent nail amongst the contrasting shade of Jungle Orange.

The colour payoff is going to last and last with these – I’m not the type of dude to wear nail polish but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to review it. I wish though for the price you can go to the drug store and find the same colours for a lot cheaper sadly. 

Everything and I mean everything has a dupe out there and if you don’t care for the packaging or quality then happy hunting BUT I suggesting – if you can afford it. Buy it. 


Interested in some hot double play? Well the next product I think is a must have for travel and for the makeup lover and collector because they will not be going past this collection. 

A hybrid between a lip colour and a blush, this innovative air-whipped formula allows for an instant application on both lips and cheeks. With a luminous matte finish, colour is easily buildable from a soft and natural look to a more intense sophisticated look. 

The patented “hidden pearl” applicator is customised to glide perfectly on the lips and to allow the optimal amount of formula to be dotted on the cheeks.

 A range of playful shades to complement each cheeky side of the YSL Baby Doll woman.

ORANGE INTREPIDE: adds a pop of sun-kissed luminosity to cheeks or a gentle wash of color on the lips. Apply an extra coat and build to a dense orange. 

PRO TIP ➡️ dot. dot. dot. blend with your fingers – perfect colour pay off. 


A silky-matte bronzer that instantly gives skin an effortless natural glow without the shine. As if you were wearing nothing at all, Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones capture the power of the sun in a stone for the most natural sun-kissed tan. Without any additional weight or coverage, the ultralight matte powder blends seamlessly into skin, enhancing skin’s natural luminosity.

For the first time, Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones palette gets its own collector case, a limited edition piece of art for fans of the inimitable silky-matte bronzer. A shimmering snake skin, re-imagined in a vivid lime green. Exotic, eye-catching, the fire-coloured Cassandre logo leaps out, demand attention.

I think this is one area bronzing products have improved and this is a particular area I feel YSL Bronzing Stones stand out with – the creators have realised it isn’t just the shades, or actual colour and tones that need to be worked on, but the over all effect these products create, beyond just how dark they leave you. It is amazing how much better tanned, or bronzed skin will look, when it has a bit of a glow and sparkle to it, even if it is just a very light tan – this is especially the case with the glowing part. And YSL have certainly not skimped on the sparkle, or the glow.

SO – however pale, or light, you are, YSL is bringing everyone in on the latest seasons trends. 

Get this collection online. In NORDSTROM or Sephora (I would go anywhere but Sephora)