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Who is Lady Gaga? Who is Lady Gaga to you? I caught wind of Lady Gaga just after the release of Pokerface most likely just as most of you, after Pokerface I discovered The Fame which was her first (1st) official studio album. Lady Gaga is without a doubt an icon, with vocals to rival the best of the best and cause artists to continuously step up their game to keep up with the always evolving artist. Joanne is the fifth (5th) studio album to come from Lady Gaga and wasn’t really what (I think) fans were expecting from the pop icon but true little monsters evolve with the music.

Joanne world tour started on August 1, 2017 in Vancouver, CANADA and is expected to be finished on February 23, 2018 in Berlin, GERMANY – there is forty one (41) shows in North America, eighteen (18) in Europe for a total of fifty nine (59) shows.


The show begins with a countdown displayed on a large screen, with the line “Don’t call me Gaga” (from The Fame Monster) repeatedly played from the speakers. After Gaga shouts out that she instead wants to be called Joanne, she starts performing Diamond Heart, standing solely on a raised platform with a microphone stand, The opening and count down defiantly gets you pumped and gets your heart racing with anticipation of Lady Gaga appearing on stage – the set I think this time around was a lot more intimate for the fans. The production on this show was jaw-dropping, eyebrow-raising, stunning and seamless, with intricate choreography along with pyrotechnics, and a complex, ingenious design. A multiplatform main stage that took on countless configurations was as shape-shifting as the singer has been herself. Lighting pods hanging from the ceiling became video screens, then descended to become catwalks (and then flipped onto their sides to become video screens once again), giving Gaga and her gang of fantastic dancers bridges so they could spread out to smaller platforms across the floor.

I have been to all of Lady Gaga shows and they do not disappoint in anyway, she is, and always will be about her little monsters (her fans) and she will make sure that you are just as part of the show as everyone else, even venue security was rocking out and Lady Gaga jumped into the crowd which most have discovered from the Haus of Gaga that you can’t tell her no, because if she wants to do something, she will and that is just one (1) thing that makes Gaga, Gaga.


➡️Diamond Heart ➡️A-YO ➡️PokerFace ➡️Perfect Illusion ➡️John Wayne ➡️Scheiße➡️Alejandro ➡️Just Dance ➡️LoveGame ➡️Telephone ➡️Applause ➡️Come To Mama ➡️The Edge of Glory ➡️Born This Way ➡️Bloody Mary ➡️Dancin’ in Circles ➡️Paparazzi ➡️JOANNE ➡️Bad Romance ➡️The Cure


ENCORE ➡️Million Reasons

I am sure that there will be some sort of recorded version, or a live stream of the show, so if you weren’t able to grab tickets don’t worry fans know how big of a diamond heart Lady Gaga has and she wouldn’t let any fans not see the JOANNE WORLD TOUR I promise you that!

SIDE NOTE ➡️there is a lot of high quality recording of the show on YouTube free to stream just make sure you adjust the settings and set it to HD.


There can be a lot said with company’s now-a-days and just throwing products out there thinking that it will be the next big thing on the market. Hell – if you becoming instagram trending be prepared to be out of stock for a while even if it’s the most pointless product ever. Am I right? I’m right. 

I have very special project coming up that has been in the works for quite some time – very little know the details of who, what, where and when one of the brands who I’ve always worked with and has completely had my back is Tarte. So I wanted to show the some extra love and publicity just because they are so amazing. 

First of all – I want everyone to know just how hard someone who works in communications, public relations, brand ambassadors, social media and artisty relations work to keep all social influencers and pro artist who email them everyday, well, happy. And I know this because I wake up at 4am to be able to take the time to write this blog and show my appreciation to all the companies who I have made business partners, friends, and contacts. I know you’re going to say with a rapidly growing international blog doesn’t it stop becoming fun and become a job because you get paid? Yes and no – I love giving my opinion and that’s the beautiful thing about MANNYMUA and say me – we have different skin, tones, and likes I developed a fan base who would rather read then watch, so thank you so much to anyone who has burning here from the get go with me. There is so much going on that I have not yet said and so much with makeupandthecity that is all for all of my followers, friends and more important all the people who told me that I can’t and that I won’t amount to anything. 

Let’s get back on track, yeah? First off I want to talk about the Tarte skin care which I am completely in love with – full size – travel size. 

It’s absolutely amazing for a makeup brand because Tarte is all about high-performance naturals I start off with the exfoliating cleanser stick (which is amazing for travel) called the frxxxtion stick – which is like a solid gel cleanser with exfoliating beads – this type of cleanser also has become very large in the past year or so. This product is vegan, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. It cleans the skin without stripping it which is nice. 

After one use of the frxxxtion stick your skin will look and feel amazing. It removes past makeup that maybe was missed and dead skin cells so that your skin care to follow works 45% better. 

Next is the Tarte skincare Pack Your Bags which is an 911 eye mask – I find myself applying these when doing makeup so then the skin is supple, hydrated and more importantly the darkness and puffiness is almost completely gone. They are vegan friendly, hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist tested and dermatologist tested – the appear to be blue but once you take them out of the treatment they are soaking in they are like a clean, clear gel. They contain hyaluronic acid which adds moisture and firmness. They’re heat activated which is supposed to ensure complete, concentrated absorption.

Tarte deep dive cleansing gel is marketed as a product that’s ideal for all skin types and one that won’t disrupt your skin’s natural moisture barrier. It promises to remove makeup, soften, hydrate and brighten skin tone thanks to Vitamin C. It’s also really important to not forget to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and help promote new cell turn over and inside this cleanser is allantoin which softens and protects and also promotes cell regeneration. 

provitamin B5: acts as a skin emollient and moisturizer to provide intense hydration

Indian gooseberry extract: rich in vitamin C to help brighten skin while retaining skin’s natural moisture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

lavender oil: soothes and tones skin. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ This cleanser is gentle but strong enough to take off waterproof makeup in one wash. 

I would have to say that this cleanser is a knock out for the summer, it will be perfect for taking the day off of your face, especially the pollution and dust from the city or the country. 💥 This cleanser actually is going into my top products I’ve ever used! 💥 

The next step you can take as the Tarte toner and it’s the Marine boosting mist and it’s a 4-in-1 primer, setting spray, hydrating mist and skin refresher.  I love using them both AM / PM to help boost the effects of the moisturizer.

Rainforest of the Sea™ complex: a proprietary blend of algae and marine flower extracts that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and softening skin. 

orange peel oil: helps promote collagen production and reduce puffiness for youthful-looking skin. 

sea water: provides intense hydration and minerals to quench and nourish skin. 

lentil seed extract: helps minimize the appearance of pores. 

caffeine: helps improve microcirculation while reducing the appearance of redness and puffiness. 

coconut oil: antioxidant-rich oil that helps smooth and nourish skin. 

lavender oil: soothes and tones skin. 

This spray wakes up your skin completely with the skin loving ingredients, it’s funny because you can tell what ingredients are in it just from the smell of the product. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ If you have fair skin be a little cautious and just use this at night for the first couple times because it did make my skin extreamly red and the redness did go away but when I applied it to a model, who was fair she had the same thing happen only for her she felt a strong sting and the redness didn’t really go away till the next day. So I would recommend maybe try spraying on you skin under your arm just to see what happens – my thoughts are it’s the orange peel oil because it’s a little more high in acids. 

Over the past few years gel moisturizers have becoming increasingly popular in the US market so I was quite excited to hear that Tarte would be introducing one with their new Rainforest of the Sea Collection that’s available exclusively at Sephora and online of course. 

Tarte drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer is not playing any games when it comes to protecting your skin and hydrating. I was completely blown away, and still, am at how quickly it absorbed into the skin and didn’t leave a shine or a bad smell it just makes your skin look and feel like, skin. This is a thick gel and I’ve found a little goes a very long way. It absorbs easily into skin as mentioned above and leaves behind soft, hydrated skin with a dewy finish that doesn’t mess with makeup application at all.

All in all, it’s a very nice gel moisturizer formula and considerably more hydrating than other gel moisturizers I’ve had the pleasure of using in the past. 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ Sadly contains silicones so if you’re dry and sensitive this might present a problem for you. 

Powered by hyaluronic acid and tarte’s exclusive Rainforest of the Sea™ antioxidant complex, this cooling gel moisturizer helps restore skin’s natural hydration, while replenishing electrolytes for skin that’s fortified, refreshed and healthier-looking. The lightweight moisturizer sinks into skin, leaving no oily or greasy feel behind, while powerful marine antioxidants help skin defend itself from everyday aggressors. 

Vegan friendly and hypoallergenic, it also has powerful anti-aging and skin-balancing properties to help boost the appearance of firmness, tone and vitality over time – so all you have to do is jump in to perfect skin. 

Don’t forget tartelettes that Tarte does offer a box set for a limited time with “travel size” items so it’s the perfect item to get if you’d like to try out the Tarte 3-step skincare. Which I truly recommend. 

Tarte did a really, really good job of making sure that all the products and the ingredients work in unity together but I’m not surprised at all that they are all knock out products – I don’t think I’ve had one bad experience with the Tarte brand. 

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LIFE 101™ – When a relationship ends, do we ever really give up its ghost? Or are we forever haunted. 

When is the fight enough? 

When is the fight over? 

When is love enough?

When is love over? 

You know when you hangout with someone for a good period of time and all you can smell that person – do you think in our mind, being human – that can cause us to go more crazy for that person? I’ve been thinking a lot lately of self sabotage and how I can now catch myself wanting to run when I find myself getting busy, or I find myself falling in love and now I can catch others doing the same thing – for, well, example I’ve been talking to someone for a very long time and I’ve been between Toronto and Thorald a lot, he live in Buffalo so it’s not like we can go razor fast so how did we both find ourselves with stitches. I can still see him letting go but not wanting to if that makes any sense he’s scared (and so am I) to make the next step but when you find yourself laying up at night knowing you have to be up at four (4) am and all you can smell is him (her) it feels just like you’re in high school again. Bottom line is I told myself “not this time” and I was forward with him and what happen next I didn’t expect at all, I wasn’t use to it – he agreed with me and said needed to start expressing himself and not internationalizing his emotions and feeling and not being scared to take the next step and as soon as he said that to me, it was over. I knew what he needed and he knew what I needed and we worked together. Instead of walking away. 

Loving every second of it by the way. 

But, there is one thing I will tell you, be prepared to fall and fall so hard that your knees bleed and you feel like your in a constant state of free-fall until you stop and let go of what has brought you down in the past and the mistakes that you’ve made, if you’ve hurt someone chances are you will not let yourself feel (better) until you at least even say sorry, do the right thing. Say that you’re sorry.. no matter what they say, because you’re not doing it for them. Do it for you. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse comes the latest phenomenon: haunting. I find this to be a lot more common with the gay (straight) dating apps and apps in general. 

Similar to ghosting, which has become increasingly popular thanks to dating apps, haunting isn’t as final. Which makes it so much worse. Because instead of vanishing into thin air, haunting refers to those who have cut off all direct contact with someone, but still interact with them on social media.

That means he (she) no longer texts you or sends you DM but they still find a way to loom over you like a dark cloud, by liking your Facebook or Instagram posts, checking out your Snapchats, and favouriting and retweeting you on Twitter. It’s very annoying. There is even taking is one step further and hating that person so much that you spend your time lurking what they do and reading their blog and finding the slightest thing out of place *cough cough 

It’s clear by the zero communication that is happening that they aren’t interested but want to torture you by thinking there may be some lingering feelings. Or not -whatever. They’re basically messing with your mind. Because why would a person still engage with a person they dumped or ghosted on social media? Aside from being a sociopath, the only answer seems almost simple – and laughable. The haunter wants to leave the door open for something down the road, maybe another hookup or date or something more. Hopefully the hauntees out there learn from these instances and become ghosts themselves.

CHARILE ➡️ sorry for the hot guy promo here – CHARILE is my latest project taken on for my PR firm and I am the senior presenter on this. 




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THE CITY 🌆 COMING SOON ➡️ PR SAMPLES ➡️ E.L.F Beauty Shield Collection



The Beauty Shield Collection is an advanced skincare line designed to help protect skin from harmful environmental aggressors powered by antioxidants and broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 50 which I do always want to add SPF 50 is about where it stops doing anything for the skin and you’d still have to reapply so if it says SPF 100 there’s nothing past in most cases SPF 30 but companies, can, for some reason get away with putting what they want. The Beauty Shield collection is comprised of seven daily skincare products to help prep, prime, and protect skin against harmful environmental elements, which can weaken the skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving it vulnerable to dryness, sensitivity, and damage.

Request notification+sample DM me

Launch is set to come out this June. 


I’m not sure how I feel about the brand E.L.F even though they have proved themselves as a stand alone company but I find yeah they are made good – and have good coverage for say they foundation high end silk which can be built up and is expensive or icing one layer you get the job done with a not to good for the skin effect I guess but that is just me, maybe I should spend some time getting to know the company a little bit better  ➡️ anyway ➡️ wanna know the product link up and what they do before anyone else? Keep reading.

1 | Beauty Shield Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum

Price | $16.00 US

lightweight hydrating serum formulated with key antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Pomegranate Extract, to help refine and brighten skin tone, reduce the look of fine lines, and help protect against the effects of everyday environmental aggressors.

2 | Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer 

Price | $12.00 US

primer that creates a lightweight base layer that blurs the look of fine lines for smooth makeup application, featuring a sheer, universal tint that blends with any skin tone. Formulated with Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB (SPF 50), and key antioxidants, Pomegranate Extract, Carrot Seed Oil, and Vitamin E.

3 | Beauty Shield Massaging Overnight Recovery Cream 

Price | $14.00 US

lightweight gel-cream is packed with nourishing antioxidants, Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, Argan Oil, and Carrot Seed Oil, to help overnight skin recovery and diminish the effects of everyday environmental aggressors.

4 | Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Moisturizer 

Price | $12.00 US

moisturizer that provides lightweight hydration for a more luminous looking complexion that’s makeup ready. Featuring a sheer, universal tint that blends with any skin tone, formulated with Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB (SPF 50), and key antioxidants Carrot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Vitamin C.

5 | Beauty Shield Daily Defense Makeup Mist 

Price | $8.00 US

lightweight fine mist that invigorates the skin while hydrating and refreshing makeup throughout the day.

6 | Beauty Shield Dual Defense Cleansing Facial Brush

Price | $8.00 US

dual-ended facial brush features an innovative two-in-one design. Blended with soft bristles, unique silicone tips massage skin and lather for an invigorating deep cleanse.

7 | Beauty Shield Recharging Magnetic Mask 

Price | $24.00 US

iron-based mask formula uses magnetic properties to lift away surface impurities and minimize the appearance of pores, revealing a brighter and smoother complexion. Enriched with antioxidants, including Carrot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Argan Oil.

The ingredients for all of these are amazing for care during the summer or even the winter months – especially living downtown in a city –  where you will have to deal with smog and environmental triggers. I think that this line will do fairly well, I mean for the price points alone something to still remember E.L.F are kinda new to the skin care range and just from the basic hydration line they released they had to redo a couple formulas to get it right. So sometimes some of the drug store or smaller lines have good stuff because you’re not really paying much attention to the name at first just that it’s cheap and gets the job done. Thanks to challenges, YouTubers and social influencers we help little brands like this to grow by doing and showing you in real time that sometimes the cheaper products work the same or better but they are not the first to release the products that they come out with – many of this products can already be found in the market today but you’ll paying a lot more for them.

Oh yeah, and everything is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and alcohol. Even the most sensitive skin will love this stuff.