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All I know are sad songs,


Did anyone else watch the Victoria Secret Fashion show (2017), damn eh? They spend the entire year training for that five (5) minute walk – and that poor girl who fell as she was like this is my home town and MY PARENTS ARE HERE! spoiler! she kept her cool till she went backstage then bawled her eyes out with a camera pointed in her face. It goes to show you in real life we fall, and sometimes hard but we get back up.


I know, I know, get to the review eh..

We all know All Nighter from Urban Decay but soon to launch is the amazing, breath taking packaging – All Nighter concealer. I think this has been widely sent out to people as Urban Decay is the easiest PR list to get on but since they took their PR in house its extremely hard to get in contact with anyone. My first introduction to Urban Decay I just moved to Toronto and found myself a job in a Shoppers Drug Mart – Beauty Boutique. It was on Queen Street right down the street from my house and I have zero clue what UD was, I remember I was immediately attracted to the brand because of the sexual names like I’m sure most, can relate. At that time All Nighter was just the epic setting spray.

Set to launch 12/03/2017 ➡️ Urban Decay’s All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer provides flawless matte coverage that lasts all day and all night. Cover anything and get a perfectly blown-out effect. UD’s ultra-pigmented, blendable formula controls shine and masks imperfections for twenty four (24) hours. The beautiful, modern-matte finish never looks overdone. A major problem solver, All Nighter Concealer handles all your hardest-to-hide trouble spots: dark circles, blemishes and discoloration. It even covers tattoos! This formula works beautifully with All Nighter Liquid Foundation or Naked Skin Liquid Makeup. With meticulously calibrated shades that span the complexion spectrum from pale to deep, All Nighter Concealer has every skin tone covered.


Ok this is absouloutly my favourite part – All Nighter Concealer comes in a gorgeous bottle that’s like a little, covetable version of UD’s All Nighter Liquid Foundation component – with a luxurious, highly metallized gunmetal effect and asymmetric cutouts. As beautiful as the component is, it’s also practical and travel-friendly. No need to carry a brush; the angled, flocked paddle applicator has a little well at the end that provides a precise laydown of product exactly where you need it. Sadly though if there is a ‘little well’ its microscopic or something from first glance.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ it doesn’t oxidize like the foundation or as it says it does. creamy and isn’t dry like the foundation. It is the perfect matte and waterproof as claimed. Easy to blend. After eleven (11) hours it didn’t budge, smear, or crease.


PR UNBOXING ➡️ URBAN DECAY | rehab skin care 

“You can’t get enough of our long-lasting products, but how the hell do you take them off..?”

So I’m quite sure what I think when a clear cosmetic comoany tries on the skin care market – I know you’re thinking there is TARTE who came out with skin care but if you look at the company plan it always there – unlike Urban Decay. All of the prestige brands also are out from this because most of them started with skin “fundamentalism” care and moved onto makeup. 

Now now now – does it work? Calm down! Can I at least introduce the line up and what they claim to do! I will say I have tried one of the products VERY similar to someone TARTE has out and I have to say that they are pretty much almost the same but, will get there.. at the end of the product descriptions and my opinions I’m going to ask the question “DOES IT WORK?” and use it tonight so take a look back tomorrow. 


Formulated to easily remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup (yes, even Vice Liquid Lipstick and 24/7 Pencils!), this dissolving spray is as powerful as it is gentle. Nonirritating, nourishing ingredients leave skin clean, refreshed and without a trace of makeup. Meltdown hydrates, yet never leaves a greasy residue.

Meltdown Makeup Remover Dissolving Spray mists on weightlessly and starts working on contact to instantly dissolve our long-lasting products in one swipe—no rubbing or tugging on delicate skin. Wait until you see how well this spray works; it easily takes everything off, including waterproof mascara. Our super-effective, anhydrous, filler-free formula contains only three ingredients, including conditioning vitamin E.

DOES IT WORK? I will add I have had some issues with the spray and the cap of this profuct right from the get go which isn’t good, instead of a full face mist it sprays very very chunky. But overall this products claims and true and yes it does work to dissolve makeup and with one damp towel whip, it takes off all your makeup. 


Formulated to easily remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup (yes, even Vice Liquid Lipstick and 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil!), this lip oil stick is as powerful as it is gentle. Nonirritating, nourishing ingredients leave lips clean, refreshed and without a trace of makeup. Meltdown hydrates, yet never leaves a greasy residue. Our oil-based formula helps break down waterproof lipstick easily. And because we used a gelled oil system, the feel is silky, not oily. Our conditioning, wax-free formula contains vitamin E and ceramides to replenish lips. Lip Oil Stick is so moisturizing you can even use it as a balm.  

DOES IT WORK? Nope. Not at all. If you enjoy the put on take off, repeat x 20. There is products out there that will take off your lips even the hardest to take off products in one swipe. 


Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love is a super-luxe, moisturizing balm that hydrates and soothes dry lips, so they’re soft, smooth and practically irresistible.
Replenish overworked lips and get them ready for action again. Our whipped, oil-based formula really hugs lips to seal in moisture, leaving them dangerously kissable. And Lip Love has a bouncy, smooth, comfortable texture that feels great on your lips.
In a clinical study, immediately after use:
96% of participants said that the condition of their lips had improved.

98% said that Lip Love moisturized their lips and made them feel smoother.

100% said their lips felt softer.

DOES IT WORK? As a expensive Chapstick he’ll yeah, plus the package edgy so I wouldn’t mind keeping in it my pocket. 

REHAB MAKEUP PREP – pretty gritty skin polish

Dull, dry skin interfering with your makeup application? Smooth and brighten your complexion with Rehab Makeup Prep Pretty Gritty Skin Polish. Gentle enough for everyday use (yet crazy effective!), this skin-polishing powder exfoliates as it cleanses. Refine your complexion and get prepped, smoothed and ready for the perfect application.

DOES IT WORK? Yes it does – but come on it’s an exfoliating product of course it works, for everyday use? No no no you will end up with small bumps that don’t pop and with the right overnight treatment should be gone by morning. 

PRO TIP ➡️ Fine ground sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice works as one of the best exfoliaters I’ve ever used. The acid in the lemon helps to prop the skin to reproduce new skin cells while the sugar lightly takes away the old dead skin cells. 

MELTDOWN MAKEUP REMOVER – cleansing stick 

(LOVE these types of products PERFECT for travel so so so happy more companies are coming out with different versions check out my post on TARTE) 

Formulated to easily remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup (yes, even Vice Liquid Lipstick and 24/7 Pencils!), Cleansing Oil Stick is as powerful as it is gentle. Nonirritating, nourishing ingredients leave skin clean, refreshed and without a trace of makeup. Meltdown hydrates, yet never leaves a greasy residue.

This three-phase, oil-based remover transforms from a balm to liquid oil to microfoam, gently dissolving even the most stubborn makeup. The stick format is portable and travel-friendly—no leaks, no risk of TSA confiscation. We laced the luxurious oil formula with turmeric root extract, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E to leave skin feeling soft, clean and makeup-free. (And Cleansing Oil Stick smells as great as it works!)
PRO TIP ➡️ Apply directly on dry skin and massage gently until product melts into a liquid form. Splash with water, massage a little more to lather, then rinse off. While this product is safe for use around the eyes, everybody’s skin is different. If irritation occurs, avoid the eye area.

DOES IT WORK? yes, it works quite good but the fragrance is a little bit to much for me. I might keep it in a travel bag. 

REHAB MAKEUP PREP – Pore Refining Peel 

Problem pores? We’ve got the solution. Rehab Makeup Prep Pore Refining Peel is like a vacuum for your pores. This easy-to-use, peel-off mask immediately draws out impurities—leaving pores visibly cleaner, more refined and smaller-looking. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, our allergy-tested Pore Refining Peel works on all complexion types. And we laced this formula with a blend of nine skin-nourishing plant extracts, including sugarcane extract, Irish moss, common St. John’s wort, burdock root extract, peppermint extract and lemon balm.

DOES IT WORK? Omg yes, yes it does I’m so so so excited about this product – it uses guess guess LEMON JUICE imagine that. Scroll up to my pro tip. 

And lastly and most sceptical

REHAB MAKEUP PREP – Hot Springs Hydrating Gel 

Looking for a product that will infuse your skin with intense moisture without feeling greasy? Hydrate, balance and energize your complexion post-cleansing with Rehab Makeup Prep Hot Springs Hydrating Gel.

Made for prepping skin for makeup, this benefit-packed gel has an ultra-lightweight, watery feel. Unlike a traditional moisturizer that creates a slippery surface for makeup, Hot Springs Hydrating Gel absorbs quickly to leave skin looking plump and healthy. Water from hot springs is rich in skin-nourishing minerals. The encapsulated water in the gel (sourced from a 1,000-year-old hot spring in Japan) bursts on contact, creating a cooling effect. Because the water in this formula is also hypotonic (meaning a pure form of water), it penetrates the skin’s barrier well and becomes absorbed more easily. The result? Instant hydration that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, never greasy. And Hot Springs Hydrating Gel is low alkaline. Perfect for everyday use, the light gel formula leaves skin feeling soft (not oily!), significantly more hydrated and ready for the perfect foundation application. EVERY skin type needs moisture to even out the surface texture—including oily skin. Hydration plumps and smoothes skin so makeup goes on better and more evenly. And using Hot Springs Hydrating Gel before you apply takes care of dry spots that can make makeup look flaky on the skin.

DOES IT WORK? Yes and no – I mean the claim to it are a little crazy I went to sleep at 11pm and it’s 4:07am while I’m blogging this and I do not see any changes in my skin. Sadly. 

Urban Decay needs to step it up with a lot of the launches coming out in 2017 or the will suffer a little. I never really loved UD I mean unless it’s the ALL NIGHTER setting spray which i use everyday. 



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