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IN LOVE WITH THIS DAMN PRODUCT! Completely changes how you apply make up – worth every penny. You will be blown away by the quality and the innovation that is the BLENDSMART

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So this has to be one of the coolest products that I’ve received from other PR companies – Mistake-proof Makeup Application – the blendSMART rotating makeup application system will forever change your makeup routine forever, The patented interchangeable(sold separately)brush heads spin at 190 RPMs and imitate the motion of professional makeup artists to deliver consistently, flawless blending – every time. The soft, premium synthetic brush heads work with all makeup formulations. So, whether you use liquid foundation, powder or cremes, blendSMART’s easy-to-use makeup tool provides air-brush like results. That’s the thing I like the most is you really do get airbrushed without spending five hours with an actual airbrush machine!


I really thought this would be a little bit of a gimmick – but after testing this out I found it gave amazing results, and was so easy to clean and best of all it uses half of the product that a normal brush or Beauty Blender™ could ever achieve.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ I am not going to lie and say I love a product just because I being paid for this review, I am always honest and I make sure I try this on myself, a friend and on set before I even give my personal opinion. 

The original blendSMART launched in early 2015 at Sephora.com has already experienced a makeover with blendSMART2. This ingenious new design offers improvements while maintaining the same price for added value. The blendSMART2 features a soft-touch on and off switch and a quieter, performance-enhanced motor. All blendSMART2 brush heads feature a new, magnetic drop-in connection, for a smoother, effortless experience. As before, all interchangeable brush heads are made with premium synthetic fibers and are antimicrobial and cruelty-free and best of all are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

MY FAVOURITE ATTACHMENT BRUSH HEAD ➡️ it would for sure be the full cover  and finisher – it blends so perfectly onto the skin, I even find that applying you base makeup routine with this brush head somehow prevents it from oxidizing and changing colours.

You can but don’t have to do your entire face from foundation, concealed, bronzer, highlight, powder etc. with all of the interchangeable brush heads available! I’m going to do a half face done with BLENDSMART2 and half with regular brushes and post the picture so look for the update note in the title!

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PRICE : $70.00US


  • The mission is to significantly improve conventional beauty tools and methods through innovation, technology and design. Our flagship product line is blendSMART, a first-of-a-kind automated rotating applicator system that delivers a natural, flawless makeup application every time. Today, with so much layering and buildable makeup coverage, consumers need honed techniques to achieve great results. Meet blendSMART, a time-saving and multifunctional tool that blends for you and puts the skills of a makeup artist in your own hand.