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We can all achieve skin goals with minimum to no effort at all – I’m not going to like I never got the whole high lighting trend, I mean yeah highlighters were created to highlight the high points of the face of as I was once told walk around like you always have ‘studio lighting’ on you and intense highlighting is not for everyone because it can just highlight your imperfections but anyways back to why we are here ➡️ color correction : the basics

I’ve been using TARTE : limited-edition color your world color-correcting palette which comes with concealer and highlighters which is why I mentioed highlighting in the first place 

TARTE color your world color-correcting palette

Let’s break it down

PALE PINK : targets blue toned spots on fair – light skin

PEACH : neutralizes blue or purple (shadows)  on medium skin

ORANGE : cancels out dark areas on the skin

YELLOW : can be used to brighten, cancels out purple or darker tones or even get rid of dullness

GREEN : redness

LAVENDER : cancels out yellowish tones

(this palette has matte contour, matte highlight and champagne in place of some correction colors)

A lot of people who are new to makeup or do consider themselves to have a knowledge of makeup and makeup application might find a palette filled with all this colors to be a bit scary and they can be a bit pricey – so take a look at your bare skin and take a look and see if you have dark circles under the eyes that your concealer alone can’t tackle or half way through the day, you seem to see the lack of sleep creeping back up – cancel it out by lightly applying and orange base before applying your concealer.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ orange corrector in the world of drag queens is used after shaving to insure that no darkness shows through their makeup (five o’clock shadow) 

Anywhere you see some redness, around the nose, post imperfections or even on your water line if you wake up tired or well, hung over but need to look dynamite apply the green shade! And then your normal routine on top of that. If you have fair skin, you’ll most likely be using the palest colors of the shade range when it comes to pinks, yellows, greens, and purples. If you have medium to olive skin, the color-correcting shades will also most likely be a touch darker than the pastel versions that, say, fair-skinned guys and girls would use. And for deeper skin tones, a darker-skinned person would use a more orangey peach hue not just orange mix and max to create the shade you need; the same rule goes for the greens, yellows, and purples.

I will also say some people do apply foundation or tinted moisturizer first and then apply color correction. Of course if you feel you only need one or two of the color correctors and not a full palette (which I promise you is the better investment for your hard earned money) I’ll show you some single products in the from drug store to high end.

Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in “Lavender,” $28; YSL Color Corrector in “Violet,” $38; Becca Targeted Correcting Cream in “Violet,” $30; Make Up For Ever Primer in “Blue,” $37; YSL Primer in “Lavender,” $45; Lancôme CC Primer in “Purple” $40
Lancôme CC Primer in “Green” $40; YSL Color Corrector in “Vert Green,” $38; Becca Targeted Correcting Cream in “Pistachio,” $30; Marc Jacobs Cover Stick in “Covert Affairs,” $42; Make Up For Ever Primer in “Primer,” $37; Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in “Green,” $28
Marc Jacobs Cover Stick in “Covert Affairs,” $42; City Color Correcting Stick in Yellow, $6; Make Up For Ever Primer in “Yellow,” $37; Lancôme CC Primer in “Yellow,” $40; Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in “Yellow,” $28
Lancôme CC Primer in “Peachy/Pink,” $40; L’Oréal Paris Skin Beautifier Anti-Fatigue BB Cream, $11; Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in “Pink,” $28; Make Up For Ever Primer in “Cool Pink,” $37; YSL Color Corrector in “Violet,” $38; Marc Jacobs Cover Stick in “Bright Now,” $42

Don’t forget if your on a budget or saving up there are brands like NYX, E.L.F, and LA GIRL. 

Color-correcting isn’t for everyone. If you’re happy with the job your makeup does now, you don’t really need to mess with this whole thing but it’s a very good things to learn for just in case – the only people who might want to use the strategy daily are those who are bothered by their skin discoloration or if you want to have a perfect complexion. For everyone else, it’s one of those things you can save for life’s most photograph-worthy moments.

DON’T ➡️ Using color correction to change the undertone of your skin it is outdated and looks bizarre if done wrong and most of the time – it is. Now a days it’s so easy to figure out your base shade and work with it. Be happy in the skin you’re in. For Dark to African American there is a brand called BLACK | UP the palette contains concealers and color correctors to brighten darkness and smooth scars and flaws without making the complexion look washed out. The red shade in the one I had (there are three versions) was impressive – it made patchy areas around her mouth and eyes completely disappear under concealer. The popular Paris-based makeup line officially debuted in the USA in the fall, but now that it’s easily available here, you can expect to hear a lot more about it I bet in the future (it also makes me happy to see brands coming out for makeup specifically for Dark – African American skin tones! We are not all the same color, undertone or have the same skin needs. We are all unique and different and companies need to start to realize that because it makes me sad to see a company release thirty-five shades and the darkest it goes it to medium-tan.. really? BLACK | UP is available on sephora.com now.

BLACK | UP correcting palette

➡️ DON’T forget to set!