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Hey guys – how goes it? So it’s 4:00am for me just like it pretty much always is when I blog, something about the sun rise is so beautiful to me – it’s hard to explain. 

Coffee ✔️ espresso ✔️ box of new makeup ✔️ i like to keep some makeup (and skin care) in a box that I want to touch base on. I receive so much makeup on a day to day basis that even something new fades to the background sadly. 

I love Tarte and SMASHBOX so much because they are companies that I’m close with and I’ve watched evolve. Tarte has always had Amazonian clay as an ingredient so it’s just a no brainer that they would do – slay with clay. 

SIDE NOTE – makeup 101 which I’ve used since the get go of my blog – nope, not saying I invented it. Calm down. So im going to start calling my new product launches and reviews MAKEUPANDTHECITY x (the brand) and then name the collection. It’s new and current and feels, right




SLAY WITH CLAY is one of the newest collections from Tarte with the new clay stick foundations • smoothie blender foundation brush • clay face shaping palette • clay smart mascara • clay lid primer • so if you didn’t know Tarte was the first company to use the breakthrough Amazonian clay and maracuja for their amazing complexion products. 

Today Tarte is a leader in healthy, eco-chic beauty, offering cruelty-free cosmetics infused with skinvigorating™ ingredients.

The Clay Stick foundation is amazing and so good for the skin I remember when the PR was sent out for this you open it and there was super healthy energy bars and I was like what the heck..? But they really are like a healthy snack for your skin. It’s a cool powder to liquid formula very similar to the MUFE (make up forever) HD stick foundations but better for you skin for sure. It’s a medium to full coverage but buildable remember what I always say – it’s easier to add then to take away with makeup! There is Micro-encapsulated powders that burst with your body heat to keep you shine and cake-free. 

Vegan formula • antioxidants • vitamins C + E  • amazonian clay • a total skin-balancing powerhouse that hydrates or mattifies depending on your skin type. 

There is zerogluten • talc • artificial fragrances • parabens • sulfate • It’s pretty much got it all for a simple foundation stick. The packaging is simple but in Tarte fashion the top of the cap has a cool details. 

Ideal for travel. 

$50.00CAD for 9 g / 0.32 Oz. 

PRO TIP ➡️ apply with the smoothie brush from Tarte it’s so pretty and feels amazing in the hand and like every Tarte brush (pretty much the only brushes I now use) the quality is unstoppable. The secret’s in the dense, angled bristle design that targets coverage where you want it. Use small, circular, blender-like strokes for a natural, cake-free look. $36.00CAD and available here

Next ➡️ we have the #SLAYWITHCLAY face palette and I won’t lie I’ve been looking for the ultimate complexion palette for travel or for home use and I really hoped and thought it was going to be this but sadly it’s only for shaping the face and eyes (I might have my own complexion palette coming soon) but it doesn’t make it any less amazing and a total must have for summer 2017Tarte always have amazing packaging for their palettes and this palette is, stunning! 

Twelve (12) essential Amazonian clay matte eyeshadows multitask as universal eye, nose & brow shapers, plus contour colors so you can, well, slay with clay. SHADES • journey (rosy buff) • stone (rosy brown) • solstice (ivory) • terracotta (warm taupe) • dunes (slate brown) • smoke (coffee) • sand (cream) • desert (cool taupe) • ember (amber brown) • onyx (black) • instinct (buff) • timber (chestnut) • Each microfine powder blends to a natural, longwearing finish minus the harsh lines. The secret’s in the clay: it helps balance & replenish skin so you get the most even payoff without creasing, caking, or flaking. 

The bronzer and contour shades are perfect for any skin tone when you are looking for a real looking contour colour you wanna go for a more cool toned shade so that it can mimic shadows tone realistic. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling a Tarte palette it smells like vanilla chocolate but more like vanilla thanks to vanilla extract added to the formula. God I could smell it forever

SIDE NOTE ➡️ it does come with a little booklet like most companies throw in on some looks that you can create with that palette and it’s nice but where is the fun in that. Makeup is an expression of art – and you. 

All of them had very good pigmentation and a smooth, silky formula that blended well and adhered to the lid nicely without primer. They didn’t crease nor did they fade during the wear of the model. It’s debatable whether you can dupe these shades across other Tarte palettes. Sure, there are shades that look similiar to past palettes but I’m going to go say they aren’t complete dupes of past shades. Shades like Timber, Terracotta, Dunes, Smoke, Stone, Instinct, all felt very unique to me. 

Again this is a good palette for travel. They are ophthalmologist tested • safe for contact lens wearers • dermatologist tested • it’s nice when a company makes sure their products are safe! 

$64.00CAD and 6 are 0.035 oz each, 3 are 0.070 oz, and 3 are 0.21 oz in size 

➡️ i loved this palette and if you’re interested in learning more click here

➡️ for the rest of the SLAY WITH CLAY collection click here

For SEPHORA lovers and shoppers click here to take advantage (while supplies last) to get a cute little mini! Use code CLAY2GO at checkout. 

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So today we are going to let two eyeshadow palettes fight it out and see what one comes out on top! We all know SMASHBOX cosmetics and we all know MORPHE for “quality but affordable” 

To be honest with you for a long time I didn’t really like MORPHE – I didn’t think it was as good as it was, and when offered a code I said no because I will never push something into you, ouuu into you 😉 I’ll push something into someone a little later haha no no seriously I wouldn’t push something ONTO you that I didn’t think was killer or on trend for the right reasons. 

IF you’ve been with me from the start OG makeupandthecity then you’d know that SMASHBOX was what kinda caught my eye in the beauty world first – I think it was the name. It’s the most perfect complimentary name for a company SMASHBOX COSMETICS and SMASHBOX STUDIOS alright so moving on to the to the palettes! 

(please remember that I said fight just as a joke there is not a brand fight or anything it’s just to see what palette comes out on top)


So the MORPHE 12P – PICASSO PALETTE is what it is called or the 12P Palette which came out after SMASHBOX cover shots were put out. 

Sometimes a bit of bold color is all it takes to wake things up and change your makeup game. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a way to experiment without breaking the bank or a pro who wants to add a bit of fun to the mix, this palette gives you twelve eye-popping colors to turn your eye look into a work of art.

So having this in my hand right now I will say it does feel a bit cheap, the pigment in the eyeshadows are there 100% but it feels kinda chalky and not nice on the skin. They do hold up pretty nicely without a primer but – you, well, need a primer to put down for sure. Primer or not I will say the yellow (my favourite colour) in this palette is just a lost cause sadly. They do kinda stain a little bit I’m not sure if it’s because of the literal food colour added to the shadows once they are in pan. Also be careful for red and orange because they are also very chalky and will cause uneven application. 

It sells for only $14.99US 

Dimensions of Palette: Length: 3 3/4″ • Width:4 3/4″ • Thickness: 1/2″ • Number of Pans: 12 • Pan Size:1″ x 1″ • Number of Pans: 12 • Pan Size:1″ x 1″


Now onto the SMASHBOX COVER SHOT in shade BOLD which is just one of theshade choices from the COVER SHOT palettes put out from SMASHBOX – SMASHBOX eyeshadows are hyper pigmented and they are super easy to blend they also thought outside the box and added in two base colors to change the intensity of each pigment. 

This collection of 7 high-impact eye shadow palettes is influenced by trends seen at our L.A. photo studio. Each slimline, portable palette has a curated mix of 6 shadows + 2 double-sized base shades that deliver beyond blendable color in velvety, fierce foil finishes you’ll obsess over.

Holding this palette in my hand it does not feel cheap it has beautiful graphics on it just like all the COVER SHOTS have but SMASHBOX always have nice packaging. 

It sells for $30.00US for 0.27 oz

SIDE NOTE ➡️ there is a $15.00 difference between SMASHBOX and MORPHE 
I don’t really find any of the SMASHBOX eyeshadows to apply chalky they apply perfect – they even nailed the yellow shade which is hard to do – also they don’t stain like a lot of electric eyeshadow or eyeshadow palettes out there which again was a plus. 

SO for $15.00 more is the SMASHBOX palette better then the MORPHE palette…yes it is boys and girls it is! But I will say if you are a beginner or just playing around with makeup grab the MORPHE palette and have some fun. 

➡️ SMASHBOX is the clear winner of this show down and receives the star! ⭐️ 

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We can all achieve skin goals with minimum to no effort at all – I’m not going to like I never got the whole high lighting trend, I mean yeah highlighters were created to highlight the high points of the face of as I was once told walk around like you always have ‘studio lighting’ on you and intense highlighting is not for everyone because it can just highlight your imperfections but anyways back to why we are here ➡️ color correction : the basics

I’ve been using TARTE : limited-edition color your world color-correcting palette which comes with concealer and highlighters which is why I mentioed highlighting in the first place 

TARTE color your world color-correcting palette

Let’s break it down

PALE PINK : targets blue toned spots on fair – light skin

PEACH : neutralizes blue or purple (shadows)  on medium skin

ORANGE : cancels out dark areas on the skin

YELLOW : can be used to brighten, cancels out purple or darker tones or even get rid of dullness

GREEN : redness

LAVENDER : cancels out yellowish tones

(this palette has matte contour, matte highlight and champagne in place of some correction colors)

A lot of people who are new to makeup or do consider themselves to have a knowledge of makeup and makeup application might find a palette filled with all this colors to be a bit scary and they can be a bit pricey – so take a look at your bare skin and take a look and see if you have dark circles under the eyes that your concealer alone can’t tackle or half way through the day, you seem to see the lack of sleep creeping back up – cancel it out by lightly applying and orange base before applying your concealer.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ orange corrector in the world of drag queens is used after shaving to insure that no darkness shows through their makeup (five o’clock shadow) 

Anywhere you see some redness, around the nose, post imperfections or even on your water line if you wake up tired or well, hung over but need to look dynamite apply the green shade! And then your normal routine on top of that. If you have fair skin, you’ll most likely be using the palest colors of the shade range when it comes to pinks, yellows, greens, and purples. If you have medium to olive skin, the color-correcting shades will also most likely be a touch darker than the pastel versions that, say, fair-skinned guys and girls would use. And for deeper skin tones, a darker-skinned person would use a more orangey peach hue not just orange mix and max to create the shade you need; the same rule goes for the greens, yellows, and purples.

I will also say some people do apply foundation or tinted moisturizer first and then apply color correction. Of course if you feel you only need one or two of the color correctors and not a full palette (which I promise you is the better investment for your hard earned money) I’ll show you some single products in the from drug store to high end.

Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in “Lavender,” $28; YSL Color Corrector in “Violet,” $38; Becca Targeted Correcting Cream in “Violet,” $30; Make Up For Ever Primer in “Blue,” $37; YSL Primer in “Lavender,” $45; Lancôme CC Primer in “Purple” $40
Lancôme CC Primer in “Green” $40; YSL Color Corrector in “Vert Green,” $38; Becca Targeted Correcting Cream in “Pistachio,” $30; Marc Jacobs Cover Stick in “Covert Affairs,” $42; Make Up For Ever Primer in “Primer,” $37; Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in “Green,” $28
Marc Jacobs Cover Stick in “Covert Affairs,” $42; City Color Correcting Stick in Yellow, $6; Make Up For Ever Primer in “Yellow,” $37; Lancôme CC Primer in “Yellow,” $40; Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in “Yellow,” $28
Lancôme CC Primer in “Peachy/Pink,” $40; L’Oréal Paris Skin Beautifier Anti-Fatigue BB Cream, $11; Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in “Pink,” $28; Make Up For Ever Primer in “Cool Pink,” $37; YSL Color Corrector in “Violet,” $38; Marc Jacobs Cover Stick in “Bright Now,” $42

Don’t forget if your on a budget or saving up there are brands like NYX, E.L.F, and LA GIRL. 

Color-correcting isn’t for everyone. If you’re happy with the job your makeup does now, you don’t really need to mess with this whole thing but it’s a very good things to learn for just in case – the only people who might want to use the strategy daily are those who are bothered by their skin discoloration or if you want to have a perfect complexion. For everyone else, it’s one of those things you can save for life’s most photograph-worthy moments.

DON’T ➡️ Using color correction to change the undertone of your skin it is outdated and looks bizarre if done wrong and most of the time – it is. Now a days it’s so easy to figure out your base shade and work with it. Be happy in the skin you’re in. For Dark to African American there is a brand called BLACK | UP the palette contains concealers and color correctors to brighten darkness and smooth scars and flaws without making the complexion look washed out. The red shade in the one I had (there are three versions) was impressive – it made patchy areas around her mouth and eyes completely disappear under concealer. The popular Paris-based makeup line officially debuted in the USA in the fall, but now that it’s easily available here, you can expect to hear a lot more about it I bet in the future (it also makes me happy to see brands coming out for makeup specifically for Dark – African American skin tones! We are not all the same color, undertone or have the same skin needs. We are all unique and different and companies need to start to realize that because it makes me sad to see a company release thirty-five shades and the darkest it goes it to medium-tan.. really? BLACK | UP is available on sephora.com now.

BLACK | UP correcting palette

➡️ DON’T forget to set!