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LIFE 101 – escorting, background checks, public relations and passion baby.

Lets go ➡️
Where to start with this one. Let’s start with my half a year in the porn and escorting industry, I mean no one can be shocked here. It all started with an audition for COCKYBOYS it started out with a FaceTime call from Toronto to New York, where I had to convince one of the owners my jaw line and dick was mine from there came flying me too Vancouver – which going forward you all should know that most porn companies want you to be you and you to take care of yourself so you they do pay for everything, flight(there – back), hotel(three days), spending money, and performance – so when you get there you go to the hotel and they book your room for three days and when you get to your room there is 1. Money 2. A note 3. Viagara 4. PURE FOR MEN (if you’re on the bottom) 5. Information about your scene partner and his room. So the first night is for you and the person you’ll be working with to go out and become comfortable around each other – naturally I was paired with an exclusive COCKYBOY. The second day is to film, as mentioned there is Viagara because it’s very stop and go for a good 10 hours, you are very much a part of it, you get to watch it back and if you don’t like what you see you can ‘go again‘ thankfully me and my scene partner worked very well together and there was a huge massive connection, once you’re done you go shower, get ready how YOU want too and take the other pill to make your redirect the flow of blood away from your cock so you can fit into your Levi’s then you go out, this time it’s a picked bar and it’s more about showing the gay men who you are and make them want what they cannot have which makes them go to the COCKYBOYS site and get a subscription and then on your third day you just relax, go out and shop, do you and whatever you want. The amount of money that you can make from doing this is mind blowing for 10 hours of having amazing sex? 10 hours gets you about 1.2 hours worth of footage or 6 broken up scenes then you just go home, and wait for you to be connected and paired with different models and producers ➡️


You’re then linked into the a third party escorting service, which protected you and there were limits to what could be done sexually but the man were paying for an expensive experience. $600.00 where you get $500.00 of it and $100.00 goes back to the business.

They waste no time getting you back on a plane and back to work, certain looks like attractive, slim but toned, good skin, big dick means you’d be more what the company would be looking for and boy was I. I was filming and on set probably three to four times a month and that is a considerable amount. Now came time to sign a contact and you are given an ‘out‘ if you will, that you can make anything you want and you can make it anything you want – mine was if I ever fell in love and the man(or woman) didn’t approve of what I was doing. SO I caught the attention of a local studio in Toronto MEN.COM and I went to the meeting that they set up not knowing that COCKYBOYS likes to keep their men exclusively to the studio, MEN.COM was just offering a lot more money per film then COCKYBOYS was to be honest it wasn’t by that much. Fast forward a couple month and I met someone who I fell in love with and it was mutual, he said that he didn’t really like that fact that I was having sex with other men even though it was just like work pretty much, feelings can develop on set that’s for sure and COCKYBOYS actually do not stand in the way if the feelings are mutual – anyways, me and my partner who quickly became my fiancée would send videos to Adrian who is one of the owners of COCKYBOY studios, like of my dude sucking dick and other things and Adrian wanted my dude and I to film a scene together, and my dude was so into it and wanted to do it but he felt he wanted to have a ‘better body’ even though he was perfect.

It would turn out that I would choose him over my job, and I couldn’t be happier that I did at the time. 

Are we still together? No. We are still very good friends and I love him with all of my heart still. 

MATCHING “my immortal beloved” TATTOOS

Moving on to what I do now, I applied for a position in PUBLIC RELATIONS for BELL CANADA and once you get through the recruiting and interviews and they know they are going to hire you they make sure that you are not a criminal or have a criminal record really anything because you work with people and very personal information and sensitive information about the company when I found out about the background check I was like oh man, they are going to see porn star and escort AND it did come up and I was asked about it, but I think because of my skills, and connections in the industry they overlooked it – I was just asked to please not talk about it, and I can understand why, your heading on the biggest companies in the world and looking over PR for CANADA, but I was in no way ashamed of what I did, I actually really liked it a lot.  (Other then that one time a woman walked right up to me and slapped me across the face in the eaton centre nonetheless – that’s another story) so I am now one of three who handle PUBLIC RELATIONS for BELL CANADA and I absolutely love it. Such an amazing company to be working with and I can still do other things I love on the side I am limited to what I can or can’t say.

So I’m just like anyone else I’m growing up and making mistakes and time still pushes me forward, I’ve had some amazing experiences, and some heartbreaks along the way but I’m happy and at the end of the day isn’t that anyone of us want? It to just be happy. It’s amazing what we are capable of if we just apply ourselves and if your passionate about something and have a fire in your eyes, you’re not going to fall. Just remember it’s ok to make mistakes and fall because you can learn from your mistakes and as long as you dust yourself off and stand back up, you will be okay.

All I can say is learn to love your flaws because more then likely you are not that flawed.