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What’s up everyone, I hate when the clocks go forward or backwards because it kind of messes with my head for a couple days like right now its 4:20am when it should be 5:20am – I know its only an hour and my body shouldn’t feel it that crazy but it does. anyway, I’m finally having some down time and although I don’t typically write on Sunday I figured I haven’t been writing much lately and I have obligations and a lot of PR to go through especially now with being sent all the holiday PR sets and wanting to find the best of the best and what is worth your money and well, what is cheap and not what you would find in the real product! SO be prepared for what’s to come.

This morning I’m going to be talking skin care from one of my favourite brands, VICHY (LIFTACTIV VITAMIN C WITH HYALURONIC ACID) from the new skin care products to come out lately I have too say that VICHY continues to step up their game – I did the full ten (10) day continuous treatment (brightening skin corrector) and I was blow away with the results you see right away and after the ten (10) days are up!


SIDE NOTE ⭐ this product was developed for all skin types and is developed for anyone with concerns loss of firmness, loss of radiance and uneven skin tone.

VICHY set out to make a shield against oxidative stress and to reduce the consequences of exposome on the skin, this is the new gesture to adopt. Liftactiv Vitamin C Skin Brightening Corrector is a powerful formula to help fight dull and uneven skin tone with only 11 ingredients. No fragrance, no silicone, solely the essential active ingredients.

15% pure vitamin C is essential to the proper functioning of the body, Vitamin C is present in the skin where, by trapping a certain category of free radicals, it fights against damage induced by oxidative stress. It is also an asset for fighting pigment disorders, re-densifying the extracellular matrix and fighting inflammation so as to soothe the skin. This multitask active ingredient works quickly to attenuate fine lines, even out complexion and boost brightness and boy does it ever, I absolutely will be using this product on set under primer for added radiance and glow!


Naturally present in skin, hyaluronic acid guarantees skin plumpness and hydration. To help it fulfill this role, among 100 active molecules, Vichy selected hyaluronic acid from natural origin. Its greatest contribution? Acting like a sponge to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water while ensuring perfect tolerance, even on sensitive skin. It forms an even film on skin surface, protecting it against external aggressors.
Of a small size, the Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the deep layers of the epidermis and triggers the synthesis of the molecules involved in skin aging prevention.

Sometimes you just need a refresh. A break, a vacation, some spa time, or really just some time alone to get yourself together. The same goes for your skin. We put our skin through a lot. We wear makeup, we experience season changes with either humidity, heat, or extreme cold, and we spend hours working hard – as hard as it is to live such a busy life our skin goes through the ringer, and sometimes it needs a moment to refresh that’s why I would recommend VICHY LIFTACTIV VITAMIN C WITH HYALURONIC ACID.


  • IMMEDIATELY: 24% more firmness
  • IN 10 DAYS: 21% more radiance


  • 83% brighter skin
  • 71% skin appears smoother
  • 73% complexion appears fresher


  • 96% is quickly absorbed
  • 88% doesn’t leave greasy residues on the skin
  • 90% doesn’t leave skin shiny








Introducing Vichy’s first foundation collection dedicated to a stronger, healthier-looking skin – through expertly curated ingredients and Liquid Light Technology –

So right now I’m back home visiting my family due to an emergency sadly – when I review and I write I can go outside of myself to a place where I love. So much.

Vichy Cosmetics was the first “large scale” brand that I was in charge of taking care of! When I first got a job a Shoppers Drugmart – there is something called a DERM section where we carry the more “expensive” brand name DERM items and I was in charge of VICHY so when they reached out to me I was so excited and happy.

Vichy has always carried makeup and it’s always been more skin care concerns – that’s what I adore about Vichy – this is the TEINT IDÉAL collection from VICHY labs – inside this collection you will find • TEINT IDÉAL FLUID FOUNDATION • TEINT IDÉAL CREAM FOUNDATION • TEINT IDÉAL COMPACT POWDER • TEINT IDÉAL HIGHLIGHTER • TEINT IDÉAL CONCEALER and TEINT IDÉAL BRONZER.

Vichy TEINT IDÉAL makeup range spins on the concept that foundation should be the last step of your skincare routine. Not a new idea, but given that Vichy is all about skincare, it’s a key element in the identity of the collection. Tested on 500 women AND men around the world, the line is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and approved for all skin types including sensitive. Something Vichy calls “Liquid Light Technology” adds a lovely natural-looking radiance to the skin. And if you prefer paraben-free makeup, it qualifies.

Going forward I will say the shade range is small – just it fits within all shades fair, medium and dark. You will not have a problem finding your shade. 

Expert skin care meets makeup with vitamin C and E • Hyaluronic Acid • Liquid Light Technology. Formulated with Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water

*In fluid and cream foundation, highlighter and concealer.

Everything metioned is ➡️
Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control.


Non comedogenic

No parabens

With soothing and fortifying Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water


Formulated for normal to combination skin for absolute radiance, this ultra-liquid water-based foundation fuses with the skin, forming a luminous texture and satin-finish veil.

The Vichy TEINT IDÉAL illuminating fluid foundation boasts light-to-medium coverage and 14-hour wear. Designed for normal to combination skin, it contains vitamin C and E and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water. Before using, give it a shake to distribute the delicate light-reflecting pigment more evenly in the formula. Applied with a damp beauty-blender type sponge, it provides a sheer veil of glowing coverage that looks really natural.


The Vichy TEINT IDÉAL illuminating cream foundation for the comfort of dry skin, this formula contains hyaluronic acid for continuous hydration, and offers light to medium coverage as well as a velvety skin finish.

The Vichy Teint Ideal Illuminating Cream Foundation is designed for dry skin, promises the same 14-hour wear as the fluid, and also contains Vitamin C and E and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water. It offers light-to-medium coverage too.

Although it’s formulated for dry skin, I really liked the comfortable texture on my dehydrated combination complexion. As for the coverage, maybe because I applied with my fingertips I found I got enough that I didn’t need concealer. Thus it’s a great choice for me when I’m in a hurry and want fast coverage with a hit of overall radiance.

If you like powder foundation, Vichy TEINT IDÉAL illuminating powder foundation is worth trying. Mother of pearl boosts glow immediately, pearlite helps control shine.
Formulated for all skin types, this light and velvety powder unifies skin tone without weighing it down. It offers light to medium coverage and a semi-matte finish, and can be used for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

Silky and smooth, it offers 14-hour wear and a slightly-more-than-medium coverage with a velvety texture and believable radiance. (It’s a bit like M•A•C Mineralize Skinfinish, actually.) Rather than use the sponge, I use a fluffy brush for a lighter, sheer application.

I also have, have to say that I love this product so much! I think it’s one of my absolute favourite new powder base products of 2017. I love using it with the sponge and not a brush – it gives a beautiful full even application.

It’s a must have product. Absolutely.


The Vichy TEINT IDÉAL illuminating concealer Roll-On is a lightweight fluid consistency that promises brightening coverage that won’t settle into fine lines. I quite like the natural, skin-like finish, as well as the travel-friendly little tube. But try not to squeeze too hard to dispense it – you’ll end up with quite the messy roller-ball.

Enriched with mineral pigments, this roll-on concealer brightens dark circles and shadows under the eyes and conceals blemishes in one smooth move.

Ideal for all skin types, this concealer is dedicated to cover dark circles and blemishes. Its roll-on applicator makes it easy to use for touch-ups throughout the day. 

Zero dark circles 

It’s almost like this concealer has a built in color correctors that are aaware of the skin tone and under tone. 


The Vichy TEINT IDÉAL Illuminating Roll-On is one of the stars of this collection and a personal favourite. A sheer fluid, it has light, silky consistency that makes it easy to apply even over powder and tap-blend without compromising the foundation texture. On bare skin or over makeup, the result is a lovely soft gleam without sparkle.

That it looks the same as the tube of concealer is a bit disconcerting; you’ll have to check the shade number on the back – it’s 0, as in zero.

This multipurpose illuminator can be used alone or as a complement to your makeup routine. It is not a concealer and should not be applied to shadowed areas. Instead, apply to areas more exposed to light in order to reflect light and freshen up the complexion for an immediate healthy glow. The roll-on applicator of this compact tube makes this product easy to use and carry around for touch-ups throughout the day


My other favourite in this line is the Vichy  TEINT IDÉAL Bronzer – it’s a super-flattering sunkissed-glow shade with enough pigment to build intensity without going overboard. My compact lives in my makeup kit, along with the concealer and illuminator roll-ons.

From light to dark skin tones, the women who tested it all adopted this universal bronzer for an ultra-natural sun kissed effect.

Like the rest of the makeup in this collection, the Vichy Teint Ideal Bronzer promises 14 hours of wear; like the powder foundation, it adds immediate radiance with mother of pearl. Like the concealer, it comes in only one shade.
But it’s the absolute perfect shade for any complexion. It’s absolutely stunning.