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Hi boys and girls, if you are a man or have a man in your life then you would know that a men need nice underwear for the same reason woman need a bar, for comfort, support, don’t want anything popping out. I’ve also noticed that I personally feel a lot more attractive when I am in a nice pair of comfy but good looking undies. I have talked about DailyJocks before and how they have a massive collection in every style for everyone. The DailyJocks Monthly Underwear Club is the best way to discover men’s underwear. Every month, we choose from a curated selection of underwear from international designer brands and send you a pair in your size and preferred style. It’s like a monthly surprise of the best underwear around.

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I have been with Daily Jocks for two years now and my underwear collection has grown and grown and I have found myself trying different styles out that I would typically try, especially if it happens to be a mystery item in my box.

➡️ The Underwear Club is $20.00US per month but they have a promo where if you sign up your first month is only 10$ (no not a commission for me, just a deal for you) and what a deal it is since 1 pair of underwear is valued up to $40.00

It’s so easy to do it, and I love, love, love how they do the layout ➡️ 
you choose if you want, briefs, jockstrap, boxer briefs or random! Then you get to choose another style that you would like from the same categories (I really recommend trying random for one choice since, it will introduce you to new undies you wouldn’t think you like and trust me, your friend will thank you for the support!) then you choose your size which I’m pretty sure we all know our underwear size! (you even get your waist sized to inches in that helps)  Simple no? I think so!

Not to mention the fact that you can also buy single pairs of underwear on the site, also work out clothes, swim wear, even clothing. If you are looking for that little something extra in your wardrobe? If it’s shirts, shorts, socks, or even underwear, you can find something a bit more stand-out at DailyJocks. For those athlete types, we’ve got all-star colour palettes to set you apart from the other buffs in the gym. The sports apparel is designed with functionality in mind without compromising on comfort.

➡️ https://dailyjocks.com check it out, see what stands out, if you’re a man, or looking for your man, it never hurts.




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Don’t worry, you already glow and shine, just by wearing your Daily Jocks. But what if you want to deepen and darken that pasty skin of yours, especially when the sun is not at its strongest? Would a spray tan make everything cool, or will it make you look as phony as a three-dollar bill?

It’s not as erotic as it sounds, but spray tanning is a gentle mist that you — or a professional — spray on your skin with an airbrush-type gun. The spray contains an ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that interacts with the chemistry in your skin to turn it tan. It’s considered safe, but it won’t protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.


The advantages of spray tanning: it’s quick, easy, painless and dries quickly. You really don’t want to bake in the real sun or a tanning bed, do you?

Disadvantages: everybody’s skin chemistry is different, so spray tan results can vary. You may have to experiment a bit with how to get your tan the way you want it. Also, it’s more expensive than most tanning products (as opposed to lying in the sun, which is free). Plus, you have to schlep to the salon every time you are due for a tan (average: every two weeks).

If you decide to go for it, burn these pointers into your mind:

Exfoliate beforehand. Get rid of those dead skin cells that will stand in the way of your glorious spray tan.

Choose a health-minded salon. Check for ventilation fans and signs of good sanitation and hygiene. Make sure you’ll be working with a low-volume, low-pressure machine (LVLP) so that you are not inhaling more spray than your body can handle.

Apply the spray to dry skin. If you spray the tan on wet skin, it will roll right off of you. Always spray dry.

For more tips and tricks check out my sponsor page here!

Also, I am going to assume you’d like to know how long will it last? It actually depends on your DNA and your age. As your cells regenerate, the tan will fade. Usually, the cells of younger people regenerate faster. Your first spray tan, using all the advice above, should give you an idea of how long you can show it off.  The average spray tan lifespan is about two weeks. And there is no maintaining a spray tan with more spray. It’s a one-time job, not welcome to touch-ups or spraying fading spots. Start fresh with your next spray tan.

Don’t forget summer is around the corner!



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What’s cooking good lookin’ where are you now? Do you ever feel trapped? confined, well I think it happens to the best – in fact I know. Do you ever end a relationship, and find someone new? though you love them, you still can’t help but wonder where is the person you let go, are they happy? do they still smile at the thought of you, like you do for them? I’ve never been one for happiness, I have a tendency to be scared and run (my darkest sin) time to put my money where my mouth is and let go of the past or fix it.

As you know, DAILYJOCKS has been a massive supporter of makeupandthecity for a good six (6) months now, who likes to shop for underwear? it can be uncomfortable, so let us do it for you because choice can sometimes be intimidating. With so much from which to choose, what exactly do you select? This can be especially true when shopping for underwear. The market has exploded with styles, colors, designers, and brands. It’s surely exciting, but also a bit overwhelming.


The Daily Jocks Monthly Underwear Club offers you a satisfying solution. Every month, we’ll help you with your choices, which are based on your own personal preferences.

As well, you can feel free to be daring and experimental, just to see if an unfamiliar style is suitable for you. Exploring is freedom.

The choices we provide help you make easy decisions. We’ll choose for you, from a curated selection of underwear from international designer brands. The selections will always synch with your preferred style and in the colors that best compliment you and your bod.

The price point makes sense too.

Here are five (5) additional benefits to joining our Underwear Club:

Free global shipping. We’re based in Australia, but that won’t stop you from receiving the best brands in the world without having to pay shipping charges.

No minimum commitments. You may want to ease into your new obsession, and that’s okay with us. Buy as much underwear as your heart desires – or as little as you want (if you want to start out slow and easy). You can stop anytime – but we don’t think you’ll want to.

Update styles anytime. Your tastes evolve as time goes on, and we work with you on that. Feel free to let us know when you’re ready to move on to another style. We’re right behind you. And they’ll be plenty of choices that we will help you make. Of course, if you have any questions, never be afraid to ask us.

New underwear added every month. You’ll never have to worry about your selections becoming routine or boring. We offer the most popular underwear brands, including 2(x)ist, C-in2, PUMP, Obviously, Supawear, Teamm8, and more. We even have some collections that are exclusive to Daily Jocks.

Special offers for Underwear Club members. You’re also entitled to receive our exclusive offers which you can take advantage of online or in our brick-and-mortar stores.

Join the Underwear Club for only US$21.95/month – and that’s for any style of underwear. And you don’t even have to budget for free shipping! We’ll never send you boring or cheap underwear. We’ve featured underwear from brands including 2(x)ist, C-in2, Baskit, GoSoftwear, PUMP, Oskar Franks, Obviously, Jac5, Ristefsky Macheda, Supawear, Teamm8 and more being added every month.

Welcome to the Club! Welcome to



The first thing to know about pouch underwear is that they’re not all the same (more about that later). However, most all pouches deliver the same awesome benefits:

Flattering. Remember we said flattering, not flattening. It’s probably the #1 reason guys buy them – they increase your front profile. And there’s nothing wrong with adding a little beauty and dimension to the world.
Comfort. Depending on the pouch’s size, the space allotted can either keep you comfortably in place or give you plenty of room to roam and hang out.

Support. It will give you an uplifting feeling indeed. While you are showing yourself to the world, you’re also being supported. No flopping and no flapping. The best of both worlds.

Dryness. Most pouches are designed so that you’re keeping the moisture away. Your sweating and sticking is greatly reduced.

Pouches provide the support of a jock with the comfort of briefs. The design is the result of two pieces of fabric that are joined together by a contour seam, which runs along the center. They are usually available in the following types:

Lift. Think of this as thrust and liftoff. The technology in the pouch pushes your package upwards and outwards, making your object appear larger than actual size. Some pouches can enlarge this impression by as much as a few inches. It’s a modern marvel.
Padded. So simple, yet so brilliant. Soft, foam padding is placed in the front of the pouch, making your package look fuller and rounder. Don’t confuse this with an athletic cup – the padding here is round and soft, not hard and cold.

Contour. A seam runs vertically down the middle of the crotch area, creating definition and giving you a bit more room in the front. The seam also lends durability to the pouch.

XL. This probably doesn’t need much further explanation, but remember that pouch sizes can vary greatly among manufacturers. What may be XL to one brand may be perfectly average to another. The idea is for those of you who are well endowed to be less constricted and less reined in than if you were wearing a standard pouch. Another benefit: the extra space allows for more breathing room, which means less sweating and pinching.

Anatomically correct. This one is all about comfort, allowing your package to hang free and avoid sticking, chafing and sweating. The pouch is longer, and it’s meant to make you feel like you’re going commando.

Fly. These are available in the traditional Y-front style, but some also offer horizontal flies, which help keep your package in place. Nothing wrong with using a zipper to free your member, but most guys go old school: up and over.

In the end (or in the front), it really boils down to personal preference. The choice is yours: how you want to present yourself to the world combined with how much support and breathing room you desire underneath.

Whatever your choice, check out Daily Jocks best pouch recommendations.