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QUICKY | MAKEUP TRENDS | what I think is too come. 

I love writing so early I live for the sun coming up over downtown and sitting and having my coffee and espresso. Thanking. Writing. Editing.. ☕️

It’s been said that fashion and makeup styles always come full circle and come back into style in on way or another. I remember what we did in high school we though we wouldn’t do again – makeup companies – some are multi billion dollar and do you know where they go a lot if they ideas from? One (1) fashion shows two (2) everyday men and woman, yep, that’s right we have are owed a big thanks by theses companies and one (1) massive thing i an seeing a lot also is companies like NYX cosmetics can now be compare to DIOR cosmetics – which I’m not shocked at all. 
Dior takes so long to develop packaging and an elite few working in it so that when it’s launched it looks like nothing else on the market where (trust me I know I was just there) NYX has a team of ten (10) too fifteen (15) and sometimes NYX cosmetics comes out on top in packaging when it comes to NYX cosmetics a drugstore brands with SO many SKUs back, and front facing 

SIDE NOTE ➡️ a SKU is what you see in store that the product is on, can be reagagred and moved very easily if new planograms come in to keep the brand ‘new and fresh‘ 

OK moving on to fashion trends, a lot of the main fashion HAUS focus on beautiful breathable skin, a soft-messy bun and a stunning eye and graphic lip. Which was not a surprise for me as I’ve blogged before that the liquid trend was slowly dying off a bit, never going anywhere but just taking a breather.  

And on the other side I’ve seen a lot of pastel lips and easy to do smokey eyeswhich is not enough. In the world of beauty, there are five (5) cities that rule the game: New York City, London, Milan, Paris and Toronto. 

Their fashion weeks bring us beauty lovers a new perspective on the trends, and this season, it’s all about freedom – spring 2017 is offering up a “you do you” Beauty approach and we’re totally on board.

By now, you probably have the twenty (20) products you need in your makeup bag for spring, but how can you put all your new tools to the test? By learning what the most coveted looks of the season are, of course! When the sun shines a little brighter and longer, we give our makeup game a little refresher by embracing all things glitter, feline flicks and that blinding cheek highlight.

So embrace your inner bronzed (and sweaty!) goddess, and try out spring 2017’s biggest beauty trends as sooon as you can. 
Makeup an be anything that you want it to be also so please do not forget that, cause your own trend that you can been proud when you see someone wearing what you’re you can think “wow I did that first” in a good and nice way, and trust, me it will come full circle. And you will be noticed and the work that you’ve always been so capable will take off. 


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