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NEW AND NOW ➡️ LANCÔME Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation 

Wow. Just wow. Mind fuck really.

Leave it to Lancôme to be the company to come out with this before anyone else(I do wish Armani, NARS or YSL came out with this)but nonetheless the technology is so cool! I feel so many men and women are endlessly trying out foundation colors trying to find the perfect match. Some get close, but I also find it’s not only the match it’s also the formula that has to be a match for your skin type and concerns. And since Lancôme has amazing skin care in their foundation did you know that almost 60% of your foundation is skin care and moisturizers for the skin. 

When you start the ‘experience’ whomever is doing your consultation with the skin-scanner that detects all of the tiny micro pigments that make up your skin tone. The scanner reads three different areas of your face of your choice – pretty much the areas that you like the most, and then computes the perfect average in order to color match your custom foundation. This information in sent  into a computer where you are able to see your undertones and overtones, how much yellow or red is in your skin, and then, from there, it comes up with a recommendation or exact match of your skin colour.  Lancôme’s custom made machine is equipped with eight peristaltic pumps that create an air tight  blending and dispensing process – the liquid goes into another machine that shakes it up in hyper speed so that the colors blend seamlessly together and correct.

Lancôme Perfect Match Pigments
Making Lancôme Le Teint Particulier

Side note ➡️ don’t forget when you do the custom foundation experience you enter in your skin type (normal, oily, dry or combination) so it knows what skin treatmeant and moisturizers to add and you choose sheer, medium or full coverage so it knows how much thinner to add.

Lancôme Exact Match Foundation Machine

After it is done, if you are unhappy with the colour even though it is 99.8% accurate to creating your skin tone, you can, add more of a light or dark pigment until you’re happy with what you see. Without starting all over again which is ideal and nice. 

You get a beautiful box, bottle, label with your name on it – a unique code that no one else will ever have as your shade ID so when(if) you want to replenish all you need is that unique shade ID all for only $80.00US or $100.00CAD which for the experience, consultation, packaging and knowing you have your skin colour perfectly matched in formula perfect for you, I’d say, well that’s an amazing price point. 

Lancôme Le Teint Particulier

CURRENTLY if you wanted to try this it’s in select NORDSTROM which you can where around you by going to the Lancôme website or NORDSTROM website.