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The time has come, hey kitty girl I don’t know if you have been under a rock for a little or are just not a fan of the show Rupaul’s Drag Race but they just released the first 15 minutes of episode 1 and it looks absouloutly amazing! I do have to say and maybe like many but All Stars is my favourite seasons because I love seeing the queens come back and seeing how much they have changed and just really go for the crown. The line up of queens this season is such a good one, for our consideration we have ➡️ Monét X Change ➡️ Latrice Royale ➡️ Trinity Taylor ➡️ Farrah Moan. Valentina ➡️ Monique Heart ➡️ Jasmine Masters ➡️ Naomi Smalls ➡️ Gia Gunn and Manila.


Which to me seem like a really good line up, it was just to much of a tease for me I mean at the end when Latrice and Manila but I am fascinated to find out how Manila and Latrice’s relationship has changed since their disastrous turn on All Stars 1.

THEQUEENSAll Stars fourth season premiere comes just one week after Rupaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular, airing Friday, Dec. 7 at 8/7c. The festive face-off will reunite Eureka O’Hara, Jasmine Masters, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, Mayhem Miller, Shangela, Sonique and Trixie Mattel as they compete for the title of Drag Race’s first-ever Christmas Queen. They’ll lip sync for their lives to tunes off Rupaul’s holiday albums Slay Belles and Christmas Party. Which was a cute mini episode to watch the best part and spoiler ahead ➡️ when Michelle and Ru both lip sync for their lives and the dancer add in is, maybe a little to funny, or sad. Hard to say.

Also how do you feel about the trans element within drag? I mean no real woman dresses and wears makeup like a drag queen so the drag element is still there, it’s still within gay culture – also do you guys remember Ru making a transphobic comment last year? Some say that’s why Gia Gunn is even back, as sort of an apology?

I will keep updating this as we go! Don’t forget as a fan you are more involved then ever this season we have the chance to keep a queen or save a queen that should be, interesting.

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What’s going on MUATC,


There is a couple things that I’d like too talk about, one is the Cartier Juste Un Clou Nail Bangle – in which if you saw a couple posts back I ended up loosing mine when I went out, if you don’t know the bangle or how it works it opens in two places at the bottom of course and then at the top the stud of the nail head they attach together there and when I bought my original on it was bought in store and they advised me of going on side smaller then my actual wrist because it would help the Nail Bangle to sit properly on my wrist the way that it’s supposed too and I didn’t listen to them at that time, and I also wanted white gold but didn’t want to pay the extra bit more, when I talked about it you some of you thought I was happy to loose such an expensive and expressive piece of jewelry when I was actual crushed, I don’t know how it came loose from the stud, I bought that when I signed an advertising deal, hit a goal of view traffic and it was my birthday and I didn’t even mention that I bought it when I did because it wasn’t important, I still had my certificate of authenticity and with that I was able to get thirty (30%) off new purchase where I decided to listen to the advice of sales and there comments from my visit because this time I bought it online – the Nail Bangle is meant to be a layering piece which I didn’t know that’s why its suppose to fit you higher up and sit above the two bones you can feel popping out the side of your wrist PLUS I have tiny, tiny, girl wrists.


I guess what I am trying to say to you guys is that I’m aware of the cost of the bangle trust me, I am. I am proud of the fact that I’ve worked hard, and now am able to treat myself from time to time too something nice and someone I can look down at and remember where I came from and how if you apply yourself and work hard and keep smiling there isn’t much that you can’t achieve.

Moving on to a brand that a PR company sent in a box just full of new makeup / skin / lifestyle products from ROI relations in NEW YORK – its affordable yet powerful the brand is called KISS NEW YORK PRO nothing in the collection exceeds twenty ($20) dollars but it has the power AND pigments and the top sellers out there – I was blown away by this company, there is some influencers talking about this brand right now but not enough, and I hate to follow suite and talk about what everyone else is talkin’ about I pride myself in keeping my content new and fresh.

The first thing I was too talk about from the brand will be seventeen ($17) dollars and is coming soon which of course means its yet to be released to the public but here you’ll find the run down on the new Cream Contour Palette they have a wide range of concealer cream shades that color-correct, conceal and contour the face, these concealers are like the MAC studio fix concealers but truly better.

They come with eight (8) different shades for a wide range of skin tones and light-medium and medium-dark, its a full concealer palette for a pro MUA kit for under twenty ($20) dollars.

SIDE NOTE ➡️I compared this brand against MAC cosmetics as it was the next box to be open, plus if anyone knows me, they know I’m hot and cold to the brand.

# B E Y O U R O W N P R O

Remember to check out the full collection at KISSNYPRO.COM




What’s going on guys! Happy Saturday, well, it’s 4:02am, so mornin! Good mornin. This is the final day of the four (4) days of Tarte must haves – from my perspective anyways. Oh also Tarte’s being awesome and giving you 15% off this weekend using code • weekend • at check out! 

New York has been a whirlwind, but it’s finally slowing down – I’ve learned so much lately, I’ve learned who I am, what I want, and just how far I’ll go to get it. A side from just slipping and falling pretty much doing a death drop on a cord coming out of a window that was wet..but if you know me, you know that I trip, I fall, often but I get back up and I’m okay. I think. Ask me in five (5) hours after my massage. Ouch

Ok, moving on ➡️ if you have not heard of this foundation or you’ve seen it but never tried it – I suggest you call over that Sephora employee and ask her (him) to make you a sample – it’s the Hybrid Gel Foundation from Tarte, poreless, full coverage gel foundation with skin-smoothing hyaluronic acid.

The unique, oil-free blend of smoothing, plumping and pore refining ingredients help brighten skin while moisturizing and blurring the look of fine lines and pores. The cooling, hypoallergenic gel feels like a drink of water for your skin, while masking any redness, dark spots, acne and uneven skin tone for 12-hour wear across skin types. Can we all just ask ‘was this made for summer?

SIDE NOTE ➡️ it has a very, natural rose scent that is not overwhelming in any way plus it doesn’t stick around for very long. 

CLICK TO BUY – code •weekend• for 15% off

It does feel like a lighter-weight moisturizer when used, not quite whipped or airy but still light-to-medium in weight and didn’t feel greasy on the skin. I agree that it felt like a cream-gel hybrid, and it even felt cooling as it went on the skin. 

The texture is thick enough with higher coverage that it was less prone to streaking but not so thick that it became hard to spread around nor did it feel particularly heavy on the skin. 

I do find that if you want full full coverage as the foundation says then you’re going to want to apply a second layer for sure, but remember start with a little and build it up, I cannot mention that enough – it’s easier to build it up then take it down. It has a dewy finish; I don’t think it makes anyone look oily, but it is definitely radiant, as described. 

I don’t really think the finish makes the skin appear smoother as Tarte claims, but it didn’t emphasize my natural texture either.  You will want to use a setting powder or a pressed powder on top just to lock it into place it will take away some of the radiant look which some of you might like, and some dislike. Seeing how we are getting into summer and hotter weather – keeping oil-controlled and looking matte is back on trend. I’m also loving the fact that this is a waterproof formula so it’s not going anywhere! 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ this is one of those foundations that has ingredients in it to help the skin and improve the appearance over time so I don’t really see a need for a primer when using this foundation, maybe just around the nose, under the eyes and chin. Again, start small, build up. 

One (1) of the cons to Tarte’s Empowered Hybrid Gel foundation has to be the jar packaging that it comes in, when you first get there is a white stopper on top, I would make sure that you keep that so that you stop the product from getting a little bit messy. Having ingredients like menthoxypropanediol and menthyl lactate would make me right away say please do not use this foundation around the eyes – it could cause irritation. Stick to your concealer for your sensitive eye area! 

Truly this is an impressive formula and Tarte did a great job on it. If you have drier skin, and you’re looking for smooth, soft, lightweight coverage, this is the way to go! It also is perfect for combination skin also but just make sure your setting it! 

If you’re worried about finding your shade don’t be! You have seventeen (17) shades to choose from! Tarte doesn’t leave any skin tone behind. 

PRICE ➡️ $51.00 for 1.0 oz

💄💄💄💄💄 OUT OF 💄💄💄💄💄


CLICK TO BUY – code •weekend• for 15% off

Tarte Double-Ended foundation brush for custom, all-over coverage. Brush on your perfect level of radiant coverage with this 2-in-1 complexion-perfecting tool. 

Luxuriously soft and cruelty free, the smaller brush features an angled design to target and cover around the contours of the face, masking any redness, dark circles and fine lines on areas such as the nose and around the eyes. 

The larger, flat brush is perfect for buffing and blending all-over coverage for an instant airbrushed effect.

CLICK TO BUY – code •weekend• for 15% off
PRICE ➡️ $41.00

💄💄💄 OUT OF 💄💄💄💄💄


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So I am currently writing this sitting in a window of my hotel in Manhattan, NY and I think it’s going to rain which I don’t mind very much, I’ve always found rain to be well – calming in a way. It’s 3:08am in the morning and I woke up so that I would be able to get everything I have to done – coffee XL ✔️ eleven (11) espresso shots ✔️ SHAPE TAPE ✔️

 I also wanted to take a second to welcome my 77k of new followers, welcome to makeupandthecity welcome to my life, welcome to the world of public relations, communications, marketing and lifestyle.  You will find what you are looking for – I can promise you. Questions? Comments? Check out pages for what you might be looking for.  Something I would like to say, WordPress in which my site operates – gives me the ability to approve all social aspects of my site – I still see your comments and likes (yes some slip through) but i do answer you all – there is a reason who I don’t approve any of the wonderful comments, sadly, I’ll say it was massively ruined by someone else. 

TARTE SHAPE TAPE is a vegan friendly, creamy concealer for radiant coverage and contouring of the skin. When you purchase SHAPE TAPE it’s a limit of only two (2) per customer – online that is – I’ve never purchased SHAPE TAPE before so I’m not sure how exactly it would work in Sephora

DID YOU KNOW ➡️ one (1) shape tape is sold every 26 seconds? #shapetapenation 

Sculpt and highlight as you mask imperfections with this 2-in-1 full coverage concealer. The hydrating, longwearing formula delivers natural, radiant coverage across all skin types so you can instantly brighten and cover acne, dark circles and redness while softening the look of pores and fine lines. 

Wear it 1-2 shades lighter or darker, and it works as a creamy highlighter or contouring stick with a lightweight, blendable formula and tapered wand applicator ideal for precise strobing and sculpting. 

Powered by Amazonian clay and conditioning mango seed and shea butters, the nutrient-rich concealer helps promote skin elasticity and illumination with each crease-free application. 

I’m almost sure if you read beauty blogs and watch beauty videos you’ve heard of or seen SHAPE TAPE – all of the top social influencers of 2016-2017 have been using it in every video still to date and it’s not for promo, it’s not because they are sent it – it’s because it’s a kick ass concealer. 

So, Tarte’s official name for this concealer is the “Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer” which gives us a good hint as to how Tarte intended this product to be used. Double Duty means you can use this product as both a concealer and a contour / highlight.

It’s available in 14 shades, and the lightest shade is very light and perfect for highlighting pale to light skin.

The claims are that this product is long-wearing and hydrating, and provides “natural, radiant” coverage. 

I do find it very long-wearing and quite hydrating for being a very full-coverage concealer, but the finish is definitely on the matte side. 

As a concealer Shape Tape is perfect.  It’s very full coverage yet the formula is lightweight. You can cover blemishes easily and blend out the concealer seamlessly and with no dryness or flaking on the skin. They really nailed this formula and it truly is hydrating for providing such an opaque coverage.

I’m someone who needs a crap ton of coverage from my concealer, and Shape Tape gives me just that. Plus, without the downsides of a full coverage concealer. (Maybe because I mostly wear only concealer on small areas of my face) 

(Truthfully this is not an updated routine – not much has changed except I don’t get spot breakouts anymore. This is from 2016) 

If you’re not a fan of the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer because it’s too drying or creases on you, look into Shape Tape instead. 
IN THE KNOW ➡️ I love NARS and have always loved NARS even the Radiant Creamy Concealer but I am going off what I’m reading and taking all of it into consideration and applying it to the best way to help yoü. 

For highlighting, it also does a great job. To make sure we’re on the same page, “highlighter” in this case means using a shade that’s a bit lighter than you skin tone. It’s going to act as a matte highlighter (absolutely no glow) on the high points of your face. 

➡️ under the eyes, chin, nose, middle of forehead. 

Please don’t kill me but when it comes to contour that’s where you will not see shape tape shine as bright as you’ve seen before. This is disappointing because one (1) not everyone with a deeper skintone is warm-toned, and two (2) it means that you can’t use these products to contour. This is exactly what I think is the problem with using Shape Tape as a contour shade. I also need to point out that this isn’t an easy contour to blend out, even if you find a suitable shade. I wouldn’t recommend buying this product to use as a contour.

Chances are you can’t use this concealer for contour. And even if you find your contour shade, contour requires more blending than highlight. I’ve tried to use this as contour and it was harder to blend.

As a concealer and highlighter, and I think Shape Tape deserves the praise it’s been getting. As a contour product, absolutely not. If you’re looking for a full coverage concealer that will cover the gnarliest undereye circles or blemishes, this is it. It’s also lightweight, long-lasting (no need to powder) and hydrating.

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