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Hey guys – how goes it? So it’s 4:00am for me just like it pretty much always is when I blog, something about the sun rise is so beautiful to me – it’s hard to explain. 

Coffee ✔️ espresso ✔️ box of new makeup ✔️ i like to keep some makeup (and skin care) in a box that I want to touch base on. I receive so much makeup on a day to day basis that even something new fades to the background sadly. 

I love Tarte and SMASHBOX so much because they are companies that I’m close with and I’ve watched evolve. Tarte has always had Amazonian clay as an ingredient so it’s just a no brainer that they would do – slay with clay. 

SIDE NOTE – makeup 101 which I’ve used since the get go of my blog – nope, not saying I invented it. Calm down. So im going to start calling my new product launches and reviews MAKEUPANDTHECITY x (the brand) and then name the collection. It’s new and current and feels, right




SLAY WITH CLAY is one of the newest collections from Tarte with the new clay stick foundations • smoothie blender foundation brush • clay face shaping palette • clay smart mascara • clay lid primer • so if you didn’t know Tarte was the first company to use the breakthrough Amazonian clay and maracuja for their amazing complexion products. 

Today Tarte is a leader in healthy, eco-chic beauty, offering cruelty-free cosmetics infused with skinvigorating™ ingredients.

The Clay Stick foundation is amazing and so good for the skin I remember when the PR was sent out for this you open it and there was super healthy energy bars and I was like what the heck..? But they really are like a healthy snack for your skin. It’s a cool powder to liquid formula very similar to the MUFE (make up forever) HD stick foundations but better for you skin for sure. It’s a medium to full coverage but buildable remember what I always say – it’s easier to add then to take away with makeup! There is Micro-encapsulated powders that burst with your body heat to keep you shine and cake-free. 

Vegan formula • antioxidants • vitamins C + E  • amazonian clay • a total skin-balancing powerhouse that hydrates or mattifies depending on your skin type. 

There is zerogluten • talc • artificial fragrances • parabens • sulfate • It’s pretty much got it all for a simple foundation stick. The packaging is simple but in Tarte fashion the top of the cap has a cool details. 

Ideal for travel. 

$50.00CAD for 9 g / 0.32 Oz. 

PRO TIP ➡️ apply with the smoothie brush from Tarte it’s so pretty and feels amazing in the hand and like every Tarte brush (pretty much the only brushes I now use) the quality is unstoppable. The secret’s in the dense, angled bristle design that targets coverage where you want it. Use small, circular, blender-like strokes for a natural, cake-free look. $36.00CAD and available here

Next ➡️ we have the #SLAYWITHCLAY face palette and I won’t lie I’ve been looking for the ultimate complexion palette for travel or for home use and I really hoped and thought it was going to be this but sadly it’s only for shaping the face and eyes (I might have my own complexion palette coming soon) but it doesn’t make it any less amazing and a total must have for summer 2017Tarte always have amazing packaging for their palettes and this palette is, stunning! 

Twelve (12) essential Amazonian clay matte eyeshadows multitask as universal eye, nose & brow shapers, plus contour colors so you can, well, slay with clay. SHADES • journey (rosy buff) • stone (rosy brown) • solstice (ivory) • terracotta (warm taupe) • dunes (slate brown) • smoke (coffee) • sand (cream) • desert (cool taupe) • ember (amber brown) • onyx (black) • instinct (buff) • timber (chestnut) • Each microfine powder blends to a natural, longwearing finish minus the harsh lines. The secret’s in the clay: it helps balance & replenish skin so you get the most even payoff without creasing, caking, or flaking. 

The bronzer and contour shades are perfect for any skin tone when you are looking for a real looking contour colour you wanna go for a more cool toned shade so that it can mimic shadows tone realistic. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling a Tarte palette it smells like vanilla chocolate but more like vanilla thanks to vanilla extract added to the formula. God I could smell it forever

SIDE NOTE ➡️ it does come with a little booklet like most companies throw in on some looks that you can create with that palette and it’s nice but where is the fun in that. Makeup is an expression of art – and you. 

All of them had very good pigmentation and a smooth, silky formula that blended well and adhered to the lid nicely without primer. They didn’t crease nor did they fade during the wear of the model. It’s debatable whether you can dupe these shades across other Tarte palettes. Sure, there are shades that look similiar to past palettes but I’m going to go say they aren’t complete dupes of past shades. Shades like Timber, Terracotta, Dunes, Smoke, Stone, Instinct, all felt very unique to me. 

Again this is a good palette for travel. They are ophthalmologist tested • safe for contact lens wearers • dermatologist tested • it’s nice when a company makes sure their products are safe! 

$64.00CAD and 6 are 0.035 oz each, 3 are 0.070 oz, and 3 are 0.21 oz in size 

➡️ i loved this palette and if you’re interested in learning more click here

➡️ for the rest of the SLAY WITH CLAY collection click here

For SEPHORA lovers and shoppers click here to take advantage (while supplies last) to get a cute little mini! Use code CLAY2GO at checkout. 

Follow Tarte Cosmetics @tartecosmetics 



It’s hard.. to hard when your life is so public, no matter what I say or do people find one way or another to twist my words and it’s not nice. I’m still, here – better off then I ever have been and not allowing myself to be brought down by myself or that unforgiving feeling of knowing that I couldn’t do anything to stop the train wreck. 

I was out of my body, I was standing looking at myself and just watching it happen. My life, my life has always been what it is – if I can make one person smile. If I can take the weight off your back and and help you even for a day then to me, it’s worth it. 

In some way or another I have made up for the mistakes I’ve made. I’ve cut myself deep and I’ll bleed for my sins – can you say the same. 

Ok ok ok let’s move on too some makeup talk and the best and maybe one or two of the worst bronzers for summer. 

NUMBER ONE (1) would have to be AMAZONE BRONZING POWDER by MAKE UP STORE – and I will say you guys know that I’m a sucker for packaging and the packaging that the make up store comes out with is breathtaking, for some of you rushing to google to know who the make up store is, they are a unique brand of complex pro products and whimsical products. Make Up Store has an extensive range of innovative beauty products and more shade choices and finishes than we thought was possible! 

Exclusively selected ingredients to provide a high-quality formula. To accent an ultra-natural looking tan or for enhancing a skin tone. 

The bronzer is enriched with Lanolin Oil which hydrates the skin, Bronzing Powder offers stylish colour payoff and is the perfect way to achieve a sun kissed tan without the harmful UV rays. 

Suitable for all skin types, Bronzing Powder can be used on the face or decolletage and is ideal for adding a touch of sun without the fuss – never tested on animals. Paraben free.

PRICE ➡️ $39.00US for 0.35 oz 

💄💄💄💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄



PRO TIP ➡️ Bronzers have a buildable formula which can be layered to create your desired colour intensity. Start with a little and build it up! 

NUMBER TWO (2) would have to be NARS, they just repackaged which is really nice. The components are more square and don’t much finger prints. Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer in shade Laguna. 

I love the fact that it’s a matte bronzer that takes on a new dimension and is enhanced by the warmth of natural light. Designed with soft blurring technology, this innovative powder captures the light and diffuses imperfections for soft-focus bronzing that enhances and entrances. 

The new formula is supposed to have a matte finish with a ‘sheer pigments’ that look like second-skin warmth. There are four shades, and going from light to dark they are: Seaside, Laguna, Casino, and Falaises. The formula feels smoother and firmer compared to the brand’s Dual-Intensity formula (which has a similar pattern on it). The formula had sheer to medium coverage with some shades being more buildable than others. I had to use a denser brush and heavier hand to ensure product transferred onto my brush, so they would be hard to overdo – which I actually didn’t mine using a heavier hand because as we all know that it’s so easy to go from a little tan to Donald Trump… 

PRO TIP ➡️ Apply bronzer to the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit. Using very light strokes, first apply the bronzer to the top of the forehead, the cheekbones, and down along your jawline. Done correctly, your bronzer application will be in a three shape on either side of your face.

PRICE ➡️ $40.00US for 0.28 oz

💄💄💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄



Next is bronzer number three (3) and it’s actually a bronzer that I’m sure you’ve all seen and thought is it worth it? It’s Rimmel natural bronzer which you can find at SHOPPERS, Ulta, any drugstore type store or online. I used to use this before but the only thing I will say is it can become very muddy very, very fast. 

I love that it is waterproof and when you apply it, it stays put! Which is really refreshing. I wish I could say wow drugstore makeup is really stepping up their formulas but Rimmel has had this bronzer in there planogram for quite some time! 

It’s very light, natural looking bronzer and when applied with out a heavy hand gives you the sunless tan you want, any time of the year at a affordable price! You can give yourself a radiant new glow or perk up an existing tan. The powder is soft, silky and easy to apply. The look is natural overall. 

PRICE ➡️ $4.99 for 0.49 oz

💄💄💄OUT OF💄💄💄💄💄



Remember your skin tone when it comes to picking the bronzer for you, every bronzer listed above comes in different shades for different skin tones, it’s not just lighter or darker if you want a seamless bronzer application then make sure you get a bronzer that’s right for you. 

When choosing a bronzer for fair skin, there can be a fine line between a warm sculpt and a Cheeto-dusted visage. The key is to go no more than one or two shades darker than your natural complexion and choose a formula with peachy, pink, or golden undertones

Men and women with medium skin tones, you’ve got it made in the bronzer department as it inherently complements your natural tan. You don’t want to overdo it whether it’s a formula that’s too glittery or a shade that makes you look washed out. If you’ve got olive undertones, opt for copper shades. If you’ve got yellow undertones, go with more golden and peachy options.

While neutral bronzers can mess things, warm color pops beautifully on deeper skin tones. Look to reddish coppers and gold-flecked brown formulas to illuminate the skin while delivering a subtle sculpt. As far as application, you can’t wrong using it as you would a blush. Your cheekbones will thank you.



There can be a lot said with company’s now-a-days and just throwing products out there thinking that it will be the next big thing on the market. Hell – if you becoming instagram trending be prepared to be out of stock for a while even if it’s the most pointless product ever. Am I right? I’m right. 

I have very special project coming up that has been in the works for quite some time – very little know the details of who, what, where and when one of the brands who I’ve always worked with and has completely had my back is Tarte. So I wanted to show the some extra love and publicity just because they are so amazing. 

First of all – I want everyone to know just how hard someone who works in communications, public relations, brand ambassadors, social media and artisty relations work to keep all social influencers and pro artist who email them everyday, well, happy. And I know this because I wake up at 4am to be able to take the time to write this blog and show my appreciation to all the companies who I have made business partners, friends, and contacts. I know you’re going to say with a rapidly growing international blog doesn’t it stop becoming fun and become a job because you get paid? Yes and no – I love giving my opinion and that’s the beautiful thing about MANNYMUA and say me – we have different skin, tones, and likes I developed a fan base who would rather read then watch, so thank you so much to anyone who has burning here from the get go with me. There is so much going on that I have not yet said and so much with makeupandthecity that is all for all of my followers, friends and more important all the people who told me that I can’t and that I won’t amount to anything. 

Let’s get back on track, yeah? First off I want to talk about the Tarte skin care which I am completely in love with – full size – travel size. 

It’s absolutely amazing for a makeup brand because Tarte is all about high-performance naturals I start off with the exfoliating cleanser stick (which is amazing for travel) called the frxxxtion stick – which is like a solid gel cleanser with exfoliating beads – this type of cleanser also has become very large in the past year or so. This product is vegan, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. It cleans the skin without stripping it which is nice. 

After one use of the frxxxtion stick your skin will look and feel amazing. It removes past makeup that maybe was missed and dead skin cells so that your skin care to follow works 45% better. 

Next is the Tarte skincare Pack Your Bags which is an 911 eye mask – I find myself applying these when doing makeup so then the skin is supple, hydrated and more importantly the darkness and puffiness is almost completely gone. They are vegan friendly, hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist tested and dermatologist tested – the appear to be blue but once you take them out of the treatment they are soaking in they are like a clean, clear gel. They contain hyaluronic acid which adds moisture and firmness. They’re heat activated which is supposed to ensure complete, concentrated absorption.

Tarte deep dive cleansing gel is marketed as a product that’s ideal for all skin types and one that won’t disrupt your skin’s natural moisture barrier. It promises to remove makeup, soften, hydrate and brighten skin tone thanks to Vitamin C. It’s also really important to not forget to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and help promote new cell turn over and inside this cleanser is allantoin which softens and protects and also promotes cell regeneration. 

provitamin B5: acts as a skin emollient and moisturizer to provide intense hydration

Indian gooseberry extract: rich in vitamin C to help brighten skin while retaining skin’s natural moisture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

lavender oil: soothes and tones skin. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ This cleanser is gentle but strong enough to take off waterproof makeup in one wash. 

I would have to say that this cleanser is a knock out for the summer, it will be perfect for taking the day off of your face, especially the pollution and dust from the city or the country. 💥 This cleanser actually is going into my top products I’ve ever used! 💥 

The next step you can take as the Tarte toner and it’s the Marine boosting mist and it’s a 4-in-1 primer, setting spray, hydrating mist and skin refresher.  I love using them both AM / PM to help boost the effects of the moisturizer.

Rainforest of the Sea™ complex: a proprietary blend of algae and marine flower extracts that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and softening skin. 

orange peel oil: helps promote collagen production and reduce puffiness for youthful-looking skin. 

sea water: provides intense hydration and minerals to quench and nourish skin. 

lentil seed extract: helps minimize the appearance of pores. 

caffeine: helps improve microcirculation while reducing the appearance of redness and puffiness. 

coconut oil: antioxidant-rich oil that helps smooth and nourish skin. 

lavender oil: soothes and tones skin. 

This spray wakes up your skin completely with the skin loving ingredients, it’s funny because you can tell what ingredients are in it just from the smell of the product. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ If you have fair skin be a little cautious and just use this at night for the first couple times because it did make my skin extreamly red and the redness did go away but when I applied it to a model, who was fair she had the same thing happen only for her she felt a strong sting and the redness didn’t really go away till the next day. So I would recommend maybe try spraying on you skin under your arm just to see what happens – my thoughts are it’s the orange peel oil because it’s a little more high in acids. 

Over the past few years gel moisturizers have becoming increasingly popular in the US market so I was quite excited to hear that Tarte would be introducing one with their new Rainforest of the Sea Collection that’s available exclusively at Sephora and online of course. 

Tarte drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer is not playing any games when it comes to protecting your skin and hydrating. I was completely blown away, and still, am at how quickly it absorbed into the skin and didn’t leave a shine or a bad smell it just makes your skin look and feel like, skin. This is a thick gel and I’ve found a little goes a very long way. It absorbs easily into skin as mentioned above and leaves behind soft, hydrated skin with a dewy finish that doesn’t mess with makeup application at all.

All in all, it’s a very nice gel moisturizer formula and considerably more hydrating than other gel moisturizers I’ve had the pleasure of using in the past. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ Sadly contains silicones so if you’re dry and sensitive this might present a problem for you. 

Powered by hyaluronic acid and tarte’s exclusive Rainforest of the Sea™ antioxidant complex, this cooling gel moisturizer helps restore skin’s natural hydration, while replenishing electrolytes for skin that’s fortified, refreshed and healthier-looking. The lightweight moisturizer sinks into skin, leaving no oily or greasy feel behind, while powerful marine antioxidants help skin defend itself from everyday aggressors. 

Vegan friendly and hypoallergenic, it also has powerful anti-aging and skin-balancing properties to help boost the appearance of firmness, tone and vitality over time – so all you have to do is jump in to perfect skin. 

Don’t forget tartelettes that Tarte does offer a box set for a limited time with “travel size” items so it’s the perfect item to get if you’d like to try out the Tarte 3-step skincare. Which I truly recommend. 

Tarte did a really, really good job of making sure that all the products and the ingredients work in unity together but I’m not surprised at all that they are all knock out products – I don’t think I’ve had one bad experience with the Tarte brand. 

➡️ Like tarte on Facebook: tarte cosmetics, follow tarte on twitter: @tartecosmetics, share on Pinterest: tartecosmetics & watch our YouTube channel: tarte cosmetics

SUMMER PROOF SKIN ➡️ OIL / SHINE CONTROL POWDERS 💥 includes mini give away of some of the talked about products 💥

Since it’s not even summer yet and they days and nights are getting hotter and hotter – he is a few of my tried and true products for while you’re applying your makeup and when you’re out and about for the day,  if you have oily skin or shine due to sweat or other factors then this is the post you’ve been waiting for, but before I continue happy Friday everyone! I’m so so soooo excited for today – I can’t wait to share my news with all of you and have all my posts come full circle. 

Now I’m not going to lie to you guys some of the products the I talk about and I will show you as well are very “I’m about that life” products that range from one hundred and ninety ($190) to three hundred and eighty ($380) and ever product I am going to speak about was given by PR or is sponsored in todays blog post. 

First of all when the wheater starts to get hot and the days get longer the first thing you’re going to want to change is your PRIMER and SETTING SPRAY (if you use one) the two (2) primers and one (1) setting spray is  The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer + Finisher by Estée Lauder this is also the one with the new formula! So it primes the skin for makeup application, controls oil and minimizes pores and can also be uses as a finisher as well but it kinda lifts up the makeup and sticks together and looks like dry skin. Mattifying, oil-free primer creates a silky-smooth canvas for makeup application by controlling oil and reducing shine for the day pretty much – a little goes a long way when it comes to primer. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ Remember boys and girls that you’re trying fight the look of oil so what ingredient do you want to look for? Hints above. COMMENT BELOW AND THE FIRST FIVE (5) WILL WIN TODAYS PRODUCTS. (excludes forever more shine control powder

Next would have to be the line of color correcting primers by Clinique personally I like the yellow primer just because I like how it helps to neutralize any redness in my skin and it’s lightweight, oil-free primer creates an ideal makeup canvas. Colour corrects a range of concerns, preps for makeup application and wear. Colour glides on evenly, and this is one (1) of a couple color correcting primers I’ve found to actually work in that department. This oil-free primer originally came in just a white universal shade which you could wear solo, but the others look best paired with makeup.

PRO TIP ➡️ These primers aren’t meant to be layered with each other to address multiple skin concerns—they’ll pill under makeup if you try.



BOTH 💄💄💄💄💄 OUT OF 💄💄💄💄💄

Next is your setting spray which will come from Urban Decay – the best product for tackling all the city pollution in the air and keeping your makeup so it will not move for some this step might be their last and they are good to go all day, I’m talking about UD all nighter setting spray developed in an exclusive partnership with Skindinavia, is suitable for all skin types, free of oil and parabens, and features patented Temperature Control Technology. Yep, this baby actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep foundation – even in hot and humid or cold and windy conditions. 


PRICE | $39.00US

💄💄💄💄 OUT OF 💄💄💄💄💄

So now we’ve done what we’re going to do during our at home makeup application and these next products have your back and seriously take care of any shine. 

Clinique Stay Matte Universal Blotting Powder is a must for me, you can ask anyone or come up to me and ask me to show you – I always have this baby in my back pocket for quick touch ups – it’s invisible, lightweight blotting powder instantly absorbs oil and shine – without a trace of colour. You skin stays matte, looks fresh as can be. I just use use it on my nose and forehead after applying my makeup to control the shine and it works wonders. Ive never had a problem since getting product and it’s perfect for on-the-go lifestyle. 

PRICE | $35.00US 

💄💄💄💄💄 OUT OF 💄💄💄💄💄

SAME PRODUCT ➡️ different packaging 

Clinique forevermore compact it does feel kinda cool to pull out this blot powder just because of the silver packaging I think it’s meant for special day touch-ups easy and elegant with this sleek, luxe keepsake compact. Invisible, lightweight blotting powder instantly absorbs oil and shine, so skin stays matte and looks fresh.

To me I just don’t get why, i guess i get it if you have a big day like your wedding and you grab your bridesmaids these but other then that I don’t see the use. 

It’s also very very heavy so if you keep this in your pocket make sure you have a belt on. 

PRICE | $180.00US

💄💄 OUT OF 💄💄💄💄💄

But please check back for part two! 

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QUICKY | MAKEUP TRENDS | what I think is too come. 

I love writing so early I live for the sun coming up over downtown and sitting and having my coffee and espresso. Thanking. Writing. Editing.. ☕️

It’s been said that fashion and makeup styles always come full circle and come back into style in on way or another. I remember what we did in high school we though we wouldn’t do again – makeup companies – some are multi billion dollar and do you know where they go a lot if they ideas from? One (1) fashion shows two (2) everyday men and woman, yep, that’s right we have are owed a big thanks by theses companies and one (1) massive thing i an seeing a lot also is companies like NYX cosmetics can now be compare to DIOR cosmetics – which I’m not shocked at all. 
Dior takes so long to develop packaging and an elite few working in it so that when it’s launched it looks like nothing else on the market where (trust me I know I was just there) NYX has a team of ten (10) too fifteen (15) and sometimes NYX cosmetics comes out on top in packaging when it comes to NYX cosmetics a drugstore brands with SO many SKUs back, and front facing 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ a SKU is what you see in store that the product is on, can be reagagred and moved very easily if new planograms come in to keep the brand ‘new and fresh‘ 

OK moving on to fashion trends, a lot of the main fashion HAUS focus on beautiful breathable skin, a soft-messy bun and a stunning eye and graphic lip. Which was not a surprise for me as I’ve blogged before that the liquid trend was slowly dying off a bit, never going anywhere but just taking a breather.  

And on the other side I’ve seen a lot of pastel lips and easy to do smokey eyeswhich is not enough. In the world of beauty, there are five (5) cities that rule the game: New York City, London, Milan, Paris and Toronto. 

Their fashion weeks bring us beauty lovers a new perspective on the trends, and this season, it’s all about freedom – spring 2017 is offering up a “you do you” Beauty approach and we’re totally on board.

By now, you probably have the twenty (20) products you need in your makeup bag for spring, but how can you put all your new tools to the test? By learning what the most coveted looks of the season are, of course! When the sun shines a little brighter and longer, we give our makeup game a little refresher by embracing all things glitter, feline flicks and that blinding cheek highlight.

So embrace your inner bronzed (and sweaty!) goddess, and try out spring 2017’s biggest beauty trends as sooon as you can. 
Makeup an be anything that you want it to be also so please do not forget that, cause your own trend that you can been proud when you see someone wearing what you’re you can think “wow I did that first” in a good and nice way, and trust, me it will come full circle. And you will be noticed and the work that you’ve always been so capable will take off. 


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I actually used to be very very close with one of the top dogs at smashbox studios in LA – we would talk constantly and I was invited to smashbox a number of times and when they did a like nation wide smashbox beauty show just introducing new products and talking about the brand when they came to Toronto we met for drinks and had a lot of fun but as I would be sent huge shipments of smashbox products to use on set, review and use I started to find that not all of the products were as good as I thought they were looking back – in fact I voiced my concern for some of the products and was told to my phone (via the phone) they were aware of the same issues and these products would be discontinued so I continued to support and love the brand, I think it’s because smashbox cosmetics was one of the first brands that I really fell in love with back in the MySpace days and the first brand I reached out to to help me product on set. 

Now I’m not hating on smashbox at all smashbox was bought out by Esteé in early July 2010 and sold for between two hundred (200) million and three hundred (300) million but smashbox pulls in about eighty (80) million in wholesale revenue and one hundred and forty (140) million in retail sales. I still do love smashbox but it is limited things that I will use on set and I will warn a lot that if you are fair – light be prepared for the color you see to not be the color you walk out of the house with. They sadly do oxidize and turn orange

They are still a top dog in the eyeshadow palettes and collections departments – killing it with sales and paying their influencers very well. Please note ➡️ all products mentioned have been sent to me for opinion good or bad.  

SMASHBOX 24 HOUR CC SPOT CONCEALER (said to be discontinued) and I’m noticing on the website and in stores whatever is sold out is not being restocked so maybe that is happening. This was my all time favourite concealer I would write about it all the time because this 24-hour, waterproof concealer was created in the L.A. photo studio to instantly cover dark spots, sun spots and post-acne marks while fading the look of them in as little as 4 weeks. You’re basically concealing and treating all at once, which means it covered red spots and imperfections BUT would oxidize so fast and I’m talking the shade fair so the lightest it went and it was very noticeable to everyone but I loved it and it was new and I had it before anyone else so I thought it was amazing. If anyone remembers last summer – my 2016 summer skin favourites (2017 coming soon) it was always talked about! 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ smashbox also only came out with seven (7) shades that really didn’t match very many, maybe it was due to the concealer and the way it mixed with the heat and oils of the skin – I’m not sure. Sadly though it faded out of my mind. I also remember every time you would close the product more then you would use one your face would come out as you close it so it was also wasteful good thing I have one hundred and fifty (150) of them. 

• 24-hour wear thanks to Photoset Polymers created with medical-grade liquid bandage technology that bends and adheres to skin (big claim but it was turn! If it wasn’t for the fact it oxidized it would have been x20 more huge) 

• Waterproof

• Sweat & humidity-resistant

SMASHBOX STUDIO SKIN CONCEALER was developed waterproof, hydrating 24-hour concealer in the L.A. photo studio to look good in any light. Smashbox is the only brand with Flashbox Lighting Lab, where they test and perfect color consistency across 10 shades. This concealer blends flawlessly without creasing, caking or settling. Forget about midday touch-ups or makeup fatigue and for the most part what I’m saying here is completely true but it is not 24-hour wear at all. Again why only 10 shades.. 

It is formulated without Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, Oil, Fragrance & Talc. All of smashbox is cruelty-free

There is also all kinds of people with all kinds of skin concerns and needs while yes I have a bit of discolouration under the eyes and it covered it well – a client who had really bad dark circles it didn’t work so well on. 

➡️ to me this concealer is A LOT like the KAT VON D LOCKIT concealer.

Try it out and let me know your thoughts in the “pages” tab. 

A moment silence for the fallen smashbox concealer no longer available to consumers. 


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SUMMER PROOF SKIN ➡️ TARTE | RAINFOREST OF THE SEA™ water-base foundation and concealer 

So yooou know when a brand comes out with a collection (05/19/17) and they intend for the concealer and the foundation to be paired together, now, wait – I know what you’re thinking right now “isn’t that every time a brand makes a foundation and concealer?” And well yes you’d be right most of the time it doesn’t work out that way, then comes in TARTE RAINFOREST OF THE SEA™ a foundation and concealer that completely compliment the skin together. Better together, go figure. 

Not to mention going a little further and coming out with almost a full range of amazing double ended brushes (see MARCH FAVOURITES) and it’s the same with the bottles on both of the products the beautiful chrome burnt gold purple fusion. They also came out with twenty one (21) colours for every skin tone, complexion and need. Even sitting here with so many products around me as I decided what I wanted to write about – the colours of the bottles with the frosted glass are just completely intoxicating with beauty.

TARTE RAINFOREST OF THE SEA™ water base foundation comes in twenty one (21) shades as I mentioned and comes in a really unique frosted glass bottle with a dropper to dispense just as needed amount, it’s extremely hydrating while being full coverage and last for twelve (12) hours and the claims are completely true which makes me so happy to say! It’s also hypoallergenic, vegan friendly and dermatologist tested!

I’ve also never found a foundation – concealer duo that looks amazing without needing to be powdery! Normal, dry, oily-combination skin this is completely perfect for you, no need to even question it! It has the perfect amount of sunscreen added ➡️ SPF 15!


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PRICE | $50.00 CAD


TARTE RAINFOREST OF THE SEA CONCEALER™ Mask imperfections while sealing in radiance and hydration with this buildable, medium coverage concealing serum. It features concentrated levels of pigments suspended in deep conditioning serum made up of 20 percent water to deliver the coverage you desire and the moisture your skin craves. The vegan friendly formula is powered by the proprietary Rainforest of the Sea™ complex that serves as the ultimate defense for skin, helping protect from daily aggressors and premature signs of aging. Apply it directly from the custom scoop like applicator wand to mask any redness, dark spots and acne or to brighten the undereye area.
PRO TIP ➡️ this concealer is the perfect concealer to buy to light and to dark for your complexion because you can contour and brighten very easily.

There is only eleven (11) shades of the concealer which as I mention is perfect because the concealer and foundation work good alone but are better together.

Also don’t forget to go and check out MARCH favourites for the brush collection because they are amazing and worth buying to use with the foundation and concealer!

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PRICE | $31.00 CAD




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