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Come on. We are all human and we have, well, needsup front about it or not. Don’t you just hate it when someone tried to have an ‘AH HA‘ moment with you and you’re like uh I just talked about that a year ago, you could have just asked me and I would have told you – and there just acting SO crazy and you’re like how is this happening you were just a damn hook up and now I’m getting and let me also just say there was ZERO contact from this night,

So let’s move on, I won’t lie when I first met this guy I was kinda going through my own stuff – as that faded and I became myself again he would text me and say something like “well haven’t heard from you in a while” so I replied “oh hey sorry, I was going through some stuff but I’m feeling more like me now, what’s going on” to that I got nothing, no answer so I was like alright then, this guy, was very attractive, seemed to have his life together and was very smart that’s why when he messaged me coming up I thought it was a joke the way that he was acting and talking I really thought he was drunk or on drugs or something – ok so I’m just chilling an hour before kickboxing and I get a notification someone messaged me on grindr and it was him and I was being really nice to him, I didn’t have the time to talk to him (can’t reference this because he would block me on grindr so I’m doing this from memory until we get to texting) but I was being really nice to him saying, I’m sure you’ll find someone not really putting two and two together that he was trying to tell me something and it seemed like I was just dismissing his feelings when that wasn’t the case at all! So he said something like ‘I wish you the best of luck I’m sorry that I’m not not what you want or something‘ then he blocked me, so I texted him and said you really didn’t have to block me and went on and did what I had to do so he then told me that he blocked me so he wouldn’t have to see my picture so I was like hmm alright I apologize I didn’t mean to make it seem like anything, then we are talking and everything is going good, then I get out of no where ‘you know I always wanted you, like hello we look so good together‘ and I should say this is all now referenced via out text message conversation and that ‘we should be naked and kissing‘ right then, and then I said quite a few dudes say sweet things like this to me and it doesn’t always work out “well I’m not most dudes, don’t compare me to those losers” and let me go back to I didn’t think this guy acted or talked like this – so I asked him have you been drinking.. and he said he had so I thought ok, this is happening because he’s drunk and odds are this is just because he’s had a bit to much to drink – I was also out at this moment in time so I wasn’t fully giving my phone all my attention then out of no where I get a message saying ‘I still like dancing the night away on G‘ – unsure what that even was I said what ecstasy? “Yes A through Z” at this point i have no idea what’s going on then he said hey do you remember this AND it was a damn screen shot from my escorting ad which hasn’t been around for almost a year which made me think did this guy know who I was when we originally met eachother and what was even worse was looking at it I didn’t even think that was a real one of mine, if anyone is a recurring follower they would know when this was just makeupandthecity.com I made an account on grindr, Craigslist and scruff to talk to the the men and see how all the different avenues differed from eachother and the stories these men had to tell and it was actually very sad – but anyways I said what’s your point that isn’t news man or anything that I’ve tried to hide, in fact the completel opposite. He says, ‘you don’t realize it but I responded to this ad and I knew it was you‘ also told me ‘I was so fucked up after you all I did was talk to my friends about you‘ this was talking for half a night then spending a night together, that’s it. It was a hook up that kinda ended badly I guess – but i did plan to later message him and reconnect but he decided to message me I guess, he was now saying I was ‘belittling his feelings, telling me to fuck off and leave him alone‘ it was one of those times where I could see he was trying to get a response out of me and trying to have that AH HA moment but I’m honest with what I’ve done and what I haven’t done, “I had to stop myself from falling in love with you” so I left it at that because something was going on or I don’t know.


I will also say I don’t do drugs, I mean I’ve messed around growing up but who hasn’t – also I don’t get crazy with drinking anymore. I nicely messaged him before I went for a run in the morning and said if you’d like to speak to me like a man and no be all over the place and assume all this crazy stuff then let’s talk and when he responded to me he made it seem like I completely broke his heart and he was breaking up with me kinda and some of what he said did not even make sense, thank god Apple created that special little block button because I was done and over it. I guess what I’m trying to say is, make sure you really talk to someone because you think about a harmless hook up because clearly this guy from what I could see and the way it was planned out or something knew who I was when he met me, knew what he wanted from me and worked out a plan to get it but it didn’t play out that way.

Just be smart. 

Have fun. 

Be careful.